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| Christianson Air Conditioning and Plumbing is well-known for service excellence and is the name you have trusted since 1950. We are proud of our long standing relationship with our many repeat customers, both homeowners and home builders alike.

11 WARNING SIGNS OF A SLAB LEAK. Slab leaks are a special type of plumbing problem homeowners can encounter when their home is on a slab foundation.


There are often plumbing lines installed under the concrete foundation during the construction process. Access to these pipes is difficult and so, too, is slab leak detection by homeowners. THE TOP 10 COMMON PLUMBING EMERGENCIES AND WHAT TO DO. Plumbing sure has come a long way over the past century.


We have gotten used to having hot and cold running water. We have indoor flush toilets. We enjoy being able to wash dishes in the dishwasher. Laundry is a breeze when you simply toss dirty laundry into the washing machine. HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BATHROOM FIXTURES FOR YOUR HOME. Upgrading your bathroom fixtures can significantly improve your standard of living.


By installing new fixtures, you can improve your energy efficiency, eliminate wasteful leaks, and make the area look better. A good bathroom makeover can also increase your home’s resale value. 8 OF THE MOST COMMON FURNACE PROBLEMS AND WHAT THEY MEAN. As we move into the winter months and colder weather, it means people will be running their furnaces to heat their homes.


To keep your furnace running smoothly all season long, it is a great idea to contact your local furnace repair service and schedule furnace maintenance. Doing so now can help you avoid these common furnace problems later. 1. The furnace turns on, shuts off after a few minutes, and then repeats this cycle. HOW DOES A WATER SOFTENER WORK? A water softener removes dissolved minerals that make water “hard.”


It replaces these minerals with sodium, which makes water “soft.” Calcium and magnesium are two of the most common and troublesome hard water minerals. They aren’t harmful to consume. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR HOME’S SUMP PUMP. What is a sump pump?


What does a sump pump do? Our sump pump plumbers are frequently asked these common questions. TEXAS FALL HOME MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST. Fall has arrived in Texas and, in order to protect your home from damage, it’s vital to ensure you conduct some fall home maintenance, both on the inside and outside of your home.


This checklist will help you to prepare for cooler weather and enjoy all of the money and energy savings that go along with it. Interior Fall Maintenance Although it may seem like a change in season only requires your attention on the exterior of your home, the reality is that what you do on the inside will matter just as much to your home’s health and energy costs. WHAT CAN I DO TO IMPROVE WATER QUALITY AT HOME? HOW YOUR WATER HEATER WORKS AND WHEN TO REPLACE IT. WHY REPLACE BATHROOM PLUMBING? There are several different reasons why you might want to replace your bathroom plumbing.


Plumbing is not limited to just the pipes in the walls and under the sink cabinet. Plumbing also includes tubs, showers, faucets, fixtures, toilets, sinks, and drainpipes. Some of the more common reasons to have plumbing contractors replace the bathroom plumbing include: 1. SHOULD I REPAIR OR REPLACE A LEAKY FAUCET? PLUMBING TERMS YOU NEED TO KNOW. 13 TIPS ABOUT HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON AIR CONDITIONING COSTS. Keeping your house cool as the weather starts to heat up doesn’t have to break the bank.


There are several effective ways of how to save money on air conditioning costs. To help you out, our experienced air conditioning repair technicians are pleased to share some of our top tips! Tip #1: Schedule regular air conditioning repair and tune-up service. Your air conditioning system should be serviced at least once a year. Ideally, bi-annual air conditioning repair and tune-up service is best—once in the spring and again in the fall. Tip #2: Keep windows and doors closed while the air conditioning is running. This one should be a no-brainer, but you would be surprised by how many people open windows or doors while the AC is turned on. Tip #3: Make sure windows, doors, and the attic are properly sealed. Air leaks around windows, doors, and the attic are other ways that increase energy bills and how often your air conditioner runs.

Fixing air leaks is not difficult. How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs. Can You Eat Fast Food After Bariatric Surgery? If you made water conservation resolutions on New Year’s Day and are struggling to achieve this resolution, you may not be alone.

Can You Eat Fast Food After Bariatric Surgery?

It can be hard to think about all the different ways that you could conserve water at home, at work, and on the go. Even if you already made some strides, you might be looking for other things you can do to take your water conservation resolution to the next level. To help you on your journey to conserve more water and do something good for the environment, check out these tips shared by our professional air conditioning and plumbing technicians. Tip #1: Fix Leaking Faucets. HAVE A CLOGGED DRAIN? LEARN HOW TO UNCLOG IT AND WHEN TO CALL A PROFESSIONAL. Clogged and slow-draining drains can be an annoyance because water is not going down the drain as it should.

When it does finally drain away, it leaves soap, hair, toothpaste, and other unwanted grime. Before you pick up the phone and call a professional plumber, there are a few things you can try at home to see if you can unclog the drain yourself. Sometimes the problem may not be a clogged drain but, rather, an air problem. There are often air vents on top of plumbing pipes next to your sinks. If the airflow is restricted and cannot move into the pipe as water goes down the drain, it can cause drains to drain slower and appear to be clogged.

