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Nouveau paradigme

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Distance Learning Courses and Adult Education - The Open University. L’organisation apprenante ? La rêver ou l’agir ? The 8 Elements of Contagious Ideas. In the research I’ve been doing over the past few years into why ideas spread, I’ve found a few common characteristics of contagious ideas across mediums and centuries.

The 8 Elements of Contagious Ideas

The list below contains those characteristics, and while its still an evolving set, the vast majority of successful memes I’ve studied have had some (or all) of them present. I’ve also tried to include takeaways, tactics you, as a marketer can use to apply these concepts to your viral campaigns.


Episode 27: Mindful Leadership. Download mp3 (18.1 MB) VOICEOVER Welcome to Melbourne University Up Close, a fortnightly podcast of research, personalities, and cultural offerings of the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Episode 27: Mindful Leadership

Up Close is available on the web at That! |s SIAN PRIOR Hello and welcome to Up Close, coming to you from Melbourne University, Australia. I! Douglas Rushkoff, "Radical Abundance: COMMUNICATION (complexité) : un album.