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Wealth Gap Widening Between Lawmakers and Constituents. There is a growing chasm between lawmakers and constituents.

Wealth Gap Widening Between Lawmakers and Constituents

(Google) The American people have been facing tough economic challenges. While politicians often lecture Americans about tightening up their proverbial belts to help themselves during these dire economic times, it appears that many politicians are in fact doing the opposite, since their income has grown exponentially while they've been in office. Peter Whoriskey of the Washington Post reports that the wealth gap between lawmakers and constituents is widening, according to an analysis of financial disclosures by the Washington Post: Between 1984 and 2009, the median net worth of a member of the House more than doubled, according to the analysis of financial disclosures, from $280,000 to $725,000 in inflation-adjusted 2009 dollars, excluding home ­equity.

Coupled with the exorbitant cost of running an election campaign, it stands to reason that the wealth gap would widen. Cfr. Rip Rowan - Google+ - Stevey's Google Platforms Rant I was at Amazon for about… 137 Freaky Wikipedia Entries - StumbleUpon. How To Explain Gay Rights to Idiots (Infographic. Apply To be a Model » 420Nurses - High Class Models. DIY Pom Poms. If you don’t absolutely love pom poms or haven’t ever considered making them yourself, perhaps we can sway you after this week’s DIY.

We adore pom poms and were beyond excited to discover the Clover Pom Pom Maker, which allows you to crank out pom poms of all sizes and 10 times faster than the conventional method. You will need a few skeins of yarn, a Clover Pom Pom Maker and a pair of scissors. The Clover Pom Pom Maker separates the process into two halves; you’ll start the first half of the pom pom by cutting about 7 yards of yarn. THE WEEKENDER. Featured: Lex Trip Bag So this weekend will have you jetting off to the coast for sun & surf?


For a weekend excursion you need a quick trip bag. Forget the luggage (too bulky); you need a versatile tote made specifically to carry all your belongings from wallet to swimtrunks for a quick weekend getaway. Here is a fun choice in a cotton waxcloth outer with leatherette base and trim, perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, similar to the Lex Trip Bag from PROPERTY OF. Dimensions: approximately 18″ x 8 x 17″ [45cm x 20.5cm x 43cm]. BLEACH BLACK. Bicycle thieves. 107.7 The End » End Music Discovery: Major Lazer – “Original Don” 136 Creepy Wikipedia Articles - StumbleUpon. I've been thinking about homosociality a bit these past few days.

Homosociality (as explained so well in Michael Kimmel's Manhood in America) is the principle that all men, including heterosexual ones, are raised in our culture to be more eager to please other men than women. It doesn't take much in my classes to get heads nodding as the subject comes up! To use one cheap and easy example, homosociality explains the function of catcalls and wolf whistles. Young Feminists Blogging, Organizing, Kicking Ass. Church of Inglip. The Paris Paradox: how sexualization replaces opportunity with obligation... - StumbleUpon.

I’ve often quoted Courtney Martin’s now-famous line from her Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters:We are the daughters of feminists who said, “You can be anything” and we heard “You have to be everything.” I call it the Martha Complex, others call it the Supergirl syndrome; whatever name you give it, most of us who work with young people agree that it’s absolutely rampant among contemporary girls and young women (even those whose mothers weren’t feminists!)

The Paris Paradox: how sexualization replaces opportunity with obligation... - StumbleUpon

The complex has many sources, but one factor that particularly exacerbates the problem is sexualization. Ariel Levy, in her powerful and controversial Female Chauvinist Pigs, quoted Paris Hilton’s remarkably perceptive remark about herself that she was “sexy, but not sexual.” Hilton isn’t alone. Young women with the Paris Paradox were raised in a culture that promised sexual freedom, but what they ended up with looked a lot more like obligation than opportunity. Not every young girl experiences herself as an object of desire. Feminist Majority Foundation - Breaking News, Feminism from Affirmative... Table of Contents - StumbleUpon. Women's Studies Resources. Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13. Marijuana News And Information.

Anthony Cudahy » Converse. September 26, 2011 Just-Off Portraits Anthony Cudahy is a terrific young painter and illustrator who’s just out of art school but whose work has already appeared in several major magazines.

Anthony Cudahy » Converse

He creates clean, technically proficient work that always has something slightly off in it—his subjects seem to be in some kind of uncomfortable stasis, like they are trapped in a moment of unhappiness. He’s mainly done portraiture in the past, but he’s recently branched out into comic books, and we sat down with him recently to talk about his creative process, the difficulties in making a clear narrative story, and how there’s no money in the internet. The Liberators - Let It Go feat. Roxie Ray. BitchTapes: Breaking Out of the White, Male Punk Canon. For all of its progressive-leaning, status-quo-breaking, norm-shattering tendencies, punk rock still looks like a white boy's club.

BitchTapes: Breaking Out of the White, Male Punk Canon

Even after all of these years, the largest punk record of the year (Fucked Up's David Comes to Life) was played by a band with one woman! There are also five other white dudes in that band! So let's go back and look through the punk canon, find the overlooked bands and remind everyone that you don't need to be white or a male to be punk. 1. I Want To Snuggle With You & Thought Catalog. I want to snuggle with you.

