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Summaries of EU legislation. EU Waste Legislation - Environment. Environmental liability - Directive. The Directive establishes a framework for environmental liability based on the "polluter pays" principle, with a view to preventing and remedying environmental damage.

Environmental liability - Directive

Environmental damage Under the terms of the Directive, environmental damage is defined as: direct or indirect damage to the aquatic environment covered by Community water management legislation; direct or indirect damage to species and natural habitats protected at Community level by the 1979 "Birds" Directive or by the 1992 "Habitats" Directive; direct or indirect contamination of the land which creates a significant risk to human health. Scope of the principle of liability The principle of liability applies to environmental damage and imminent threat of damage resulting from occupational activities, where it is possible to establish a causal link between the damage and the activity in question. The Directive provides for a certain number of exemptions from environmental liability.

Costs of preventing and remedying damage. The protection of the environment, and in particular of the soil, when sewage sludge isused in agriculture. 2006/118/EC Groundwater Daughter Directive to WFD. Protection of groundwater. European Commission - Water directive. Additional tools On 23 October 2000, the "Directive 2000/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a framework for the Community action in the field of water policy" or, in short, the EU Water Framework Directive (or even shorter the WFD) was finally adopted.

European Commission - Water directive

The Directive was published in the Official Journal (OJ L 327) on 22 December 2000 and entered into force the same day. Some amendments have been introduced into the Directive since 2000, and you can download the consolidated version in all EU languages here. However, even after reading the Directive, you may have still questions, such as: What is this Directive about? What do I need to know about the Directive? Twelve "Water notes" which intend to give an introduction and overview of key aspects of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive are available to download in all EU languages ! The subsequent pages intend to provide you with answers to these and other questions. General information Feedback.