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A to Z Index of Animals - A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Information, Pictures, Videos, Resources and Links. The Nonhuman Rights Project. Animals. Deep Time : A History of the Earth - Interactive Infographic. Life on the planet started astonishingly early.

Deep Time : A History of the Earth - Interactive Infographic

The first living organisms, in the current model of evolution, are thought to be Prokaryotes1. The oldest known fossilised prokaryotes have been dated to approximately 3.5 billion years ago, only 1 billion years after the formation of the Earth's crust. Eukaryotes2 are more advanced organisms with complex cell structures, each of which contains a nucleus. Although incredibly hard to determine their origin, they are thought to have developed 1.6–2.1 billion years ago, although some research2 suggests eukaryotes being present even earlier than this. Around 1.1 billion years ago multicellular3 organisms are thought to have started to develop, most likely similar in form to plants such as green algae. 200 million years later true multicellularity had also evolved in animals similar in nature to today's sponges, which are organisms which can reassemble themselves.

The genus Homo gave rise to modern humans8, Homo sapiens, us. Switch Zoo Animal Games. Evolution – what next? Hybrid Medical Animation - Hybrid Interactive Heart. Parts of a cell - iknowthat. The 20 Coolest Hybrid Animals. Healthy living. Action for Healthy Kids. Lesson Plans for Teachers- Nutrition Lesson Plans, Free Printable Teacher Lesson Plans, Kids Food Pyramid Nutrition Free Lesson Plans. Tooth Brush Game. Dental activities for students: Quizzes & lesson graphics - Tooth identification. offers a number of quizzes (with pre-test study pages) that teachers and instructors can use as part of a classroom activity or online lesson aimed at educating students about dental health topics.

Dental activities for students: Quizzes & lesson graphics - Tooth identification

Subjects include tooth identification and dental, oral and facial anatomy. The skill level required for each activity varies widely. Some of our most basic quizzes are designed for young children who are first learning about teeth, dentistry and the dentist's office (don't forget that February is Children's Dental Health Month). Other quizzes, such as those that involve anatomy lessons, require a much higher skill level to complete. Dental Basics: Interactive Animation. Anatomy Arcade.

How the Body Works Main Page. Interactive Physiology. Animation/swfs/digestion.swf. Virtual human anatomy atlas and anatomy games. Curriculum-Anatomy and Physiology. BioDigital Human: A better way to understand your health. GURU INSTITUTE: ANIMATIONS LIFE SCIENCES. Your Skin & You. Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind - Interactive Body. Zygote Body. Mother nature network. These bizarre locations may seem like a series of elaborate movie sets, but they are real destinations that you might want to see for yourself.

Mother nature network

Photo: Greg Mote/Flickr The Wave, Arizona, U.S. Photo: Shutterstock Travertines, Pamukkale, Turkey. 10 Terrific Human Body and Anatomy for Kids Websites. ARKive - Discover the world's most endangered species. Extinction means forever. Ecokids. Your source for green design & living news, commentary and advice. Thank You Ocean. Welcome to Shark Guardian - UK Charity for Shark and Marine ... A virtual pond dip.

The Shape of Life. Animal Adaptations. Being able to adapt is a matter of life or death.

Animal Adaptations

Animals who can't adapt - die! For animals, adaptation is the idea that animals have developed features that help them to survive and thrive where they live. Some adaptations are purely physical. Fish have fins to help them swim and gills that let them breathe underwater. But we humans kind of cheat -we use technology to adapt to change. Let's visit Dirtmeister's and look at a few animals. Check out these internet sites, read carefully, and see if you can find what special adaptations these animals have. Animal Adaptations (4/12) Wow!

Animal Adaptations (4/12)

Every year my third graders do amazing work on their animal adaptation projects. Here are the animal adaptation power points that were just completed by my third graders this year. Our goal was to combine what we have learned about habitats, landforms, nonfiction reading and research to put these projects together. Arctic Plants. As of July 1, 2013 ThinkQuest has been discontinued.

Arctic Plants

We would like to thank everyone for being a part of the ThinkQuest global community: Students - For your limitless creativity and innovation, which inspires us all. Teachers - For your passion in guiding students on their quest. Kids' Planet ESPECIES Animal Fact Sheets. BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF. Seaquence. African Elephant. Animals Unit. Project Butterfly WINGS: A Winning Investigative Network for Great Science. Myrmedrome - A real ant colony simulator.

MYRMEDROME is an ant colony simulator which tries to imitate the ants’ life as well as possible without introducing artificial effects.

Myrmedrome - A real ant colony simulator

The simulation is based on the fundamental principle that each ant is not enough intelligent to understand it lives in a complex community, nor it is able to organize tasks in its colony. Therefore, each ant lives and works following some simple rules interacting (unaware of it) with the others by chemical signals. These thousands of connections rise a self-organization of the whole colony, which leads an observer to believe that someone imposed some kind of strategy.

This Someone is named... Evolution. In its complexity, the code has a very simple structure. MYRMEDROME simulates the ants’ life in a territory. The Leading Grab BAB East Site on the Net. FREE Biology Video Courses,FREE Biology Animations. Experiments. Classification. Why do we classify things?


* Classification provides scientists and students a way to sort and group organisms for easier study. * There are millions of organisms on the earth! (approximately 1.5 million have been already named) A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Information, Pictures, Videos, Resources and Links. Animals. Tree of Life Web Project. OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer. Earth Day Network. Nature. Animals & Nature Stories. Animal index. Australian Geographic – the best images and stories about Australia - Journal, Society, Outdoor magazine, Education - geography, photography, wildlife, adventure and science - Australian Geographic. ML: Macaulay Library. UK Safari - A site for anyone interested in the wildlife of Britain.

Life - Plants TopicBox. Random!

Life - Plants TopicBox

The Great Plant Hunt ... following in Darwin's footsteps.