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KAHLA Porzellan - Die moderne Produktion.


JEU MONSTER TOWN DEFENSE 4 Gratuit sur JEU. Fleur. Arts Céramiques quotidiens - Puisant son inspiration avec glissades, Pochoirs, et Sgraffito. Céramique Arts Quotidien - Multi-teintes Murrinis: Travailler avec couleur d'argile pour créer Pots Vibrant tactiles. Colored clay murrini techniques (similar to neriage or nerikomi) have been around for a long time. And lucky for us, we now have a gigantic range of colors to choose from because of the availability of stains and various oxides, which are easily acquired through ceramics suppliers.

Chris Campbell has been working with colored clay for twenty years and, as she puts it, has not “come close to trying everything I want to do…there always seems to be another question, another idea. It’s just so much fun.” Today Chris joins us to help spread the fun with a simple colored clay project. Even though the project only starts with two different colors of clay, by mixing different proportions of the two colors, and arranging the results in different patterns in a loaf, surprisingly intricate patterns can be developed. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor. “Basically, I do what I do because there is nothing else that fascinates and challenges me as much as colored porcelain. Click here to leave a comment. Céramique Arts quotidien - une pléthore de pourpre: Glaze Recettes pour Faïence, grès et porcelaine. Kickstarter. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à.

Visite d'une usine de porcelaine Guy Degrenne. 1ère étape de fabrication. Cut perfect compound curves in glass. Google Traduction. Google Traduction. Google Traduction. Fusing and Slumping. "Fusing – it’s like heaven…" Glass fusing and slumping are often referred to as warm glass, or glass art fusion. These firings range from 1100 degrees Fahrenheit to about 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. A kiln is used to make the glass molten and to join two or more pieces of glass. This process is also known as kiln-forming. These pieces of glass are designed in a layered manner in a kiln. Through one or several firings a new piece of glass is created, formed and shaped. It is amazing and exciting to participate in all the various ways you can manipulate glass inside a kiln. There is a lot of information to absorb. If you are a visual learner like I am, or if you would like to have a private lesson in the convenience of your own home, check out the "Beginner Glass Fusing Class" DVD.

It is jammed packed full of all the information you will need to get started in glass fusing. Also find out about the different types of glass available for these processes. What occurs when glass heats up inside the kiln? Business Card Holder. Another simple and useful project is constructing and making a business card holder. These can be made out of single pieces of glass, or assemble your pieces and fuse before making the name card holders. Sophisticated and elegant or funky and fun, these can be customized to your look and design. You can construct these as elaborate or simple pieces, depending what look you are going for in your final product. Turn each one into a personalized holder. Add a name or object that reflects the recipient. Choose colors that match the color scheme of the business card. Materials needed: 2 base pieces of glass (square–4”x4”)Scrap glassKaiser Lee BoardPrepared kiln shelfShelf paperKiln Directions: Taking the two 4” x 4” square pieces, assemble a design.

Once you have your design, place the piece on your prepared kiln shelf. Fire the piece to a full fuse or tack fuse depending on the desired outcome. Allow the piece to cool to room temperature. Place this piece in your kiln. Anneal and cool. Fusing Projects. Drilling a Hole. Drilling a hole in glass is not that difficult once you have the process down. In no time at all you will be drilling holes like a professional. It only requires a few items to accomplish, for instance a glass drill or Dremel. Besides the items listed below be sure you use caution when drilling glass. Anytime you are using any of the fusing glass tools, wear safety glasses. Also be careful using any electric power tool near water. Once you have reviewed the necessary materials be sure to watch the YouTube video showing step-by-step instructions. Here are the supplies you will need: Safety glassesElectric drill, Dremel, or glass drillDiamond core drill bitWaterShallow pan/tray or clay/waxBlock of wood or piece of styrofoam You will need to use a diamond core drill bit to drill through glass.

Drill bits don’t rip through the glass, but slowly scrap away little pieces of material at a time. Drilling a hole takes time and again patience. Always keep your piece lubricated with water. Brainstorming Archives. « Aaaah, la carte mentale peut aussi servir de brainstorming? » « Et oui, elle peut même servir d’outil au service de la créativité! » Prenez par exemple une séance de brainstorming autour d’un nouveau produit commercial. Les agences de publicités utilisent désormais ces outils (le brainstorming et la carte mentale). Prenons par exemple un objet de la vie quotidienne et laissons libre cours à notre créativité; réalison un brainstorming, objectif metter en scène la fourchette de manière créative. . « la FOURCHETTE » Le brainstormingSans doute ces mots-ci vous viendront en tête grâce au brainstorming (association libre d’idées):couteau, cuillère, assiette, table, repas, dessert, chocolat, bol, soupe, lait, peigne, métal, dent, aïe, ….Mais là où s’arrête la le brainstorming, la carte mentale prendre le relai car elle permet d’organiser, de catégoriser les idées.

