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The Global Impact of Social Media. The Power of Social Media. This is How Fashion Brands Are Faring on Instagram — The Fashion Law. This past October, Chanel made its Instagram debut and quickly racked up something like 1.8 million followers on its first day.

This is How Fashion Brands Are Faring on Instagram — The Fashion Law

Interesting to the fashion press and advertisers, alike, is Chanel's ability to quickly grow an Instagram audience. At the time, some sources claimed that the Karl Lagerfeld-helmed house established its account and amassed nearly 2 million followers in a number of hours (which seems highly unlikely). AdWeek seemed to have the more plausible story, writing, "It appears that the brand opened its account some time ago, built up a considerable backing organically and then finally saw fit to post content. " Note: as of today, Chanel has amassed a following of 6.5 million on Instagram. As we previously noted, Chanel is obviously a bit late to the party. And the need is growing. We took a look back at the numbers from October 2014 to see just how much the brands’ accounts have grown in just under a year. Nike has 20.9 million followers. H&M has 9 million followers. Fashion Week 2015 Runway: Michael Kors Net Worth Vs. Tory Burch Net Worth and More.

With prices in the thousands or even tens of thousands, the latest designer duds to hit runways during New York Fashion Week will probably test the budgets of all but the richest fashionistas.

Fashion Week 2015 Runway: Michael Kors Net Worth Vs. Tory Burch Net Worth and More

So it’s no surprise those spending splurges have allowed some notable designers to amass net worth figures in the millions — and even billions — over the years. From Michael Kors to Tory Burch, here’s how the fashion fortunes of a few designers behind the labels scheduled to appear during New York Fashion Week 2015, held Sept. 10 through Sept. 17, add up: Michael Kors Net Worth: $915 Million Michael Kors fell off of Forbes’ billionaires list earlier this year, likely because his company reported a decrease in store sales in Q1 2015. Although Michael Kors’ net worth fell from $1 billion to $915 million in one year, he’s still a very rich man.

Keep Reading: 20 Savings Hacks at Marshalls, T.J.Maxx and Ross Tory Burch Net Worth: $1 Billion Ralph Lauren Net Worth: $6.1 Billion In the end, Rosso was right. How Fashion Week Fuels New York's Economy. The biannual fashion extravaganza, New York Fashion Week, brings a flurry of activity with a huge economic impact on New York City‘s economy and its residents.

How Fashion Week Fuels New York's Economy

Read on to discover just how the influx of fashionistas, celebrities and frustrating traffic jams impact the city’s finances. New York Fashion Week 2015 Likely to Draw $900 Million in Revenue New York Fashion Week happens twice a year in New York; once in February and once in September. Each year, approximately 232,000 people attend the two New York Fashion Weeks, according to the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). New York Fashion Week 2015 taking place in the fall will be held from Sept. 10 to Sept. 17, and it will likely be the city’s biggest revenue driver.

London Fashion Week kicks off as China slowdown is becoming an increasing headache for luxury brands. London Fashion Week kicks off this Friday but luxury firms have other worries on their minds Friday marks the start of London fashion week, when luxury brands flaunt their Spring/Summer collections on the catwalk and throw champagne-fuelled parties to celebrate the arrival of the next fashion season.

London Fashion Week kicks off as China slowdown is becoming an increasing headache for luxury brands

But behind the scenes, the party mood is more subdued as luxury companies nervously assess how great an impact the ongoing economic slowdown in China and the knock-on effect on European markets will have on their sales. The central bank’s decision in August to try and boost flagging exports by devaluing the renminbi added fresh woes to what has already been a challenging two years following the government’s clampdown on gift-giving and the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

And with 30 per cent of sales on average derived from Chinese spenders, the impact that any volatility in the world’s biggest economy can have on the sector is significant. London Fashion Week 2015: From catwalk to High Street. 24 February 2015Last updated at 19:03 ET By Harriet Hall BBC News Inside London Fashion Week Twice a year, London's grand neoclassical Somerset House, welcomes a tumult of fashion designers and their models dressed in their finest gladrags.

London Fashion Week 2015: From catwalk to High Street

The courtyard becomes the centre of London Fashion Week - a far cry from the building's sober past as home to the Inland Revenue. This year sees the event's 61st year, during which more than 250 designers will showcase their collections for autumn and winter to a global audience. For those outside the fashion industry, it can be difficult to appreciate why this week is so important. Indeed, watching the crowds teetering on vertiginous heels, heads topped with designer sunglasses, arms toting handbags and hands clutching smartphones, it is easy to understand why. Yet while it may look like a big party to outsiders, the week is a crucial one for the industry.

Some catwalk fashions may seem outlandish or frivolous.... Trickle-down trends “Start Quote.