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BeyondCredentials. 5 Useful Tools to Track Twitter Unfollowers. It can be hard not to take it personally, but being unfollowed on Twitter is as much a part of the microblogging service as direct messages and trending topics.

5 Useful Tools to Track Twitter Unfollowers

We can't make losing followers less tough, but we can help you track who stops reading your tweets, and potentially figure out why they hit the road. From services that alert you when someone clicks the unfollow button, to a timeline of tweets that enhances your ability to figure out where you went wrong, here are five options that can help you analyze when and why people unfollow you on Twitter.

Let us know which tools you are using to track Twitter unfollowers in the comments below. 1. Friend or Follow Other than trawling through your followers list, or hitting up individual accounts to see if you can DM someone, there's not really an easy way on Twitter to see if someone is following you. Solutions to this problem come through various web services, one of which is "Friend or Follow.

" 2. 3. 4. The Goodbye, Buddy! 9 Tips to build your reputation on Twitter like Guy Kawasaki. I respect and love this guy for his sheer intellect and skills.

9 Tips to build your reputation on Twitter like Guy Kawasaki

He does things in style and every word he utters make sense. He might be controversial in his (some) remarks, but he’s a marketer who does things, the way they should be. And he has the number to show off always, so who cares how he does it ? On Twitter he’s the super hero. He does things that others won’t do, or may be would do but won’t accept doing, and it all shows up in his follower number and quality of tweets. Instapaper: Save interesting web pages for reading later. Read It Later: Save Your One Read Wonders. 10 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your Website.

Web developers with social media savvy are in hot demand.

10 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your Website

Imagine what it would be like to promise your clients a web presence that is fully integrated with their Twitter strategy and makes it easier for their content to go viral on Twitter. Would be nice, no? Well -- why imagine? Real Blogs Don’t Buy Ads On Google. Blogs, even big blogs, are supposed to be a little different than old media sites.

Real Blogs Don’t Buy Ads On Google

We write faster and update often. The writing is less processed. We break more real news and we don’t hesitate to opine. We tend to get in fights with readers in the comments. And we aim to gain more of those readers, even the annoying ones, organically by attending events, spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook, and generally being part of the community. One thing big blogs don’t do is buy traffic to juice up the Comscore numbers. So we’re sad to see our sister blog Engadget doing just that – buying ads to pump up their Comscore rankings. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it’s kind of like finding out your favorite baseball player is taking steroids so he can keep playing long after his expiration date.

Anyway, the good news is that the traffic is rolling in. I miss the days when Ryan Block ran that site. Curation Tools. Call SEO Expert Steve Wiideman, Search Engine Optimization Expert. Learn How SEO Experts Like Steve Wiideman Get Ranking An SEO Expert is charged with understanding the various algorithms of the search engines and to design and or modify web pages based on the ever-changing standards of Google, Yahoo, Bing, as well as many other major search engines.

Call SEO Expert Steve Wiideman, Search Engine Optimization Expert

We do this so that our clients can feel confident that users will find them on the first page of any given search query. The biggest challenge in being an SEO Expert is competing against each other for the best positioning on the Internet. Everyone wants to be number one, so it's actually a good thing that search engines are now weighing in additional criteria outside of just quality content. Imagine what would happen if every company had an SEO Expert, and every page was optimized exactly the same, following the most current standard for search engine optimization.

Features & Awards Beyond SEO Affiliations and networking play a critical part in being an SEO Expert. Past and Present Projects Thanks! Audience Measurement, Lookalike Modeling, Audience Buying. The Standard for Online and Internet Influence. 3 iPad Apps that Reinvent News Reading.

As news consumption shifts to the personalized social news stream, the platforms we use to consume the news are also changing. With its media-friendly design, the iPad is the first mobile device to create an environment perfect for real-time news consumption that maintains the sophistication and style of traditional print magazines and newspapers. Pulse News, Flipboard and FLUD are three apps paving the way for rich, personalized news experiences on the iPad. Each reinvents what it means to read the news by creating a more dynamic, social and visually stimulating way to consume information. Flipboard and Pulse News are particularly interesting because they both leave it to the user to define the term "news" on their own.

They also compel the reader to include their social network friends in the process. 1. Pulse News for iPad transforms the news gathering and reading approach and perfectly appropriates those practices for optimal consumption on the iPad. 2. BONUS: The Early Edition. SWIX - Analytics for Social Media. BAM!

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