With over a decade of professional experience spanning numerous business sectors I have a good understanding of the entire software development life-cycle. This, combined with my project management experience means that I am able to work effectively at almost any position within a team, from Project Manager to back-end developer, and at any point along the project timeline. If you have a development team looking for an additional, short term, resource or if you have no in-house development skills and need end-to-end, professional, project and development support for a software based project then the flexibility of a short term contractor may be prove to be very cost effective. Using Microsoft .NET technologies I have experience writing both desktop and browser-based (internet or intranet) applications, normally backed by a database running SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL. Writing a plugin for Statusnet : Part 2 @ On The Fence Development Writing a plugin for Statusnet : Part 2 @ On The Fence Development
Twitter-compatible API Twitter-compatible API The goal of the Twitter-ish API is to make it extremely easy for developers with tools that already talk to Twitter to communicate with StatusNet sites as well. The most used methods will be implemented first. The official Twitter API documentation is a good place to start for information about this API. Twitter-compatible API
API discovery Where do I start? So you're writing a client application using StatusNet's API; good for you! Unfortunately the down side of a federated system like ours is that you might need to work with many different StatusNet sites on different domains, with different configuration... maybe even multiple sites used by the same user! So you can't just hardcode a single API endpoint URL into your software like you can for certain monolithic services... The good news is that StatusNet's API wants to help you find it... but you need to know what you're looking for, and when's the right time to go looking for it. Scenarios API discovery
Writing a plugin for Statusnet : Part 1 @ On The Fence Development
Friendika Plugins - StatusNet Plugin - collection of little crawling things Friendika Plugins - StatusNet Plugin - collection of little crawling things With this addon to Friendika you can give your user the possibility to post their messages to any StatusNet instance like identi.ca for example. The messages will be strapped their rich context and shortened to to the character limit of the StatusNet instance in question if necessary. If shortening of the message was performed a link will be added to the notice pointing to the original message on your server. Please not that for interaction with StatusNet accounts you do not necessarily need this plugin. Friendika supports OStatus which means, that you can follow any StatusNet /identi.ca account and they can follow your Friendika account.