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First of all, NO I AM NOT CRAZY. The title of this post sounds just as fun as it actually was...and it wasn't messy at ALL!! I am a firm believer to teach kids to be creative with everyday objects and things they could easily find in their house or in the garbage. My students had a BALL with this project and I loved their results! we heart art we heart art
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Art and Lesson Plans

Art and Lesson Plans
smART Class This week the kids are making a Grinch with a REALLY BIG heart! Students do a draw-along of the Grinch and then write a very sweet note/ or notes to a loved ones to warm his heart!! Then of course we COVER them with glitter!!! This weekend I had the privilege to use a very awesome studio with two of my best friends who are also art teachers to throw pottery! It was SO much fun and I got lots of Christmas presents made for all my coffee loving family members!!

smART Class