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PLASTIC IS FOREVER. OIL IS NOT. Mental_floss Blog » Killer Home Decor. Have you ever had visions of living like The Addams Family?

mental_floss Blog » Killer Home Decor

Or maybe you just want to make your family and friends wonder about you. No matter how normal your home decor is, it's fun to have something around to make people gasp, and then (maybe) laugh. But if you put all the products I found together, you'd have a truly scary home. Let's start with the front door. The Los Angeles Coroner's Office sells welcome mats with their body outline logo through the Skeletons in the Closet gift shop. No reason to have an ordinary pull on your lights or ceiling fan, when you could reach for the Hanging Harry light pull. More household horrors, after the jump. Heading upstairs, the adventure continues when you see the Body Fluid Stairway Carpet. Artist Keetra Dean Dixon designed the Blood Puddle Pillow, handy when you want to take a catnap on the floor, or your desk.

For the bed, the perfect accessory for a certain kind of movie buff would be this Godfather Horsehead Pillow. Kiss the Grid Goodbye: Power Your Home with a Bloom Box! Fuel cells have been a tantilizing technolgy for decades - powering space vehicles, but always a little out of reach for domestic or commercial use. I worked with Greenopolis Partner Plug Power for years - working to provide clean on site energy from hydrogen powered fuel cells. Now there’s the Bloom Box. That’s not a typo for a new carry-on-your shoulder stereo system. The Bloom Box is a refrigerator-sized box that can power your whole house, store or business. Bloom Energy is a venture capital funded firm that builds the “Bloom Box”- an appliance sized unit that houses fuel cells running on natural gas, landfill gas, bio-gas or solar power. Google has been powering a datacenter with 4 Bloom Boxes running on natural gas for the past year and a half. eBay has 5 of them in San Jose, which they claim have saved them $100,000 in energy costs over the past 9 months.

The Bloom Box debuted on CBS’ 60 Minutes last night. Watch CBS News Videos Online Is the fuel cell promise finally coming true? Horsetail Firefall. 10 Home Improvements Worthy of Tax Credits. 1.

10 Home Improvements Worthy of Tax Credits

Upgraded Windows and Doors One of the most problematic sources of energy inefficiency in homes is outdated windows and doors that allow heat to escape. By upgrading to energy smart windows, skylights and doors you can increase your overall efficiency and watch your bills decline.TAX CREDIT: 30% of cost up to $1,500.DISCLAIMER: Credit does not include installation costs. 2. Upgraded Water Heaters Accounting for nearly a quarter of your home’s energy consumption, inefficient water heaters can and will inflate your bills. Upgrading to a gas, oil or propane unit will benefit you in the long-run and at tax time.TAX CREDIT: 30% of cost up to $1,500.DISCLAIMER: Credit includes installation costs.