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7.014 Introductory Biology. Communicating at an unknown rate. Lectures - StumbleUpon.


Multimedia - Video Gallery. 15-Pound, Retro-Tech Flywheel Helps You Pedal Your Bike To Tomorrow. The technology of a flywheel is simple and old: Use energy to spin up a wheel very quickly.

15-Pound, Retro-Tech Flywheel Helps You Pedal Your Bike To Tomorrow

Later, you can take that spinning energy and use it for something else. But you normally think of flywheels as enormous steel monstrosities spinning in factories. But 22-year-old inventor Maxwell von Stein's new bike employs a small flywheel to boost his speed and take a load off his legs while pedaling: When braking, the biker simply shifts gears and allows the energy to transfer from the back wheel to the flywheel (instead of transferring uselessly to the brake pads). Once the rider wants to accelerate again, he simply shifts the gear and the flywheel transfers that power back to the bike, sending the cyclist on his merry way.

The wheel weighs 15 pounds, so you certainly need the extra help it provides to keep moving. . / 10 Pin / 29 Plus / 50 Tweet / 602 Like / 13 Share. Attacking Shark Gagged by Slime. CIGUATOXIN. Dynamic Periodic Table - StumbleUpon. Encyclopedia. Inter Research » Journals » MEPS » Guidelines for MEPS Authors. The Editors consider for publication: Submission of a manuscript to MEPS implies (1) originality of the manuscript (i.e. the material has not been published before) (2) exclusive submission to MEPS (i.e. it is not simultaneously submitted to any other publication outlet) (3) approval by all immediately involved (e.g. authors, institutional authorities) (4) correct listing of authors (i.e. all authors agree to be listed and have contributed to the research reported) (5) compliance with institutional, national and international ethics guidelines concerning the use of animals in research and/or the sampling of endangered species (6) agreement with Inter-Research terms of publication, including transfer of copyright to Inter-Research (for exceptions to this requirement see Copyright and Disclaimer) and the online posting of a prepress abstract (7) agreement to pay the open access fees if one of the Open Access options is selected.

Inter Research » Journals » MEPS » Guidelines for MEPS Authors


Leading The US Virgin Islands Toward A Green Tomorrow! GPS Coordinate Converter, Maps and Info. Latitude/Longitude Distance Calculation. Questions or comments should be directed to Chri...

Latitude/Longitude Distance Calculation My home page is here. I got the formula for this calculation from the math forum at Drexel University. If your are interested in the math behind this calculation then you can read their explanation here. Here is a page showing the important sections of the code that performs this calculation. If you are looking for a way to determine your latitude and longitude go to the find location page. Valid formats for Latitudes and Longitudes are:

InnerHi. 10 Strange Things About The Universe - StumbleUpon. Space The universe can be a very strange place.

10 Strange Things About The Universe - StumbleUpon

While groundbreaking ideas such as quantum theory, relativity and even the Earth going around the Sun might be commonly accepted now, science still continues to show that the universe contains things you might find it difficult to believe, and even more difficult to get your head around. Theoretically, the lowest temperature that can be achieved is absolute zero, exactly ? 273.15°C, where the motion of all particles stops completely. However, you can never actually cool something to this temperature because, in quantum mechanics, every particle has a minimum energy, called “zero-point energy,” which you cannot get below.

One of the properties of a negative-energy vacuum is that light actually travels faster in it than it does in a normal vacuum, something that may one day allow people to travel faster than the speed of light in a kind of negative-energy vacuum bubble.


WeatherFlow Inc. » Home. Data Center. Weather statistic St. Thomas Airport. Description This is the wind, wave and weather statistics for St.

weather statistic St. Thomas Airport

Thomas Airport in Saint Thomas Island, U.S. Virgin Islands. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing or paragliding. The wind statistics are based on real observations from the weather station at St. Check the wind statistics for St. Units Our default units are knots and degrees Celsius.

Feature Article: Measuring Water Movement in Your Reef Aquarium for Less Than $100 — Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine. Dissolution rates of various materials by moving water have been the focus of many researchers.

Feature Article: Measuring Water Movement in Your Reef Aquarium for Less Than $100 — Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine

Indeed, the ability of aggressive water to dissolve copper 'coupons' has been a standard for estimating the corrosiveness of potable water for a number of years. These coupons have also been deployed on natural coral reefs for study of long-term water motion). Obviously, dissolving copper in a small body of water (such as an aquarium) is a poor choice when long-term maintenance of invertebrates is the goal. Other materials, such as salt tablets and even candy (LifeSavers™), have been used.

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The Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem. CaribCATCH.  Advancing a Regional Plan for Improving Research and Management Strategies.