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Related Rates, Yet Another Redux. I posted in 2008 how I didn’t actually find related rates all that interesting/important in calculus.

Related Rates, Yet Another Redux

The problems that I could find were contrived, and I didn’t quite get the “bigger picture.” In 2011, I posted again about something I found from a conference that used Logger Pro, was pretty interesting, and helped me get at something less formulaic. Mr. Leckie's Web Page. AP Calculus AB - Ms.Roshan. Opencalculus. Gavin's Calculus Projects. Calculus Projects developed for Calc I--III, organized by semester and year: (all projects (c)1994-2004, Gavin LaRose. permission is granted to use these, for free, in a non-profit educational setting. if you have questions, contact Gavin at glarose<at>umich<dot>edu) Some of these projects, and some other projects, are also available in Writing Projects for Mathematics Courses (Crannell, LaRose, Ratliff and Rykken), published by the MAA (MAA bookstore).

Gavin's Calculus Projects

Most Recent Projects Other Projects on the Web. Dr. Steve Armstrong Home Page. T3 International Conference San Antonio, Feb. 2011 Handout Slides Nspire File T3 Regional Conference October 2009 Handout Student Handout T3 International Conference Feb. 29 - Mar. 2, 2008 Handout.

Dr. Steve Armstrong Home Page

Houston Area Calculus Teachers Materials.