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What Are the Different Types of Business? There are at least six different types of business you could choose to start: 1. Sole trader – the oldest form of trading there is, it’s also the simplest and the most common type of business you’ll find. The clue is in the name – meaning that you are solely responsible for everything the business does and you’re often known as the proprietor.

This is the usual form for small shops and businesses that provide services such as beauticians, hairdressers, photographers, gardeners and so on. When you start out in business, most often you use your own money to fund the venture. 2. 3. Each shareholder puts money into the company and receives a portion of the company – shares – equivalent to what they put in.

Despite each shareholder owning a piece of the company, in law it is seen as a legal entity – the same as an individual – that is entirely separate from the shareholders or members, as they are sometimes known. 4. Royalties for using the trademarkfees for the training and advice received 5. Level 6 - Strategic Management,


Royal Dutch Shell plans 2,800 job cuts after BG deal. Image copyright Getty Images Royal Dutch Shell has said it will cut 2,800 jobs if its planned takeover of BG Group goes ahead, about 3% of the combined group's workforce. The proposed job cuts are in addition to the 7,500 job losses Shell announced in July. The tie-up between Shell and BG deal is due to be completed early next year. However, an institutional investor has told the BBC that the deal does not make "financial sense" at current oil price levels. David Cumming, head of equities at Standard Life Investments, told the BBC it was "very difficult to make the deal work" with oil below $40 a barrel, saying oil prices needed to be $60-$70 a barrel.

Extra measures Shell announced in April that it had agreed to buy BG, in a deal that valued the oil and gas exploration firm at about £47bn. In its latest statement, Shell said that the planned job losses were part of "operational and administrative restructuring". 'Under pressure' Standard Life is among the top 20 investors in both companies. The Economist. Sweet success COMPARE “Candy Crush Saga” with the “Star Wars” franchise and it comes as a shock that the casual game’s creator, King Digital Entertainment, would sell for almost 50% more than the $4 billion that Disney paid for Lucasfilm in 2012. But in paying $5.9 billion in cash and stock for King on November 3rd Activision Blizzard, a giant in video games for computers and specialist gaming consoles, is doing more than buying another industry leader. Its purchase is an acknowledgment that the future of video games, and of gaming profits, is in mobile, where games are usually given away, and where their creators make money by selling extra features to the most enthusiastic players.

Mobile games have been by far the fastest-growing part of the market in recent years, and have broader international appeal because of the penetration of smartphones. Activision has flailed about in mobile gaming (even if it has had a recent hit with “Hearthstone”, a digital card game).


Four Functions of Management. Vocabulaire anglais - Management - CORPORATE CULTURE. MOTIVATION. The Power of a 'Project Beard' and Other Office Rituals. Pro badge Rituals are common among gamblers and sports figures, from wearing a lucky shirt to blowing on dice to counting dribbles before a free throw. Now researchers are finding that rituals help on the job too. People who engage in ritualistic behavior before a difficult task are less anxious, get more involved and tend to perform better than people who didn't have a ritual, according to research at Harvard Business School, the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management and other universities. People tend to believe intuitively in the value of rituals—repetitive, symbolic behaviors that aren't motivated by reason and lack a particular goal or outcome, studies show.

Salo LLC, a financial and human-resources staffing company in Minneapolis, incorporates rituals throughout its work cycle. The whiteboards, visible to entire work teams, serve as "a center hub of activity," says Adam Sprecher, another managing director. Mr. Sometimes, they can create unintended problems. Ecofine - Focus and niche strategies.


Patagonia: Case Analysis. The business strategy behind Disney’s magical experiences. Last week, 250 GTA business professionals participated in “Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence,” an all day workshop offered through the Disney Institute and organized by McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business in partnership with the Certified General Accountants of Ontario (CGA). Workshop attendees watched case studies, answered questions, and participated in several group exercises led by Bryan Tabler and Amy Rossi, two facilitators from the Disney Institute and veteran employees of Disney. The goal of the day was to learn the strategies Disney believes are key to the successful maintenance of The Walt Disney Company.

