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The official blog of PikiFriends. Running a blog with your students is about as far from a traditional teaching method as you can get, and chances are nobody taught you how to do it. That’s why teachers who blog with students are usually those nonconformists types, radicals, free spirits, taking paths less traveled…well, not so much anymore. It’s actually become quite popular, but it certainly hasn’t hit mainstream levels, partly because it’s not as simple as using a chalkboard and textbook. It doesn’t have to be so hard. After several years of blogging with students (mostly using PikiFriends), I’ve come up with a successful method which I hope others will find helpful. What you do before you start blogging is arguably the most important time of all. Blog. This is Part III in the series “Stepping it Up: Learning About Blogs FOR your Students” In Part III , I am exploring COMMENTING on blogs.


Commenting is a great introduction to student writing on blogs. Blog. Over the next few weeks, I will be publishing a guide (in several parts) for teacher, new to blogs and blogging with their students.


The guide will be based on the assumption, that in order for a teacher to facilitate quality student blogs, the teacher needs to have their own understanding of quality blog writing.We will Stepping it Up: Learning About Blogs FOR your Students Stay tuned for: Part I- Reading As teachers, we need to be aware of blogging potential in relationship to learning.

We need to formulate and address intended student learning outcomes beyond checking off “technology integration” on our lesson plans.