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Udaipur – Les Pamynouches au Gujarat. Ça y est!

Udaipur – Les Pamynouches au Gujarat

On est enfin arrivés à Udaipur après une aventure digne d’Indiana Jones! Notre avion bru-fra avait du retard mais, surprise, un bus attendait les 5 passagers pour Dehli à leur descente d’avion à Francfort et on est finalement arrivés les premiers dans le superbe A380-800: A l’arrivée à Dehli, files interminables au contrôle des passeports, puis attente tout aussi interminable aux bagages. On apprend que notre vol suivant part d’un autre terminal. My Favourite Things. INDIA: Andhra Pradesh The grand ruins of Golkonda Fort INDIA: Goa INDIA: Gujarat INDIA: Himachal Pradesh INDIA: Karnataka.

My Favourite Things

The legends and temples of Ambaji. Ambaji is a temple town located in the Aravalli ranges of North Gujarat, just 10-15 km from the Rajasthan State border.

The legends and temples of Ambaji

The town gets its name from the Arasuri Ambaji Mata Temple or the Ambaji Temple, one of the 51 (or 52 or 64, depending on which list you follow) Shakti Peeths located in the sub-continent. The name ‘Arasur’ itself is derived from ‘aaras’, the local name for marble which is available in plenty. In fact, the ancient name for Ambaji was Arasan Nagar. When I first put together a plan to visit North Gujarat in December 2014, Ambaji didn’t figure in the list. Images of Kumbharia Jain Temples Pictures Gallery–Ambaji Attractions Photos. Documentation, Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University. This drawing was created as a part of the Related Study Program at Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University, by students from 1982 batch.

Documentation, Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University

As a part of this academic exercise, the students have measure drawn the Tarange Temples in Mehsana, Gujarat, India. Shown here is the Section, Ajitnath Jain Temple. CollectionCEPT Repository Collections Sub CollectionRelated Study Program ProjectsTaranga Jain Temples MaterialGateway TechniqueInking People ContributorCEPT University Subject Architecture Language English Year 1984. Quelques jours dans le Kutch. Photos du Gujarat. Jain Temple Taranga Hills. Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Weekend Gateway Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort. Polo Forest - A perefect weekend get-away from Ahmedabad! Is still a largely unexplored and house some of the oldest Hindus temples in Gujarat.

Polo Forest - A perefect weekend get-away from Ahmedabad!

The best time to visit is during or right after the monsoon, when the places turns bright green. Sur les pas de Prakash. Journaliste spécialiste de l’Inde, dévoreuse de livres pour petits et grands et de kilomètres de routes poussiéreuses, je travaille actuellement à un projet de livre pour enfants sur l’Inde, qui est la raison d’être du voyage que je raconte sur ce blog.

Sur les pas de Prakash

Ce voyage a eu lieu en octobre-novembre 2014. Mon projet de livre a été sélectionné dans le cadre de la Villa Marco Polo, une résidence pour accompagner les « grands voyageurs de demain ». Lors d’un passage à Rameshwaram, en Inde du Sud, en 2009 J’ai déjà consacré des blogs à d’autres voyages : Head to Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah for Best Qawwalis in Delhi. Qawwalis (devotional songs) are superb.

Head to Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah for Best Qawwalis in Delhi

Rooms Availability Calendar - Gateway to Rann Resort. My Unfinished Life: Hodko Zeel Homestay at White Rann in Kutch, Gujarat (India) One of the highlights of my solo bike ride to Kutch region of Gujarat was the lovely time I spent relaxing at Hodko Zeel homestay at White Rann in Kutch region of Gujarat(India).

My Unfinished Life: Hodko Zeel Homestay at White Rann in Kutch, Gujarat (India)

Dhrangadhra town is situated on the very Ahmadabad - Kutch National High way. ECO CAMP. Devjibhai Dhamecha’s Family House at DHRANGADHRA Wild Ass Sanctuary is only 18 kms From Dhrangadhra.

Dhrangadhra town is situated on the very Ahmadabad - Kutch National High way. ECO CAMP

Devjibhai Dhamecha’s family is offering an exclusive safari from here. Dhrangadhra is known for its sand stone and stone carvings. There are many artisans involved in stone carvings. Sample pages Handloom%20and%20Handicrafts%20of%20Gujarat. Buy products and crafts directly from Gujarat Artisans. Twinkling stars in an evening sky, dense tropical forests with color and gaiety, simple minimalist repetitive patterns of abstract imagery all of this and much more is the visual result of surfacial embellishment on fabric known as block printing.

Buy products and crafts directly from Gujarat Artisans

The variety of printed textiles is immensely wide and designs keep getting innovative and change according to market requirements, fashion trends, and influences of variegated forms of design being generated the world over. Todays artisan is conscious of market requirements and the kind of client he has to service. Votive Horses of Poshina – An Anthropological Journey. 4,000 years ago, when the Aryans came to India from Central Asia in search of livelihood, they brought one unique animal to the region, hitherto unknown in South Asia. It was horse, an animal that became a key item of trade from then on in Indian history. As the Aryans were spread waves after waves in the fertile Ganga Valley, the region witnessed a series of major historical events, beginning with the clearance of forest, introduction of iron technology, establishment of varna order and ashrams for Hindus, foundation of two major religions, Buddhism and Jainism and the emergence of a network of cities, trade routes and small and large states, all in a span of 1,000 years.

