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Céramique contemporaine. How to Capture the Beauty of Nature in Your Pottery with Homemade Texture Molds. Spring has sprung and with it an abundance of flowers.

How to Capture the Beauty of Nature in Your Pottery with Homemade Texture Molds

I adore flowers and love gardening so Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s no surprise then that flowers make an appearance in my work from time to time (well, most of the time). David Scott Smith is also a fan of flowers. You might say it’s in his blood – his grandfather owned a flower shop and then, after “retirement” a horticulture instructor. In today’s post, David explains how he makes bisque texture molds with wildflowers. As artists, we are constantly reflecting on the motivations behind our ceramics.

I have a love for flowers, especially wildflowers, that I can trace back to when I was a young boy. Wildflowers are usually as delicate as they are beautiful. Capturing Delicate Textures When I first started exploring mold-making in the early ’90s, I only worked with plaster. We are all familiar with sprig molds, or simple stamps and rollers made with clay. Subscribe today! Making the Mold. What If? Explorations with Texture and Soft Slabs. PORCELAINE FROIDE - Cadeau d… - … - le scrap de tite brodeuse. Mercredi 26 août 3 26 /08 /Août 14:53 Cadeau d anniversaire fait pour ma puce , c est une boite que j ai peinte et le décor est en porcelaine froide , l ours est un modele de NATASEL ,pour voir son blog cliquez là >>> link à bientot Par petitebrodeuse - Publié dans : PORCELAINE FROIDE -Communauté : PASSIONNEMENT-BRODERIE 3 Vendredi 21 août 5 21 /08 /Août 13:55 Voila une rose , n est elle pas jolie , en quoi est elle fabriqué ?

PORCELAINE FROIDE - Cadeau d… - … - le scrap de tite brodeuse

Est ce que cela vous inspire plus? Hé oui des épingles , c est moi qui les ai faites. Sphère éolienne en terre cuite. Céramiques éoliennes - Aeolian ceramic. Flûtes et harpes éoliennes au Jardin du Vent de BerckAeolian flutes and aeolian harps at Berck windgarden.

Céramiques éoliennes - Aeolian ceramic

Structure en bambouSuperstructure made of bamboo. La flûte fabriquée en terre cuite : un émerillon et un empennage en fin bambou la maintiennent droit au ventThe flute is made of terracotta : a swivel and a bamboo tail trim it in the wind. La fente soufflée par le vent se met à sifflerThe slit is blown by the wind therefore it produces sound. Le fil de la harpe éolienne vibre dans le ventThe string of the aeolian harp vibrates by the wind. Une table d'harmonie en bois diffuse les vibrations - A sound board made of wood amplifies vibrations. La caisse de résonnance est fabriquée en terre cuite - the resonance box is made of terracotta. Impeccably Constructed: The Slab Pottery of Lisa Pedolsky. The Arrow Box Method Lisa has developed a systematic way of making her pottery, and she likes the analogy of the sewing process where the inside of a garment is as important as the outside.

Impeccably Constructed: The Slab Pottery of Lisa Pedolsky

Her handbuilding technique follows a pattern-making process. She looks at each piece as a series of three-dimensional planes in space. Templates to Construction. Dishware, Glass, Utensils & Ceramics. Video of the Week: How to Throw and Assemble a Yummy Candy Dish. Slabs, Templates, Texture, & Terra Sigilatta: Handbuilding and Surface Techniques. Jeremy Randall’s artist statement Familiarity evokes memory and I look to this association to present nostalgia through form.

Slabs, Templates, Texture, & Terra Sigilatta: Handbuilding and Surface Techniques

My reference to rural American architecture and antique rural implements places the viewer in a familiar setting which is layered with time, function and history while color creates celebration in these iconic objects. The vessel forms tie these objects back to the domestic space, enriching ones living environment while allowing for quiet contemplation and a reminder of a simpler time. The colors used refer to milk painted surfaces, layered and stained by generations of use and the elements and steel tacks are placed in the clay surface to give a direct connection to ideas of construction and joinery. 2012 Potters Council - General Collection > NEW Products > Potters Council Online Store. Pottery Video of the Week: How to Make a Wiggle Wire Mug. Video of the Week: A Genius Handmade Tool for Making Lines on Pottery. Ceramic Art: Innovative Techniques. Sculpture gallery. How to Make a Wheel-Thrown and Handbuilt Ladle.

Contemporary Applied Arts: Kaori Juzu. Space before thought By forging and repoussé I feel the material and aim to transform that feeling into a form.

Contemporary Applied Arts: Kaori Juzu

By applying multiple layers of enamel I seek to enhance the expression not in order solely to create something different but to deepen form. The layers of colour are built up intensively until such a moment: the moon gleaming on water – soft lifting serene, subdued, yet strong, intimate enough to have inherited a life as well as a form. Form and surface melt together – no longer me, but storyteller. Born May 1978, Japan Education 2008 Goldsmith2004 Apprenticeship to Per Suntum2003 Trainee at the studio of Per Suntum2002-03 Jewellery line, The Art High School of Bornholm, Denmark1997-02 Sophia University, the Department of Hispanic Philology, Tokyo, Japan Awards2011 Nominee to the Biennial Prize 20112010 The Arts and Crafts Prize of 1879Bronze medal with Travel Grant2007 Vilnius Municipality Silver Medal at The International Biennial of Enamel Art II Vilnius 2007.