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DIY Eye-Spy Book. When I saw this post by Jenae over at I Can Teach My Child ( who will be a guest poster tomorrow so don’t miss it!

DIY Eye-Spy Book

) my head was running with ideas on how to make something similar. I would be lying if I told you it was easy, maybe it would have been with no kids but I had an infant in my arms while taking every picture and a 4 year old helper wanting to “help”. However the results were pretty cool and it’s a great book to take to church or somewhere else where talking is frowned upon. It’s been tested out by a handful of friends already and our Eye-Spy Book was quite the hit at a playdate last week. So the effort was worth it. Gather your materials. How to make a quiet book for children - by Irene Davault. 2011 Quiet Book Pages. Here is a look back at the quiet book pages I completed in 2011.

2011 Quiet Book Pages

I didn’t start working on them until September, so I’m proud I created 19 pages! A few were created to go together in 2-page spreads. (Number 20 is complete but not posted.) DIY Clipping Toy: Road Trip Sanity with a Toddler. This buckle, clipping toy kept my toddler (17m) entertained for hours! I was inspired to make this one morning at the park, when all the other kids were playing with the slides and the swings and the two toddlers at the park were hunched in deep concentration over a stroller , buckling and unbuckling the straps. This is a great addition to our activity bag , especially as we were anticipating a long cross-country road trip. I am so thankful we made this, this and the “I Spy Shaking Bottle” were two of the toys that held my daughter’s attention!

What you’ll need to create your own buckle clipping toy: Plastic Buckles (I found mine for a few bucks off ebay) Various ribbon scraps Two pieces of fabric – we used canvas as it was sturdy Other fun items (we added a pacifier, a bell, a key-chain, a zipper. Dress Up Felt Board Tutorial and Template. The fancy new Red Velvet shop opened way back at the end of October (feels like ages ago) and I was deemed the Children's Section Stylist.

Dress Up Felt Board Tutorial and Template

I really wanted Elsie and Emma to make me a badge with my title but they had dresses to hang and cupcakes to make so I had to settle on a borrowed staple gun. I wanted part of the children's section to include something interactive that kids could play with while their mamas and their papas shopped. I remembered the felt boards my Sunday School teachers utilized to teach stories from the Bible and paired that concept with paper dolls for a kid-friendly, dress shop-themed activity.

I was also inspired by Olivia Mew's felt dress miniatures. Emily's felt doll book. Monday, February 21, 2011 Emily's felt doll book Excuse the horrible photography skillz here....this is another project I had worked on for my lil niece Emily.

Emily's felt doll book

It was her bday this month and a great opportunity to be crafty. Posted by Staci at 2:07 PM Labels: DIY projects 6 comments: Fashion doll. Small dolls which have exchangeable hair and clothes.Each 6 inch tall.

Fashion doll

You don't need a sewing machine.Maybe kids can do. Making is almost the same as mini cat.Materials are felt, polyester fiberfill, beads and threads. Sew beads for eyes. The mouth is embroidery thread.Its body is flat. The back is open. If you have interest, patterns are here and here.I hope you make clothes by your own design. Addition:Other clothes. DIY baby Toys / Chez Beeper Bebe: Tutorial and Pattern: Felt Egg Design Book. DIY baby Toys / 12 Days of Christmas soft book page.

How to Make a Quiet Book. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been making my son a quiet book to keep him busy at church.

How to Make a Quiet Book

I have been dedicating as much time as possible to it - mainly so I could put my house back together. I have had fabric, thread, pins, etc. scattered throughout my house while I've been working on it. My husband's desk was turned into my sewing station. Let's just say he is extremely glad to have his desk back! He was very patient with me. Baby Quiet Books. I made these 2 quiet books over the past 2 weeks.

Baby Quiet Books

I could have made them in less time, but I'm easily distracted so they took a while. I've made so much quiet book stuff over the past month (click here to see the other quiet books I made) that I guess I'm getting a little burnt out on it. I'm more excited for my next project because it's for Halloween, and I love Halloween! I think making Halloween projects means you can watch Halloween movies and listen to cheesy Halloween music while you make them, so that will be a highlite to my upcoming days.