Prenez-en bonne note: J’arrête là car je ne veux pas être placer dans un asile! A très bientôt! Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Karl blossfeldt : un ouvrier des formes. Par Catherine Auguste Karl Blossfeldt doit sa notoriété à ses photographies de végétaux en gros plans. On le dit photographe de la Nouvelle Vision ou de la Nouvelle Objectivité. Mais personne n’ignore les intentions qui l’ont mené à constituer cette vaste collection de clichés (6000 environ) à savoir son enseignement du modelage en vue de la réalisation d’objets à l’Ecole des Arts Appliqués de Berlin où il était professeur. Le végétal traverse toute sa vie : d’abord au cours de sa formation où en cette fin du XIXe siècle l’univers ornemental se focalise sur la nature perçue comme une nouvelle force régénératrice ; puis au cours de son enseignement des formes en pleine période du mouvement Jugendstil, l’équivalent allemand de l’Art Nouveau.

Photographe, donc ? A le croire, non, car il se disait non photographe. Qui est alors cet homme silencieux ? Notre hypothèse : Blossfeldt est en fait un simple ouvrier des formes. Il suffit de revenir à ses photographies pour le comprendre. Montrer Notes : Pottery Ideas. Zentangle - Zendoodle Patterns Arts & Design : Small delicate TATTOO Designs Arts & Design : tattoos quotes, word tattoos Photoⓛⓞⓥⓔboard no1 Arts & Design : See what TriziaM (triziam) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of everyone's favourite things.

Vintage on Pinterest Arts & Design : Arcadia Page | I am an independent graphic novelist who likes to create stories drawn in a manga style. While I work, I love listening to music, and eating pocky and oreos ^_^ Rainbow Connection Arts & Design : "Love is like a rainbow, where each color will flow. Red, of the heart that beats. Orange, funny and sweet. Yellow warm rays of sun. Green, having lots of fun. Blue waves of sky above. Great Idea for Stone Art Arts & Design :

Elegant Coral Bowl. Like wispy arms sprouting vicariously from the ocean floor this coral bowl is an extraordinary piece. Fill it with fruit, any decorative items or simply leave it unadorned as an outstanding centerpiece. Although it looks extremely complex with its delicate beauty it is really quite effortless to achieve. When looking for the delicate beauty of coral reefs for any nautical decor or beach decor this coral piece will definitely be an enormous hit. It can be designed to fit any furnishings by simply choosing the appropriate color.

Mixing colors adds to the mystic aspects of the piece. Use the piece to make a bold statement or a soft enhancement to your interior decoration, depending on the colors selected. Before beginning your project determine the size you want to achieve. Pick out a stainless steel bowl to use as your mold. Be sure it has the shape you want to achieve. Measure the mold from one edge over the bottom of the mold and to the other side. Materials Directions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Melanie ferguson is monday’s muse. I’ve been waiting a long time for ceramic artist Melanie Ferguson’s website to go live. Her work is astounding and I’ve been itchy to share. It’s up. And ready. Go see. Right now. Really. Monday’s Muse Ferguson is interested in the story – “that key visual note that inspires creative concept, evokes emotion, and directs our next move.” Tossed Ashore Crow Series No. 1: Seeking Entry Tossed Ashore: Urchin 4 Crow Series No. 4: First Day Of Spring Gathering Circuits Chandler’s Cove Melanie Ferguson’s website.

Simple Sets: Making and Using Templates for Uniform Handbuilt Bowls. Throwing bowls on the pottery wheel is not the only option if you are interested in making a set of bowls. You can make lovely bowls by handbuilding, and using templates is a great way to make them uniform. In today’s post, an excerpt from his book From a Slab of Clay, Daryl Baird explains how to make templates and use them to create slab-built bowls. A great benefit of this is that if you make them with a sturdy material like card stock or laminated paper, you can use them over and over. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

A template is useful when you want to make several items the same size and shape. The template for a dish looks something like a donut with a bite taken out of it, and the template for a pitcher is essentially the portion represented by the bite, albeit on a larger scale. Bowl Project – Tools & Materials: Get more great slab building ideas in Daryl Baird’s popular book From a Slab of Clay! Click here to leave a comment. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à.


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