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ECG simulator

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University of Glamorgan Shares Online ECG Simulator. Virtual ECG is an online, interactive simulation for teaching/training accurate recording of electrocardiographs (ECG/EKG).

University of Glamorgan Shares Online ECG Simulator

For the past year Barry Richards, Senior Web Developer from the University of Glamorgan has been designing/building a simulation for teaching/training accurate recording of electrocardiographs: Virtual ECG. Barry has been developing this project with Peter Lewis (a cardiac psyiologist currently working at Anglia Ruskin University, though previously University of Glamorgan) and Project Manager Martin Lynch. In Spring 2012 this ECG Simulator was nominated for a British Universities Film & Video Council ‘Learning on Screen’ 2012 award in the ‘Courseware and Curriculum’ category. Sponsored Advertisement: ERC European Resuscitation Council. PEDRO ANTONIO GARCÍA RAMIRO - Universidad de Jaén - Homepage - SkillSTAT. Mediateca C.H.U.A. - Virtual Heart. Aplicación al estudio de arritmias cardiacas. Six Second ECG Simulator. Flashfiles/ecgsimulatie.swf.

Free Online ECG Simulator - Live Demo. EKG. Introduction Welcome to our Electrocardiogram Training and Reference Guides.


The links below provide access to basic training lessons, to our Reference Guides well as to several arrhythmia drills and quizzes. EKG Interpretation - Introduction. Arrhythmia Practice Drill T#9112. SimECG - ECG simulator for training and assessment. ECGSIM: the interactive ECG tool for research and education.