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Renderman vs Vray. You were attacking people's suggestions, when all we were trying to do is offer you workarounds to your fur problem.

Renderman vs Vray

Honestly, from a brief overview it seemed that the only thing that woukld have made you happy is if we all got behind you agreeing that energy conservation is shit and vray was junk. I'm sorry but that simply wasnt going to happen. Most of us appreciate energy conservation and Id rather have work arounds for when I dont need it as opposed to not having it. Anyways, I guess you already got that drift...

Holy crap! "Thanks burgerman, I know the workarounds, I'm just tired of taking the extra time for no good reason. " Installing Light Rigs in Maya - RenderMan Community. RIS: Path Tracer vs VCM Integrators - RenderMan Community. Bitesized Lessons #2: RIS Materials - RenderMan Community. Tutorial Series Bitesized Lessons #2: RIS Materials The second course!

Bitesized Lessons #2: RIS Materials - RenderMan Community

(Secondi Piatti) (See also :Stirling! Automobile rendering in RIS. and Bitesized Tutorial series. Adding spice to our renders with the new principled shaders and the building blocks of the Layered Material system. Some links to the online documents for more background: PxrDisney PxrLmDiffuse PxrLMMetal PxrLMGlass. Bitesized Lessons #1: RIS Basics - RenderMan Community. Stirling! : Automobile rendering in RIS - RenderMan Community. On your marks, get set.....

Stirling! : Automobile rendering in RIS - RenderMan Community

Render! (See also: Bitesized Tutorial series. CG landscape digimatte - RenderMan Community. RIS Sampling Survivor Guide - RenderMan Community. Projection Assistance Gui - RenderMan Community. This is a tool to help artists set up camera projection in Maya for RenderMan.

Projection Assistance Gui - RenderMan Community

To set up a camera projection in RfM, there are multiple steps. This is frustrating for artists because it adds several extra steps that take much longer than usual. This tool solves that problem.This simple window will link/copy the necessary connection between projection nodes. Artists can now focus on the artistic part. Projection Assistance Gui - RenderMan Community. with PxrLM Metal - RenderMan Community. The PxrLM Metal material comes with presets which can certainly give an artist a head start however if said artist wanted to adjust these attributes or make a material that doesn't have a preset, they could be very confused. with PxrLM Metal - RenderMan Community

The first two attributes are Refractive Index and Extinction Coefficient. The first thing most of us would do is go online and search for those values for which ever material we are trying to recreate. So we go to a site like and find the relevant data that we need. Lets use Gold as an example. If you look at the first section, "Optical constants of METALS", the values we need are right there in big bold font. There is not one but three places where our values could be entered. Being a scientific site, doesn't allow you to directly ask for "Red" light, but you can enter a specific wavelength.

Rendering 201 - RenderMan Community. Pixar in a Box Pixar in a Box is a collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy.

Rendering 201 - RenderMan Community

Quick tip: Render stats - RenderMan Community. By Dario Baldi Overview A cool feature that people may overlook in RenderMan for Blender is render stats.

Quick tip: Render stats - RenderMan Community

With it we can have an in-depth look in stuff like memory usage, thread utilization, and even a nice render time heatmap to identify which parts of our scene are being the most demanding, and with all that info you can wisely optimize your scene. How To Generat Stats First you'll need to turn the stats option on. 2.Then render your scene. 3.Once it's finished render, you can find the stats file in the same directory where your RIB files are generated. . (!) At the top you have different tabs where you can access even more in-depth info. Oh, by the way, this is a Charango, a typical instrument here in South America. Cheers! Rendering A Realistic Wooden Floor - RenderMan Community. This tutorial will go into the features of the LMDiffuse shader and how it will help us create a photo realistic wooden floor render.

Rendering A Realistic Wooden Floor - RenderMan Community

We will use the RMSDisplacement to create highly detailed displacements within each plank. This tutorial is fairly simple and designed for beginners learning how to shade in Maya. RIS Landscape - RenderMan Community. RIS Landscape - RenderMan Community. The Grand Tour: Compositing - RenderMan Community. In the following sub-chapters we will be going over useful attributes and tips that will help us successfully manipulate RenderMan outputs in compositing: Color Management Fusion Comp Nuke Comp Relighting 3D compositing Deep Compositing Color Grading and Finishing Touches Before we start, please open the attached file, which will ensure the best interaction possible with this training.