(Doesn't that make my life sound pathetic?) I made 2 of these: one for our baby and one for my brother and sister-in-law's baby girl, due Jan 2012. This is both of them... the pink heart is for the girl and the blue heart is for the boy - I know, so creative. I'll just show the pages mostly from our boy's since they are basically the same in both books. How to Make a Quiet Book Cover. I love how my quiet book cover turned out, though I can't take the credit for the idea.

How to Make a Quiet Book Cover

It was actually my thinker husband who thought of putting the button holes inside so the rings don't stick out of the book. It's like a fabric 2 ring binder. Here is a little tutorial for the construction of a fabric quiet book cover. Sorry about the bluish tint on all the pictures. My blue walls gave a weird glare that time of day. I used blue flannel fabric for the cover, mostly because I way over bought once and have plenty to use up. The strips were measured and cut at 4x13 inches. You will then need to press the contrasting strips 1/4 inch on each side. Pin that strip down the center of the flannel piece, and sew into place. Do this for both pieces of flannel. Take the piece you want for the inside of the book and sew 2 button holes side by side wherever your quiet book pages are going to be attached.

Quiet Book. This summer some friends organized a quiet book swap.

Quiet Book

We had 10 women in the group, so everyone made 10 copies of their page. We met at the beginning of the summer to set measurements, discuss who’s doing what page, and to discuss ideas. Then 3 months later, we swapped them (and watched the SYTYCD finale together). This past week I’ve added a few pages to the ones from my friends, and ended up with enough pages for 2 books- one for younger kids, one for preschooler/ kindergarten age. Most of the pages I made are from this site: Quiet Books. How to Make a Quiet Book. Adventures of our Fami-Ly: Quiet Book Tutorial and Templates. Well, here are all my secrets, sources, and sewing tips from the quiet book I debuted a few weeks ago.

Adventures of our Fami-Ly: Quiet Book Tutorial and Templates

I hope that they will be useful to you and will inspire you to create one of these books too! I simply ask that if you use any of my original templates or ideas that you kindly link them back here, just as I’ve done with the templates that were not my own ideas. Other than that, enjoy them all! The Quiet Encyclopedia. For Christmas, Allison is getting a quiet book. I made a couple a few years ago for neices and nephews and figured it was about time for Allison to have one. She's SO busy and hopefully this will allow Brian and I to actually pay attention to part of our Sunday meetings. Little did I know when I started that Allison would be receiving not a just a quiet book, and The HUGE Encyclopedia Britannica of quiet books.

The thing is 3 inches thick! How to Make a Quiet Book. The Quilter's Bag. Search results for quiet book. I finished Oscar's quiet book just in time for our long flight west back in May, but hadn't taken photos of it until this morning. To those of you who have been eager to see it, sorry to keep you waiting! I kept the front cover simple, with just a cute fabric and button closure. I'm hoping to get mileage out of this from more than one child, so I didn't want "oscar" plastered everywhere (um, besides multiple pages). :) The big back pocket holds the felt city pieces, and any other goodies I might slip in. Thanks to some clever comments on earlier posts, I decided to bind the book using rings (great idea, lyndsay!). Here are all the finished pages as they are laid out in the book: Oscar likes looking at the pages and occasionally tries to destroy them. Most of the pages are way too advanced for him at this point.

A truly random collection of posts about what's on my mind: quiet book. A Little Peace and Quiet Book. {Quiet Book I} {Book 1} Page 1- Open the barn doors and find the farm animal finger puppets. Quiet Book FAQ. Blogger. Quiet Book: Page Fishing With Peter. This page uses hand eye coordination, magnets, and a net. To start sew on the large wave around the entire outside. Then sew on the second wave. You want to sew around the sides and the bottom. Then sew two lines about 2 inches apart. On the left side you can sew the third pocket shut on the top. Sew the last wave on. Sew on the boat to the top wave. Take the two fish in each color and place a paper clip inside. Quiet Book Patterns.