These strategies are regarded as Disney’s five universal assets of a successful business — also known as the Disney Chain of Excellence — made up of leadership excellence, cast excellence, guest satisfaction and financial results/repeat business. Leadership Excellence “The word ‘no’ shuts down hopes,” said Bryan Tabler, Disney Institute facililtator. Ms. Vocabulaire - anglais des affaires: Business English Glossary. 150 Free Online Business Courses. Find over 150 courses, many from leading universities, that will deepen your professional education. Topics include finance, technology, entrepreneurship and much more. Note: If you sign up for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), select the “Full Course, No Certificate” (edX) or “Audit” (Coursera) option when you enroll in order to take the course for free. If you opt to take the course for a certificate/credential, you will be charged a fee, and we will receive a commission from our affiliate partners–Coursera, FutureLearn and edX.

Note: This section includes a lot of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). If you want to enroll in a free version of a MOOC, please select the “Full Course, No Certificate” (edX) or “Audit” (Coursera) option. Bookmark our collection of free online Business courses. Find over 150 courses, many from leading universities, that will deepen your professional education. Note: This section includes a lot of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).


Why Virgin Trains wants passengers to 'Arrive Awesome' | Analysis. Virgin Trains head of marketing Danny Gonzalez has been itching to give the brand a makeover for some time. The launch today (17 September) of a new strapline, ‘Arrive Awesome’, and a major advertising campaign is almost two years in the making. Danny Gonzalez It could even be accompanied eventually by actual makeovers, with beauticians on board being one of the – as yet unconfirmed – new offerings that the brand hopes will earn it a reputation for customer service.

What’s certain, Gonzalez says, is that the new campaign is “a rallying cry” for the business following a lengthy period of uncertainty and wrangling with the UK Government. ‘Arrive Awesome’ is a bold claim about the quality of the Virgin Trains service that the company hopes will win over the travelling public and bring its brand values into line with other Virgin Group businesses. The seeds of the new campaign were planted in December 2012 – the month that Gonzalez was promoted to the role of head of marketing. Principles of Management 2.0. 1.3 Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling Learning Objectives Know the dimensions of the planning-organizing-leading-controlling (P-O-L-C) framework. Know the general inputs into each P-O-L-C dimension. A manager’s primary challenge is to solve problems.

Figure 1.9 The P-O-L-C Framework Planning Planning is the function of management that involves setting objectives and determining a course of action for achieving those objectives. Planning is a process consisting of several steps. Planners must establish objectives, which are statements of tangible actions that need to be achieved, and a timeline for their completion. There are many different types of plans and planning. Tactical planningIntermediate-range planning that is designed to develop relatively concrete and specific means to implement the strategic plan. is intermediate-range (one to three years) planning that is designed to develop relatively concrete and specific means to implement the strategic plan. Organizing Leading. » The buzz in the United States: Michel and Augustin at the onslaught of New York.World Pop. The Leadersheep ©Anto 2012-2013 (EN) » Leadersheep Training Center. Business 101: Principles of Management Course - Free Online Video Lessons | Education Portal.

CITE SCOLAIRE RIVE GAUCHE - MIRAIL - Ressources DNL communication-mercatique STG anglais. Les cours d'écogestion. Luxury race to bag the best skins. Vertical Integration. QuickMBA / Strategy / Vertical Integration Vertical Integration The degree to which a firm owns its upstream suppliers and its downstream buyers is referred to as vertical integration.

Because it can have a significant impact on a business unit's position in its industry with respect to cost, differentiation, and other strategic issues, the vertical scope of the firm is an important consideration in corporate strategy. Expansion of activities downstream is referred to as forward integration, and expansion upstream is referred to as backward integration. The concept of vertical integration can be visualized using the value chain. Example of Backward and Forward Integration Two issues that should be considered when deciding whether to vertically integrate is cost and control. The following benefits and drawbacks consider these issues. Benefits of Vertical Integration Vertical integration potentially offers the following advantages: Drawbacks of Vertical Integration Capacity balancing issues.

Obedience to Authority_Stanley Milgram Experiment.