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Bankruptcy Attorneys in Baltimore – Free Consultation | Bankruptcy Lawyers in Baltimore Maryland. 116 West University Parkway Baltimore, Maryland 21210Phone: 410-243-8800 Please fill out the following form and we will contact you about a consultation. A Competent Lawyer and Bankruptcy Attorney in Baltimore Provides You Expert & Professional Legal Assistance Contact my office in West University Parkway Baltimore and I will attentively listen to your debt consolidation concerns. Instead of feeling ashamed, worried or tired about resolving your financial situations on your own, contact me through mail or phone, and I will set you up with a personalized legal service.

I am one of the trusted Bankruptcy lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland. As an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Baltimore, Maryland, I have had ample experience in handling clients who have been harassed by debt collection companies or creditors. I am able to provide credible and accurate information regarding the filing and processing of bankruptcy petitions. Richard Hackerman – Baltimore Bankruptcy Attorney | Bankruptcy Lawyer Baltimore Maryland. INFOGRAPHIC: What You Need to Know About a Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 – Bankruptcy Lawyers in Baltimore.

Chapter 7 is designed to help individuals and/or businesses liquidate assets and repay creditors to resolve financial issues. You do not necessary lose all of your assets. Chapter 7 Bankruptcies are administered by Trustees appointed by the Bankruptcy Court. These individuals are responsible for reviewing your bankruptcy schedules, your supporting documentation, your financial documentation, and are responsible for the distribution of any proceeds or non-exempt assets to creditors. The automatic stay: Upon the filing of a new bankruptcy case, most lawsuits are put on hold, either temporarily or permanently. This includes most lawsuits, collections, repossessions, garnishments, tax collections and for many and perhaps most importantly foreclosures. Creditors generally may not harass Debtors, call them, correspond or take other collection action during the pendency of the bankruptcy case. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are the most common form chosen by individual consumers.

Tax Relief – Tax Attorneys in Baltimore | Baltimore Tax Attorneys. Baltimore Tax Attorneys: Stop Foreclosure Now! Bankruptcy can provide relief. Some taxes and penalties are dischargeable; those that can’t be discharged can be paid without interest in Chapter 13. The automatic stay in bankruptcy stops collection actions by taxing authorities, including garnishment and seizure. These provisions of the law apply equally to state and federal tax agencies. How much relief? The kind of tax involvedthe age of the taxwhether a return was filedthe chapter of bankruptcy selected In general, unsecured income taxes that were first due more than three years before the bankruptcy is filed for which a timely and non-fraudulent return was filed, can be discharged in full in any chapter of bankruptcy. Richard Hackerman has a degree in Law and a Masters Degree in Taxation.

Bankruptcy Tax Relief Installment agreements Garnishments & Levies Offers in Compromise Richard J. Overview – Bankruptcy Attorney in Baltimore. Life should not be burdened with overwhelming and unmanageable debt. In today’s economy, more and more families struggle to meet their day-to-day financial needs. This has placed an enormous strain on the middle class lifestyle of many Americans. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you do not have to work through them alone. The Law Office of Richard J. Hackerman can help. I am a Baltimore, Maryland bankruptcy lawyer, that concentrates in consumer bankruptcy matters, including foreclosure defense and Chapter 7 and 13 cases. My clients come from all walks of life.

If you have been using credit cards, loans, and lines of credit that are depleting the equity in your home to pay your bills, please call me. You should call me if you are beginning to fall behind in your bills and creditors are demanding payment. You should call me if a foreclosure action is being commenced against your home. You should call me if creditors are seizing your bank accounts or paycheck. Richard Hackerman – Personal Injury Attorney Baltimore | Medical Malpractice Attorney Baltimore. We also represent victims in wrongful death, survival actions and medical malpractice cases. We protect your rights and make sure those who have caused suffering will take responsibility. The initial consultation is of no charge. You only pay if we recover money for you. What is Medical Malpractice? Medical malpractice refers to professional negligence by a health care provider in which the harm, injury or even death of the patient was a result of substandard treatment rendered.

Majority of malpractice or negligence cases involve medical errors in diagnosis, health management, treatment, medication dosage, and aftercare. What is Personal Injury? Baltimore Bankruptcy Lawyer – Location | Baltimore Tax Attorney. Baltimore Foreclosure Lawyer | Foreclosure Attorney Baltimore. Consult Expert Baltimore Foreclosure Lawyers Bankruptcy requires many details regarding your financial status. Prior to engaging RICHARD J. HACKERMAN, a Baltimore foreclosure lawyer, you should prepare yourself with the information necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of your situation. Some of the items that you should have when contacting our offices are the following: Pay stubs and other proof of income for the last six (6) months.A breakdown of your monthly expensesA list of all property that you own and its’ value.A list of all of your debts, including the complete identity of each creditor, its’ address, the account number and the balance due.Recent W-2’s and Federal and State Income Tax Returns Please note the following: The information you provide must be complete and truthful.

Expert Baltimore Bankruptcy Attorney. Debt Settlement. Baltimore Stop Foreclosure Attorney All Debt Situations are Different There are several possible reasons why a person finds himself with unmanageable debt. So, there is no single debt relief plan that will work the same way for everyone. Richard Hackerman, a Baltimore Foreclosure Attorney can help you figure out the best debt settlement strategy to help you find a way to free yourself from debts. Richard Hackerman can answer the nagging questions that are keeping you from taking that first step towards reducing and then eliminating your debt, thereby improving your outlook on life. We can help answer your questions: Are you concerned about the legal ramifications of your debt? What can Richard Hackerman do for you? Richard Hackerman, a Baltimore foreclosure attorney, can help provide the financial freedom a consumer desires. Richard Hackerman is knowledgeable of the laws concerning finances and debt collection in Maryland.

Richard Hackerman is a Maryland debt settlement lawyer.