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Techniques, tips and process - pottery on Pinterest. Résultats de recherche pour cirque du soleil - (Navigation privée) Ceramics Now - Contemporary ceramics magazine. View Francesco Ardini’s works featured on Ceramics Now Magazine Francesco Ardini was born in Padua, Italy, and graduated in Landscape Architecture at the IUAV, Venice, in 2011.

Ceramics Now - Contemporary ceramics magazine

He discovered ceramics during the study years. Currently works in Padua and Nove. The vision of reality in Ardini’s studies relates to broken objects, uneven surfaces, the apparent dissolution, the linearity undermined by failure. All these lead to a naturalism where the works provide biological cycles in which the dissolution is always followed by a formal definition. Francesco Ardini understands the scientific course that begins with Einstein’s relativity, Max Planck’s quantum theory, going on with the Hubble’s discovery of galaxies, to land - in the second half of the twentieth century - within an epistemological revolution that places the possibility/probability above the necessity. Francesco Ardini's C.V.

More Gorgeous Color. CERAMIC TEAPOTS. Pinterest. Pam Huckins (raehuckins) sur Pinterest. #art. Robin Evans (robinsstudio) sur Pinterest. Linda Bristow Ceramics. God's Living Art : In the Air. My Installation Art, and Monotype Prints: Building Blocks and Childhood Structures Series. My Ceramic Artwork. Pinterest. Favorite Art and Artists. Ceramic Decorating Techniques. Pinterest. Visiting Frances Palmer, an Amazing Ceramic Artist. February 24, 2012 When I lived in Westport, Connecticut, one of my neighbors was the well-known potter and passionate cook and gardener, Frances Palmer . Several years ago, I visited Frances at her home, which is also where she makes her fabulous creations, to tape a segment for my television show and at that time, her studio was in her basement. Well, a lot has changed since then. Frances still works at home, but runs her operation out of a spacious and airy old barn structure, reconstructed from pieces dating back to 1790.

She has also gained a large and devoted following for both her made-to-order potter’s wheel-thrown and hand-decorated pieces, as well as her lovely manufactured Pearl Collection, produced in collaboration with Buffalo China. Comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until the author has approved them. South African Ceramics. Forest Chick (woodpicker) on Pinterest. Pam Huckins (raehuckins) on Pinterest. Gallery : Artists - Yufuku Artists - NAGAE Shigekazu. Isolde (ishild) on Pinterest. Gallery 2003. MAKOTO KOMATSU / TOP. Ceramic Artists I Like. Ceramics. Cups. Beth P (bptakoma) sur Pinterest. Denise Joyal (denisejoyal) sur Pinterest. Potterie of the World. Biomorphic,Geometric,Organic,Abstract. Pinterest. CERAMIC. Jack 41 (jack41) sur Pinterest.

When I am old and retired I shall buy a kiln. Résultats de recherche pour ceramics. Ceramics and my determination to own a kiln someday. Résultats de recherche pour pottery. Ceramics * Pottery * Tools. Artists. Artists. Shayna Leib - Madison, WI Artist - Jewelry Artist - Sculptors. Ceramics - Texture. Google Image Result for. Gallery « Etsy.Mud.Team. Etsy.Mud.Team.

Gallery « Etsy.Mud.Team.

Gallery Spread it joyfully Like this: Leave a Reply Etsy.Mud.Team. · A fine gathering of clayheads Blog at Follow Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. Join 27 other followers Powered by Snowflakes are Falling INSIDE!!! By Eleanor Hendriks Today's blog is mostly pictures -of the process I use to make snowflake designs on my pottery.

Snowflakes are Falling INSIDE!!!

Blank slab formed plates Wait for it... Creating Bright Textured Surfaces with Raised Enamels, Lusters and a Sandblaster - Boîte de réception - 'Yahoo! Mail' Ceramics. Ceramics. Pottery that makes me want to jump up and down. CERAMIC. 1078. Jennifer Harnetty (jharnetty) sur Pinterest. Inspiration. La Galerie Céramique CERADEL / Les Artistes. Rika Herbst Ceramics. Ceramic Art Community Noticeboard. More Gorgeous Color. Ceramics etc. Pottery Animals & Friends. Ceramics. V e s s e l. Ceramics. Pinterest. Ceramics that inspire. Vicki Hardin (vickihardin) on Pinterest. Touched By Textiles, Textures, Colour and Details.....

Pinterest. Pinterest. Keemer, Jessica 02. Ceramic Art Community Noticeboard. Ceramics. Les Enfants du Design - Part 5. En guise de boîte à musique design, voici le lecteur CD mural que nous avons offert à Lou pour sa naissance.

Les Enfants du Design - Part 5

Une grande référence du design contemporain pour bien commencer dans la vie ! Oui, il fait quand même partie des collections permanentes du MoMa de New York ! C’est pas rien… Il a aussi reçu le Prix d’Or du Design à Hanovre en 2002 et le Prix du Design au Japon, en 2000. Bref, ce fut finalement une belle occasion d’étudier le comportement d’un enfant face à un pur produit du design contemporain. Dans les grandes lignes, voilà un petit compte rendu de notre expérience : - Lou s’est d’abord contentée d’admirer comme un mobile ses jolis CD colorés qui tournaient là-haut sur le mur de sa chambre. - Elle s’est ensuite mise à ramper vers le fil qui pendait pour tirer dessus (avec acharnement et sans douceur aucune)… - Très vite elle a compris comment arrêter et mettre en marche la musique.

Aujourd’hui ce lecteur CD fait toujours partie de ses jouets favoris. Artists / Shayna Leib: Madison, WI. 'Moebius', glass art Ceramics- texture lesson. Art etc : Textures. Ceramics: Wet with drool. Au pays des merveilles ... Waves. Texture~Pattern~Form~Movement.