Gujarat, India Jan 9 - Jan 22, 2015 — COMPLETED - Epic Photo Tours.

Bhuj et le Grand Rann

Amazing places in India: Day 83 - Kutch. Kutch is a district located in the north-west of Gujarat. A major part of this district in Gujarat is referred to as Rann of Kutch, a shallow wetland submerging in water during the rainy season and becomes dry during other seasons. The Rann is popularly known for its marshy salt flats, which turns into snow white after the swallow water dries up each season before the monsoon rains. The word Kutch or Kachchh, means tortoise in Sanskrit, and interestingly the shape of the region is rather like a tortoise. The word also means something that becomes alternately wet and dry, and it is true that the Rann of Kutch becomes submerged under water during the rains. Kutch is the second-largest district in India after Leh. How to reach here: Carnet de voyage hyper précis d'un cycliste. Gujarat's most important city has about 4.5 million people and straddles the wide Sabarmati River.

The very atmospheric old city lies east of the river. The traffic- and vendor-packed Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road runs through the middle of the old city, connecting Ellis Bridge with the main train station Ahmedabad Junction on the east edge of city; this road was Ahmedabad's first, and became so congested that Relief Road was built parallel to the north to provide relief for traffic; it connects Nehru Bridge with the main train station. Historic mosques, tombs, temples, and houses fill the narrow lanes of the old city.

The old houses have finely carved woodwork along with stone work that makes them resistant to earthquakes. Ahmed Shah founded the city in 1411 and its grandeur peaked in the 17th century. Polo Monument Vijaynagar et Polo Forest. The Ahmedabad Blog - Part 3. Simple and sweet rustic stay - Avis de voyageurs sur Bhavna Resort & Farm, Surendranagar. We opted for Bhavna Resort and Farms after reading about this place online ( and were lucky enough to get accommodated there on short notice. It's about 20-30 kms off the Ahd-Bhuj highway, turning off at Malwan Chowki towards Patdi/Dasada near Dhrangadhara.We liked it...Plus We opted for Bhavna Resort and Farms after reading about this place online ( and were lucky enough to get accommodated there on short notice.

LITTLE RANN OF KUTCH - WILD ASS SANCTUARY DHRANGADHRA - 363310 (GUJARAT) INDIA. Devjibhai's Kooba - Huts Accommodation:- Attached foreign Toilet & bath with Cold and Hot Water and Bucket sower. Food:- Simple home menu gujarati vegetarian food only. Huchchara Santhe: Rann Diaries - Day 2. Gujarat Diaries so far... After a mixed hectic first day, next morning was a quick starter with the jeep all set and Pratap bhai coming on time. Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouses were the toast for the morning, they are so beautifully camouflaged that its very difficult to spot them in the Rann and if you have seen one or two, you would have missed a dozen that would be right next to you and as you approach them closer, they all fly away in unison with a ‘phurrrr’...

After the patient session with the sandgrouses, then came the herd of wild asses and I was next busy occupied seeing and shooting various water birds, from flamingos to pelicans, to shovelers to gulls. As Pratap bhai had to leave early, I called it a day for the session as going around without a person who knows the place is like searching a needle in a haystack... very difficult, every location looks the same and an untrained eye can never see anything unless its closer and in your view.

Heritage Tours Odisha. Women of Kutch and their craftsmanship... Wishing all the lovely readers of Rang Decor a very Happy New Year 2013! Thanks for being so patient with my sporadic posts. Sonali Dalal's Photo Blog from India. The Mumbai cheetah goes to greet the Sasan Gir Lion (A Gujarat travelogue) - Page 2. GUJARAT . 2013. Cet état de l’ouest de l’Inde, au sud du Rajastan, frontalier du Pakistan, riche économiquement en raison de ses industries d’exportation et des conditions hydrographiques pour les parties correspondant aux fleuves et au littoral n’est pas très touristique.

Les raisons invoquées, manque de concentration de sites (erreur), un passé tourmenté par les affrontements inter-ethniques (en 2002, les massacres de Musulmans avaient fait le vide) et autre réalité, les interdits : le végétarisme strict et l’interdiction de l’alcool n’incitent guère les européens amateurs de bière. Seuls quelques anglais en autonomes, encore nostalgiques de l’Empire, circulent en voiture avec chauffeur.

Populations tribales du Gujarat. Un des temps forts de notre voyage au Gujarat fut la découverte des populations tribales. Au Nord de la ville de Bhuj, en direction de la frontière avec le Pakistan, nous avons fait la visite de plusieurs de ces villages. Gujarat listes des fichiers PDF gujarat. Carnet de route au Gujarat. VOYAGE INDE / GUJARAT – 17/10/2010 au 15/11/2010Taux de change « normal » : ~ 60 Rps / € ( en fait 59.9 !!) Gujarat - Inde. Blog gujarat 2013. The Little Rann of Kutch-Gujarat is everything but little: Photologue - Page 2. Thanks a lot everyone. As for the resort where I stayed, it called Desert Coursers, Zainabad. I didn't shoot many pictures there so I'll share the only pics I have of the resort.