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Videos. The exercise videos library boasts over a thousand different exercises explained by certified fitness professionals.


Getting started with exercise programs shouldn't be intimidating. These exercises are created especially for people who exercise at home and require only the most basic exercise equipment. Exercise.com wants to help you find a way to bring exercise into your life. Grab an exercise ball and some dumbbells, create your own exercise routine and get started today! View All. Gmaps Pedometer. Captain’s Chair exercise and the ‘Coregasm’ Warm Up With Cardio, Then Go To Weights. Right? Wrong. Full-Body Exercise-Ball Workout in Just 15 Minutes. 3 Great Ways to Tone Your Butt & Thighs on the Ball. It’s arguably a woman’s one body zone that’s the biggest (ahem) pain in the butt to keep looking fit and firm.

3 Great Ways to Tone Your Butt & Thighs on the Ball

But you can really tone up your hips, thighs and butt with just a few simple exercises — even if you have only 5 or 10 minutes. Certified stability ball fitness trainer Sue Hollingshead shows you how with the three-move Balance Ball exercise ball workout below. Doing lower-body exercises on a Balance Ball or stability ball can whip this trouble zone into shape faster. That’s because the ball offers a combination of support and instability, says certified fitness instructor Suzanne Deason. “The support of the ball beneath you allows you to work harder without feeling overworked or strained,” she explains. Hollingshead recommends these moves because “they really target the glutes, hamstrings and adductors (inner thigh muscles). Note: these exercises do NOT require the stabilizer shown at the base of the balance ball in the images below. 1.

Figure 1 Lie on the ball, face down. 2. 3. A Butt Exercise Worth Doing. The Bridge Burner Workout Addition. Your Fat Burning Workout Routine. Nicola Majocchi Everyone has her own workout routine, and while we approve of the "workout," the "routine" has us worried.

Your Fat Burning Workout Routine

Familiarity might be comfortable, but it's not effective — certainly not when it comes to a sweat session. Doing the same thing over and over lulls your muscles into an I-can-do-this tedium and lessens your calorie burn. The good news: You don't need to ditch your current workout to see more weight loss success results. You just need to learn how to rev it up. Your Comfort Zone Flipping channels on the tube, you lope along, either running or walking, at the same ho-hum speed you were at yesterday. Blast More FatDon't bounce. Squeeze your glutes. Challenge your muscles. **WEB EXCLUSIVE: Form Fix Tread lightly. Elliptical Trainer Your Comfort Zone Gliding along at a medium pace, your legs are on autopilot. Blast More FatNever stop working. Use intervals. Use your whole body.

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