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Michael Flomen

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A Look Inside The World of Michael Flomen (demo; unfinished cut) FlomenContact. Large 1. Large. MichaelFlomen AZ 05 1. MichaelFlomen AZ 05. Resize 1. Resize. About Us – Border Crossings Magazine. Border Crossings is a quarterly cultural magazine edited and published in Winnipeg.

About Us – Border Crossings Magazine

A local, international magazine, it is now in its 35th year of continuous publication. Edited by Meeka Walsh, it investigates contemporary culture through a combination of articles, reviews, interviews and portfolios of photographs and drawings. More curated than edited, Border Crossings occupies a vital place in the geographic centre of the North American continent. The magazine is committed to Northrop Frye’s sense that the centre is where you are, and so we take Winnipeg as the place from which we begin looking at the culture and art of the world. The art world is also an art whirled. Border Crossings does what our name says.

Vinyl Cafe with Stuart Mclean. A Palimpsest of Pale Fire: The Fabulist Photography of Michael Flomen. Also see the artist's portfolio By James D.Campbell Seeing light is a metaphor for seeing the invisible in the visible, for detecting the fragile imaginal garment that holds our planet and all existence together.

A Palimpsest of Pale Fire: The Fabulist Photography of Michael Flomen

Once we have learned to see light, surely everything else will follow. —Arthur Zajonc1 We work for that part of our vision which is uncompleted. — Frederick Sommer2 Fireflies have a way of lighting up the night with their flashings, making us nostalgic for those moments in early youth when, come a sultry summer evening, they would superimpose on the night sky their own incandescent constellations that were wont to blink on and off incessantly, enrapturing the eye. PHARMED — Michael Flomen. Spring/Revolution, No. 1, 2014.

PHARMED — Michael Flomen

Gelatin silver toned prints, edition 3. 96 x 120 in. / 244 x 305 cm.© Michael Flomen 2015. Under the Cover of Darkness, The work of Michael Flomen - La nuit est ma chambre noire. Michael Flomen - VINYL CAFE. Michael Flomen's 'Wild Nights' associates nature with camera-less photography. Canadian photographer Michael Flomen is a veteran when it comes to the art of taking pictures and making them come to life in a unique way.

Michael Flomen's 'Wild Nights' associates nature with camera-less photography

For the last 30 years, Flomen has captured every subject from street photography to objects in nature. An artist who has come full circle with his craft, Michael decided to take an avant-garde approach to his photography. Creating a print without the use of his camera, the Canadian artist has set a new standard in art and digital photo making. We picked Michael's brain during his visit to Los Angeles this last week on his complicated process and the inspiration that drove him into this new form of artistic expression. AXS: How did you get into photography? Michael Flomen: When I was 16 years old, I would make amateur underwater films and would construct waterproof housings.

AXS: At what point did you transition into combining your photography with nature to make 3-D images? PORTFOLIO - Michael Flomen, Photograms. Also see the linked essay Michael Flomen’s works encompass an abstract, oneiric space that we cannot easily reference, for it is openly ambiguous, hovering somewhere between the dream and the waking moment.

PORTFOLIO - Michael Flomen, Photograms

Whether rain and snowfalls registering at night on handmade photograms (Teeming), the evidentiary bioluminescence of fireflies caught on photographic flypaper in the dead of night as they seek to couple and multiply (Higher Ground), or snow-covered landscapes photographed directly in strong sunlight (Rising), his work demarcates the fine line between the visible and the invisible, what is seen and what is unseen, the perceptible and the imperceptible. Michael Flomen & Forrest Gander. Littoral Zone 14 As glace by fervor of sun, liquifying, carbonized melt, doughy layers powdered in the shadow of a rise rhymed to the liquid edge, its shoreline of punctuated granularity cuffed with foam along a dark cordillera and ridden by liquiform maculae.

Michael Flomen & Forrest Gander

You wouldn’t regard an experience as corroborating this image. Is it measured in centimeters or miles? Or does the expression of measurement depend upon our inclination, a metaphor? Assuming there exists a place that corresponds to this image. Tracked out with a stony, husky jumping-back to the fixed determination that any mastering vision would whisper into the eye on a moonlit morning or burgling a church backed up like sallow putty against the allowance that was un- intentionally misleading you to enter her room without knocking.

Michael Flomen. Michael Flomen (born 1952) is a self-taught Canadian artist who primarily creates photograms, or cameraless photographs in collaboration with nature.

Michael Flomen

Flomen began taking photographs in the late 1960s, and since 1972 his work has been exhibited internationally.[1] Snow, water, firefly light, wind, sand, sediment, shorelines and other natural phenomena make up the elements used to create his photograms.[2] Biography[edit] Flomen began to take photographs in his teenage years in 1967-68 capturing images of his family and everyday surroundings. In 1969-1971 during his time at Darrow School he created a series on his surroundings in the Shaker-built community. In 1971 at the age of 19, Flomen traveled to Europe and decided during his trip that he would pursue photography once he returned to Canada.

Artwork[edit] Michael Flomen; Black & White 2010 Photography "MV No.1"