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Inspiration reptiles

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Création du concept. Pull me to Live tiroir animal par Juno Jeon. Juno Jeon, jeune designer basé aux Pays-Bas nous présente son meuble animal en bois baptisé Pull me to Live.

Pull me to Live tiroir animal par Juno Jeon

Véritable petit animal à écailles, le tiroir inactif appelle son utilisateur et semble prendre vie une fois actionné. « However, when the drawer is pulled, the skin slowly and gradually changes the color from back to front. It seems like the drawer is reacting to outer stimulus as if it is an animal » En tirant le tiroir , le petit meuble change progressivement de peau, ludique, insolite, invitant à l’interaction pour que ce petit meuble devienne plus qu’un meuble. Cinématique d’ouverture et de jeu du bois le tout en vidéo : Plus d’informations sur le designer : Juno Jeon Retrouver notre sélection d’article dédiés au BOIS via By Blog Esprit Design The post Pull me to Live tiroir animal par Juno Jeon appeared first on Blog Esprit Design.

Guillaume Victor Laplace. Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse Recycle le Bois Comme des Ecailles - Série Biomimétisme. Recently graduated with a master of fashion and design, Stefanie Nieuwenhuys has taken the concept of biomimicry into her work.

Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse Recycle le Bois Comme des Ecailles - Série Biomimétisme

Inspired by the scales of snakes, Nieuwenhuyse reused scrap plywood to reproduce the texture of the reptiles’ skin. Overlayed wood chips that look like scales After spotting diamond cut wood chips on the floor of a workshop at the Kingston University in London, Stefanie Nieuwenhuys remembered of a snakeskin bag she bought used. The design and fashion student collected the discarded leftovers and started to work, layering the pieces of wood on fabric like reptilian scales. To avoid waste, Stefanie Nieuwenhuys recycled scrap wood to create a clothes collection S.Nieuwenhuys Eco-Responsible idea served for her final Master project. Emphasis on recycled materials, Nieuwenhuys worked with the company biowaste InCrops Enterprise Hub in Norwich to obtain discarded pieces of plywood. I like it This post is also available in: French. Giles Miller Studio. Zaha Hadid designs Volu dining pavilion for Design Miami. Design Miami 2015: architects Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher have designed a dining pavilion shaped like an open clam shell.

Zaha Hadid designs Volu dining pavilion for Design Miami

Hadid and Schumacher's team used computational design to create the pavilion, which is constructed from laser-cut and perforated steel surfaces, aluminium box sections and timber loops. "Defined by digital processes, the pavilion has been developed in such a way that its components are, at most, singly curved," said the London-based practice.

Volu appears to be made from a continuous piece, and features an oval roof that tilts downwards over diners like a mushroom cap. The skeleton of the 3.2-metre-tall structure houses cut-out irregularly shaped sections that form a pattern across the roof and the supporting stem. The pattern is repeated in the floor of the 20-square-metre pavilion, although the gaps have been filled with wooden boards. The structure houses a circular wooden dining table, accompanied by three curved benches that can seat up to ten diners. Kale reptile. Vanessa Mitrani. Fabric Art of Structure & Material - Company. A mythical creature with waving body and serpent-like forms, with its perfectly flexible skin following movement and yet being a perfectly adaptable shell… Laokoon structural fabric brings forth in us associations from our deepest unconscious, memories from prehistoric times and of the long-forgotten living organisms of evolution.

Fabric Art of Structure & Material - Company

This absolutely outstanding, innovative and transformable form, uniting art & material was invented by Zsuzsanna Szentirmai-Joly. Laokoon is a moving structure, it’s lamellae can be made of paper, leather, metal, wood, cork, many kinds of plastic etc. The main criteria regarding this matchless material is that it should have a certain strenght and at the same time certain flexibility. Structure made of it is always rectangle, but as the series of lamellae can slide on each other, they can be arranged in a fan-like or a 3D round form – or even be turned out.