The Grand Tour: Compositing - RenderMan Community

In a very similar fashion to the Linear Workflow training for RenderMan, it's very important to composite images in linear gamma. Tractor 2 - Managing Render Farms - RenderMan Community. Zbrush to Maya RIS Vector Displacement - RenderMan Community. I wanted to create a displacement tutorial that was basic and thorough for anyone who uses Zbrush and maya, and is new to Renderman.

Zbrush to Maya RIS Vector Displacement - RenderMan Community

The images include instructions for each step. Thank you for checking out the tutorial and hopefully it was helpful. Camera pojection in Maya with RIS - RenderMan Community. Rendering 101 - RenderMan Community. Pixar in a Box Pixar in a Box is a collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy. Rendering 101 Rendering 101 is part one of the Pixar in a Box rendering series. In RenderMan 101 discover the basics behind the rendering equation. This lesson takes 35-40 minutes. Learn more about the basics of rendering and practice some ray tracing and shading. Appropriate for ages 11 and up. Linear Workflow/ Color Management - RenderMan Community. In this training we'll learn how to properly setup a linear workflow in RenderMan for Maya, while explaining the benefits of handling gamma and color profiles properly.

In practical terms, Linear workflow refers to a rendering workflow in which image gamma is carefully taken into account in order to assure proper light computations in a render. In other words, we'll be able to turn... LW is especially important for the shading system of RIS, because it makes sure proper light computations are made in what is a physically based system. Linear workflow is the correct mathematical workflow for computer graphics and by consequence not a system motivated by aesthetics (unless photorealism is considered one), as artistic liberties can be taken with computer graphics at any point, including lighting and shading.

Before we begin sRGB will be the color profile used throughout, which is the standard color space for the internet. What does all this LW talk mean exactly? Linear Workflow/ Color Management - RenderMan Community. RenderMan Shader Factory 1.0 - RenderMan Community. So, here is my latest application I've been working on called "RenderMan Shader Factory" it's concept basically to make life easier for anyone who is interested to learn RSL "RenderMan Shading Language" or even experts, as you're no longer worry about having an external text editor, compiling shader or a terminal for doing your render procedures .. Now, everything can be done in one place, light and quick with this application .. More features are under-development right now, Stay tuned. Requirements: - Just make sure you have python installed with PyQt4 libraries Learning Resources: Notes: - I just replaced "RMShaderFactory.exe" with "RMShaderFactory.bat" to avoid any future problems because many people don't have the latest Microsoft C++ libraries. - If you clicked on "RMShaderFactory.bat" and the application didn't start, make sure you have python installed and PyQt4 installed correctly.

Updates 13/05/2016 updates : Error: Windows cannot find 'pythonw'. Bullets Included - The Holdout System - RenderMan Community. (2:36 hours) Use the Holdout System in RFM to composite CGI over live action. by Peter Aversten Overview “Bullets Included" is a project created by Peter Aversten to show the RIS Holdout System in version 20 of RenderMan for Maya, in which compositing CGI elements into live action is important. In this project breakdown, Peter will dive into the differents stages of the production, primarily focusing on lookdev and implementation with RenderMan for Maya.

Bitesized Lessons #3: RIS Lighting - RenderMan Community. Bitesized Lessons #3: RIS Lighting - RenderMan Community. Still Life with RenderMan 20 - RenderMan Community. Created by Dylan Sisson and originally published in 3D Artist Magazine Complete Maya Project Included "Still Life with RenderMan" rendered 100% in camera. Overview This tutorial will focus on lighting and look development in RenderMan for Maya. The goal is to introduce RenderMan's new RIS technology and show how the simplified workflows can deliver photorealistic results quickly.

The Grand Tour #2 - Rendering a Tree - RenderMan Community. The Grand Tour #1 - Rendering a Car - RenderMan Community. The Grand Tour #1 - Rendering a Car.