I Want To Snuggle With You & Thought Catalog

I’d like to lie on you and put my head on your shoulder and breathe in the same rhythm that you’re breathing. I want to use one of my hands to rub your head, down to your neck, then to your arm, and then hold your hand. How I Ended This Summer. All Critics (43) | Top Critics (7) | Fresh (34) | Rotten (9) | DVD (1) So-called 'slow cinema', if executed with delicacy, has the power to exert a trance-like hold over us, but this one falls flat at every dreary hurdle.

How I Ended This Summer

What stays with the viewer is a sense of a man unraveling from his own mistakes and weaknesses. Just when you think that nothing more is going to happen, all hell breaks loose in the form of a deadly game of cat and mouse. How I Ended This Summer combines memorable images of the gorgeous, rugged wilderness, meticulous sound design that emphasizes the characters' isolation, a dash of dark wit and a dose of madness. The Lilith Gallery of Toronto. The 30-Day Vegan Challenge (Excerpt, Recipes) Tank Girl's Missile Bra. Estes NC-80b Nose Cone [ES-3168] Kill Rock Stars: Miranda July - Ten Million Hours a Mile. What Should I Read Next? Book recommendations from readers like you. All Sex Positions. Marijuana Grow Guide Comparing Cannabis Sativa to Indica Pot #2. Free and Easy DIY Furniture Plans to Save You Money. 100 Most beautiful words in the English language*

FOLYHUCK'sFYFpromoMIX by FOLY HUCK. The Vegan Stoner. Steve zissou. Cynthia kadohata. Doctor octagon. 40 OUNCE BOUNCE. Cocorosie. Holistic Midwifery A Comprehensive Textbook for Midwives in Homebirth Practice Vol 1 Care During Pregnancy by Anne Frye 5 Star Book Review - Free Download from megashares. FilesTube - Download everything Download now.

Holistic Midwifery A Comprehensive Textbook for Midwives in Homebirth Practice Vol 1 Care During Pregnancy by Anne Frye 5 Star Book Review - Free Download from megashares

Natural Beardy. FemaleScarface. Project #29 & 52 Projects. I heart hiroshima. WCP: Logic and Philosophy of Logic. 29 ways to stay creative by Huub Koch (therealhuubkoch) on Mobypicture. Free eBooks at Planet eBook - Classic Novels and Literature. Lackadaisy Expressions. Secos e Molhados - Fala. 5068 Valley Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90032 to 1749 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90015. Vegan + Vegetarian Jobs. Are you in pursuit of your next career move? With a little help from VegJobs on, you'll never have to sacrifice personal ethics for professional gain. FREE THE ROBOTS. GUNK Zine #1 1/2 “Slice of Life” will be available... Sick tattoo bro. Iconoclast (2010) Man overboard. Untitled. Wabi-sabi. A Japanese tea house which reflects the wabi-sabi aesthetic in Kenroku-en (兼六園) Garden Wabi-sabi (侘寂?)


Represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".[1] It is a concept derived from the Buddhist teaching of the three marks of existence (三法印, sanbōin?)

, specifically impermanence (無常, mujō?) , the other two being suffering (苦, ku?) Description[edit] Fuck Yeah Koyczan! Fuck Yeah Koyczan! Search Like What You See? About For everything Shane Koyczan. Mar 17 2014 ∞ Top 10 Best Novels of the Last 20 Years. Books. A guide to typography (Infographic) Best of Fevered Mutterings – Fevered Mutterings. ‪Bad Seed: Danger of Genetically Modified Food‬‏ Alice Bag News Page. Latest update: May 2013 Check my Facebook page for updates. Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to stay up to date on musical projects, appearances and general troublemaking. English 88, Modern and Contemporary American Poetry.

English 88 reference material and general poetry resources. D.I.Y. This Awesome Urn Will Turn You into a Tree After You Die. Sponsored: Each Hang Tag Here Tells a Story. PRINT - OLI + ALEX. Accidental Chinese Hipsters. Tessa Chong sent me the above image with the explanation that she had seen and drawn the man from memory on a trip to Toronto. Konigsberg. ‪Woody Allen - Manhattan - ending‬‏

Queen of Rockabilly Salute the King: Wanda Jackson: Music. Fresh Tomato Bloody Marys Recipe. Ingredients Garnish 2 small celery rib, minced2 Tbsp minced onion1 medium green heirloom tomato, such as a Green Zebra, minced½ tsp finely grated lemon zest1 tsp fresh lemon juice salt Directions. Why Superheroes Make Terrible Bosses. Battle Rapper Takes Off Leg! (Fish Grease vs Gidon) ATLAS of Plucked Instruments.

Happy Tomato Season! 19 Fresh Recipes - KitchenDaily. Ambiguous Words. Biology That Makes Us Tick: Free Stanford Course by Robert Sapolsky. Top Ten Films 1930-2009. 100 legal sites to stream and download free music. Music is life, I never found anyone who’s life isn’t influenced by Music. Robinson.pdf (application/pdf Object) Baking Soda vs Baking Powder.


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