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Compliance. Service of Legal Documents Brisbane. Skip Tracing Service Brisbane QLD. We provide a service of in-house skip tracing with over 25 years of experience.

Skip Tracing Service Brisbane QLD

We offer our clients the ability to speak directly with our skip tracer, to compare information and discuss results. Our agents are highly capable of gathering evidence and thoroughly investigating all potential permitted avenues to find a person of interest. If this is what you require, then Choice Mercantile should be your skip tracing agent of choice. We have over 25 years of experience in tracking down missing debtors with a high success rate – therefore recovering your losses or recognising when not to proceed. We assure that our methods and approaches work within the various Acts and Regulations that govern this area of operations. There are numerous databases available to search and those that we do access include white/yellow pages, Company records, Bankruptcy searches, real property searches, Veda records, national tenancy databases, QBSA, reverse phone numbers, business portals, and the like.

Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. Choice Mercantile strives to be the market leader in the recovery of assets, providing a service to the Banking and Finance, Collections and Insurance sectors.

Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Choice Mercantile has had years of experience in repossessions of motor vehicles, and other assets as well as the provision of property. If you’re looking to repossess a property, motor vehicle or other asset of great value then Choice Mercantile can assist you. With a network of agent’s located Australia wide, we can meet your repossession needs Australia wide. Choice Mercantile also offers you the official peace of mind that comes from trusting a business that is fully licenced and accredited in the act of repossessions. Choice Mercantile also manages the presentation of properties for sale post lock out.

Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. Field calls can be a powerful tool when assessing an individual’s circumstances.

Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Why not take up the services of a field call agency like Choice Mercantile? We’ll assist you in gaining an accurate representation regarding a person’s circumstances so that you, the client can make informed financial decisions with all the information required. From location queries, to assessment of assets, to motor vehicle third party enquiries – we can do it all. Contact Choice Mercantile now for your entire field call needs based in the Brisbane region SERVICING AUSTRALIA WIDE.

We provide services including but not limited to: Location enquires –including confirming the debtor is still at the last known addressAssessment of assets and financial positionCredit card recoveriesMotor vehicle 3rd party enquiriesDemand for paymentPhotographsStatement signing. Choice Mercantile - Process Serving. Do you need legal documents served in Brisbane?

Choice Mercantile - Process Serving

Choice Mercantile can assist. We endeavour to meet our clients’ needs effectively and efficiently. If you contact us with an urgent servicing need we’ll assist you without delay. As part of our service, we can organise a Choice Mercantile Agent to collect the legal documents from your location to be served. With a Commissioner for Declarations and Justice of the Peace available to us as staff members, you can rest assured that your process serving needs will be taken care of promptly.

Service of documentsExpert knowledge of our industry and its legal requirements means Choice Mercantile is the preferred agent for all process matters. Urgent Service of DocumentsIf there is a matter that requires urgent service, we can have an agent attend at your office to collect the documents and proceed with service as a matter of priority. Process Servers, Skip Tracing, Repossessions & Field Calls Brisbane. At CHOICE our philosophy is simple; to lead the field by providing fast, ethical and fully accountable credit management solutions.

Process Servers, Skip Tracing, Repossessions & Field Calls Brisbane

We aim to achieve this by remaining focused on training and development of our people and understanding the needs of our clients. Our people are trained to the highest levels in the industry, and all our providers are fully accredited. It is for this reason that CHOICE is able to bring unmatched levels of professional service to our clients. Yearly audits by accredited auditors ensure the strictest adherence to regulatory guidelines. More importantly, our compliance means that our commitment to quality is entrenched in our culture, and this means better service for you, the client. Our vision is to position CHOICE as the leading Mercantile Agency in Australia.

Our Values CHOICE understands that in order to achieve business excellence there must be a strict adherence to several fundamental core values; Choice Mercantile - Home.