Verify there is nothing around the air vent that would prohibit the airflow. THE TOP 10 REASONS FOR AN INCREASING WATER BILL. There can be all sorts of reasons why your water bill increased. Before you panic, it is a good idea to take a look at your historical water usage. You can do this by reviewing your bills for the past 12 to 18 months. Start by looking to see if you used a similar amount of water during the same billing cycle last year. Quite often, most people are surprised to see how their water usage fluctuates during different times of the year. For example, in the summer months, your water bill could be more if you water your yard frequently, have a swimming pool to fill up, spend more time washing your car, and so on. Plumbing Repair 101: Why Won’t My Washing Machine Work?

Both mold and mildew are common problems found in the bathrooms of most homes. If you think your bathroom is mold- and mildew-free, you may not be looking in every location where these two can hide in cracks, crevices, and corners where you may not notice them. While both mold and mildew are types of fungi, there are some key differences between the two you need to know. How Do You Remove Hard Water Spots & Lime? Unless you’re truly obsessive about cleaning your pipes and fixtures, it’s likely that they’ll start to develop hard water spots, stains, lime deposits, and other signs of wear over time. The good news is that even especially bad cases can be cleaned away with the proper methods. What Is Hard Water, Anyway? “Hard” water is a term that refers to water that contains especially high amounts of minerals.

Hard water is formed naturally as groundwater moves through various types of mineral deposits, such as limestone and chalk. As a result, the water picks up compounds containing calcium, magnesium, and other elements. Six Tips for Plumbing Installation in Your New Home. If you are building a brand new house or planning a major renovation project for an older home, you will want to take the time to think about the plumbing installation in the home.

The placement of fresh water supply lines, sewer and drain pipes, and plumbing vents should be installed in the right locations with the shortest distances possible. If you have a large home, the farther water connections are from the main supply line, the lower the pressure can be. What Does A Sewer System Camera Inspection Entail? New HVAC Installation: What Does a New HVAC System Include? IS IT TIME TO REPLACE YOUR SEWER LINE? HEAT PUMP SYSTEMS VS. TRADITIONAL HVAC SYSTEMS. WHY IS MY HOT WATER PRESSURE LOW? HOW TO MEET YOUR HOME RENOVATION GOALS ON A BUDGET. Bathroom Renovation: Dos and Don’ts. When you’re thinking about home improvement projects, it’s often easy to ignore the bathroom in favor of other rooms. GAS VS. ELECTRIC WATER HEATER REPLACEMENT: WHICH IS MORE EFFICIENT?

How To Prevent Damage From Frozen Pipes. Ten Reasons You Should Consider Replacing Your Furnace. Depending on the type of furnace you have, most home heating systems will last around 15 to 20 years with regular furnace maintenance. As your furnace gets older, you will want to start making plans for home furnace replacement, like starting a special savings fund. That way, when your furnace does need to be replaced, you will have—at least part of—the money set aside for a new furnace. The A To Z List Of Causes For Clogged Toilets. Over the years, our toilet plumbing professionals have encountered a wide range of clogged toilets. We thought it might fun to share some of the things we have encountered, some of which may seem a bit weird and unusual.

A: Automobile Fluids You should never flush gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid, or other such fluids down the toilet. While they do not necessarily cause clogs, they are dangerous and could cause your toilet and pipes to explode, crack, and break, creating a much bigger mess. B: Baby Wipes. What To Consider Before Water Heater Installation. Your water heater is nearing the end of its life and has started to show the signs, like snapping and cracking sounds, leaks around the tank, and the inability to meet your home’s hot water demands.

Choosing The Right Water Heater Replacement: Tank Vs. Tankless. Four Signs Your Home Could Require Emergency Ac Repair. Clogged Drainage System Or Sewer Line? It’S Time To Call The Experts. 10 Ways to Avoid High Water Bills. Tips on How to Stop Clogging Your Drains. Plumbing Problems New Home Buyers Should Look For. Rookie Plumbing Mistakes You Should Avoid. HOW PLUMBING LEAKS CAN ATTRACT RODENTS AND PESTS. IS YOUR HEATING SYSTEM TOO LOUD? CYCLING ON AND OFF? WE CAN FIX THAT. Reasons Why Texas Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot. 7 Reasons Why Texas Should Be YOUR New Home! Humidity, Heat Waves and Hot Summer Nights: We’ve Got You Covered! Simple Tips for Water Heater Maintenance. How Texans Kept Homes Cool in the Summer Before Air Conditioning. 45 WAYS TO CONSERVE H2O. Top DIY Plumbing Tricks and Tips for Every Homeowner.

Tankless Water Heaters vs. Tank Water Heaters. Filtered Water for Your Home: An Underrated Necessity. Your Indoor Air May Be More Polluted Than Outside: Here’s What to Do About It.