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Ubuntu Tweak. 20 major Ubuntu sites you should know about - Kimchikid. Author: kimchikid Filed under: Linux, Ubuntu SundayApr 13,2008 Official distro sites The main homepage for Ubuntu – the standard and most popular Ubuntu distro, using the gnome desktop environment.

20 major Ubuntu sites you should know about - Kimchikid

The home for Kubuntu – a linux distro with the poular KDE desktop environment. The homepage for Edubuntu – a linux distribution aimed at classroom and educational usage. Xubuntu uses the Xfce desktop environment. Similar to the Ubuntu distribution but with only what they claim to be truly free software. Study and interact Ubuntu Forums Meet the Ubuntu community, world famous for its helpfulness. Ubuntu brainstorm The ultimate place to post your ideas and read and vote for other’s ideas. Ubuntu wiki pages A place for the Ubuntu community to discuss ideas and store team-related information. Next page 1 2 3View All. 10 Must Have Ubuntu Resources. If you've enjoyed this blog, please consider picking up a copy of my Ubuntu book, Instant Ubuntu.

10 Must Have Ubuntu Resources

Thanks for visiting! One of you recently contacted me and wondered what some of my must-read pages are. There really are tons of great sites out there, probably too many to count. I do have a list of must-have resources for any Ubuntu user. This list consists of great places to find help, places to keep up on information, places to volunteer time and talents, etc. Below is my top 10 must have Ubuntu resources for any user. Ubuntu Mailing Lists – from news to developers to teams, etc.Ubuntu Forums – find timely help on even the most difficult issues!

I hope this gives everyone something new to look at and learn. If you’re interested, drop by and say hello on our local team IRC channel, #ubuntu-utah. Technorati Tags: ubuntu, resources, wiki, mailing list, loco, rosetta, planet powered by performancing firefox. Discover the Best Ubuntu Resources on the Web « Yaser Sulaiman’s. Digg Whether you are trying Ubuntu for the first time or you are a long-time Ubuntu power user, you will find below a list of the best Ubuntu resources on the Web.

Discover the Best Ubuntu Resources on the Web « Yaser Sulaiman’s

You name it: websites, forums, wikis, blogs and podcasts. There are many Linux resources out there, but in this post, I tried to only include links to resources that are mainly focused on Ubuntu. I’ll update it whenever I discover a new resource, so keep your eye on it! (Image Credit: Fishbowl Collective) Some Ubuntu resources for beginners. I’ve already done a post on Some Linux Resources for Beginners so I thought I’d round up some great resources specifically for those starting out with Ubuntu.

Some Ubuntu resources for beginners

I haven’t included many blogs here where posts are put up regularly, only if they’ve mentioned a good Ubuntu resource in a blog post. Mostly these are just Ubuntu reference/resource sites with tutorials, guides, how-tos, forums, etc. OMG! Ubuntu! Ubuntu Québec. Ubuntu Forums. Télécharger le système d'exploitation Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) Ubuntu Studio. Ubuntu. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Ubuntu (prononciation [u.bun.tu], « ou-boun-tou » en français) est un système d’exploitation libre[6] commandité par la société Canonical et une marque déposée par cette même société. Fondé sur la distribution Linux Debian, ce système d'exploitation est constitué de logiciels libres[7], et est disponible gratuitement, y compris pour les entreprises, selon un principe lié à la philosophie affichée du projet. On estime en 2011 qu'il y a plus de 25 millions d'utilisateurs des différentes versions pour ordinateurs[8]. Concept[modifier | modifier le code] À l'instar de la distribution GNU qui repose sur le projet GNU, Ubuntu, qui utilise cette base, est organisé autour de buts à atteindre qui ne qualifient pas nécessairement les distributions produites. Philosophie[modifier | modifier le code] Nelson Mandela explique une part de ce que signifie ubuntu dans une vidéo qui a été incluse dans certaines versions de la distribution.

Mark Shuttleworth. Communauté francophone d'utilisateurs d'Ubuntu. Homepage.