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Toy Patterns

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Pattern: Link’s Hylian Shield, Sword and Sheath. Link was crocheted using an original pattern by Becchin, translated by Tanoshimou.

Pattern: Link’s Hylian Shield, Sword and Sheath

Check out the following links (haha, no pun intended) to help you make your own hero of Hyrule: Becchin’s ‘person core’ page that Link is based on: he has great step-by-step photos (click here)Becchin’s photos of Link as well as a very useful video showing the process (click here)Tanoshimou’s translation of Becchin’s pattern into English (click here)MY step-by-step blog post to see how I used the above resources to make this adorable Link (click here) I followed Tanoshimou’s pattern except for the hat, as I found the pattern written out produced a hat that was far too big for Link.

I kept single crocheting 42 all the way around from rows 12-18, went counter-clockwise for row 15, and then went around clockwise for rows 16-18 (I did not take it past row 18). Link (Legend of Zelda) Amigurumi free pattern « Let's Enjoy~Tanoshimou!! On my journeys across the world of the web, I ran into a Japanese language pattern for the most adorable little Link I’ve ever seen!

Link (Legend of Zelda) Amigurumi free pattern « Let's Enjoy~Tanoshimou!!

Of course, I had to make a little Link for myself, so I printed out the pattern and set out to work. When I was done and I shared it with my friends, they were all astounded. Even my mom is thinking about making one, and so I am bringing the pattern to you in English for what is to my knowledge the first time. The author, Becchin, has graciously allowed me to do so. Because this is his pattern built from the ground up, I ask that you please respect his rights as the creator and do not sell the pattern or the finished product, especially since this falls under the category of fanart. Brain Slugs. With Halloween fast approaching, I needed a subtle costume for me, and my faithful canine sidekick Raffi.

Brain Slugs

I’m really into Futurama at the moment, so I figured demure matching Brain Slugs would do the trick. Brain slugs are space parasites that stick to your head and control your every action. If you suspect a brain slug infestation is in the works, switch to a garlic shampoo. Futurama's Brain Slugs There are many patterns available for brain slugs, but I felt I should try make my own. My slugs These are fairly easy to make (check out my Amigurumi Tutorial 1, 2 and 3), but you do need to know how to single crochet around the post (see this video, just keep in mind that you’d be doing single crochet, not double crochet like in the video). Once you finish them, you can sew them to a headband, or just attach a length of yarn (or long chain) to keep them in place. Robot...In Love!


Free Pattern - Spaceship. "Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars.

Free Pattern - Spaceship

Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. " This little rocket was inspired by my son's space themed bedroom and his need for a doorstop so he doesn't have to sleep in the dark. A bean bag provides the necessary weight but is optional. It's worked in the style of amigurumi patterns in a continuous spiral and I am using UK terminology throughout. The tension is not actually critical but the fabric needs to be dense enough that any stuffing does not protrude between the stitches.

Notions: plastic pellets/beads and something to make a bean bag from (I used an odd sock), toy stuffing. Rocket Body:Row 1: Begin with your cast on loop on your hook, using the tail of the yarn make a loop and then 6 dc into the loop. Fins (make 3) Windows: (make 2)Using a contrasting yarn, CO and work 2 rows as per the rocket body. ss to join round. Assembling the rocket:Stuff the three fins and space them evenly around the base of the rocket. Another Free Robot Pattern. I decided to make a toy robot for Charlie, who I'll be seeing later this week.

Another Free Robot Pattern

I only see him very occasionally as we live far away from each other. Of course I'll be seeing his older sister and younger brother too, but their toys were ready. I needed to make something for Charlie, and I thought he would like a robot. The problem, as I soon discovered, is that there are very few free patterns for amigurumi robots. So guess what? This robot is not suitable for very small children and babies because of the small parts.

If you see any mistakes, it's because I've not tested the pattern, so please be indulgent and just let me know. You'll need: Catania cotton yarn in grey, orange and blue (or colours of your choice) 2.5 mm crochet hook A small amount of felt and metal trimmings such as press studs, washers, buttons, beads, etc Needle and thread A large-eyed needle Embroidery thread.