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David griggs artist. STATION GALLERY. Selected works by Jim Shaw. Simon Lee Gallery — Jim Shaw — Selected Works. Jim Shaw. Simon Lee Gallery — George Condo — Selected Works. James ensor. Andre butzer inspired by. Kippenberger. Otto dix. Ocampo - URDLA - centre international estampe & livre. Manuel Ocampo 1965, Quenzon, Philippines Voodoo Valentine Xylogravure 76 x 56 cm 30 ex. / vélin de Rives réf. 0817 700.- € Sunnyside Voodoo réf. 0818 700.- € Vanitas 101.

Ocampo - URDLA - centre international estampe & livre

A Critical Study of Philip Guston - Dore Ashton. To begin at the ending: Art historically, Guston was essentially eliminated from the echelon of abstract expressionism, not because of the figure per se (De Kooning, after all, kept the figure in his paintings) but because of the type of figure: crude, evocative of pop art and comic, and so clearly autobiographical.

But if the abstract expressionist elite rejected him, the new imagists of the 1970s did not. His early years are typical of the biographies of the other abstract expressionists (immigration, early interest in art, involvement in the WPA/FAP mural projects). One difference (apart from his father's suicide) was the role of the KKK in Los Angeles as strike breakers. References to the KKK found their way into his work by 1930 and never completely disappeared although the hoods change their shape and the figures who are hooded are not always KKK members. The evolution from the Porch paintings to the Tormentors is one which takes Guston from figurative paintings to abstraction.

De Chirico. Grant Wood. Mabuse. Caprices de Goya. Paul Klee. Holbein. AFKAF. From October 24 thru November 2009 Sorry Friend, This Is No Hemorrhoids ;-{o> Statement by rtst4mrlyknwnasfrnd Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009, 5:06 PM “Sorry Friend, This Is No Hemorrhoids ;-{o>” is a collaborative project that involves a game of painterly taunting and one-upmanship between four friends who explore the tragic-comedy of the sublime human condition.


In their respective work, each painter confronts the issue of minor narratives pertaining to abject existence, the exorcism of cultural idiosyncrasy, off-color jokes as subversive social strategy, and the formation of an alternate language that critiques the hierarchy of class, taste, and the curse of identity aesthetics as a career move. Broke as a Broke Dick Dawg. Carlo Ricafort’s solo exhibition at West Gallery, starting June 28, 2012, features a series of paintings and various works on paper that play on the blurring between abstraction and figuration into a distinctive painterly design, while ruminating on the artist’s abduction by ethno-kitsch that wrangle into episodes of existential tomfoolery, as visual punchlines negating the tired conventions commonly attributed to painting, with the artist ending “Broke as a Broke Dick Dawg.”

Broke as a Broke Dick Dawg

Hence, in the paintings, icons of Modernist sculpture stand side by side with tribal idols, which capture the mock reality we have of the moment when worlds collide into apocalyptic comedy. Ricafort’s paintings follow a consistency of style that is broken, as fragmentary pictorial consciousness emphasizing the indeterminacy of the painterly process and the contradictions existing within our expansive imagination. Livre de la chasse gaston ph bus. Pablo Picasso. TIM VAN LAERE GALLERY - Anton Henning - Portrait No. 401. Artists : Anton Henning : Works – LOOCK Galerie. Portraits. Patrick Painter - ARMEN ELOYAN. TIM VAN LAERE GALLERY - Armen Eloyan - Works.

Armen eloyan. Galerie Bob van Orsouw: Armen Eloyan. Overview « Armen Eloyan « Artists « Timothy Taylor Gallery. Philip Guston. Philip Guston 1913-1980 American Abstract Expressionist painter.

Philip Guston

Born in Montreal but grew up in Los Angeles. Studied briefly at the Otis Art Institute in 1930, but otherwise self-taught as a painter. His early work was influenced by Renaissance masters such as Uccello, but combined their type of figure composition with a compressed treatment of space derived from Cubism and de Chirico. Worked 1934-42 almost exclusively as a mural painter on the WPA Federal Art Project and other public works projects in Los Angeles and New York.

Philip Guston (American, born Canada. 1913–1980) Philip Guston Available Paintings, Drawings and Prints. Philip guston. Michael Auping on Philip Guston's hooded figures. Philip Guston. Current - Galerie Bärbel Grässlin. Tyler Rollins Fine Art - Artists - Manuel Ocampo. Las plagas, 2014silkscreen and oil on canvas78 x 72 in (198 x 183 cm) Elegua, 2014silkscreen and oil on canvas72 x 48 in (183 x 122 cm) Islamic Disco Painting, 2014silkscreen and oil on canvas48 x 96 in (122 x 244 cm)

Tyler Rollins Fine Art - Artists - Manuel Ocampo

Manuel Ocampo. Marie Kirkegaard. Manuel Ocampo (b. 1965 Philippines) currently lives and works in Manila, Philippines and in Luxembourg.

Marie Kirkegaard

Ocampo has been a vital presence on the international art scene for over twenty years and is now the most internationally active contemporary artist from the Philippines. Ocampo’s first solo show, which took place in Los Angeles in 1988, set the stage for a rapid rise to international prominence. By the early 1990s, his reputation was firmly established, with inclusion in two of the most important European art events, Documenta IX (1992) and the Venice Biennale (1993). MANUEL OCAMPO - Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill - Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill. Manuel ocampo. Galerie Nathalie Obadia. Carlo Ricafort. Damien DEROUBAIX - In Situ Fabienne Leclerc. Bendix harms. Anton Kern Gallery. Galerie Xippas. Works - André Butzer - Artists - Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Inc. Albert oehlen.