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Watch the throne: why we still care about royal style. To be honest – and I say this as an unashamed Downton obsessive, so making no claim whatsoever to modish tastes in television – I didn’t think I was going to much like The Crown.

Watch the throne: why we still care about royal style

It sounded to me like the kind of British national portrait whose value resides in its high resale value to American audiences. It felt like anachronistically well-trodden territory, in the Netflix age; as kneejerk-compelling yet as fundamentally “so-what?” As the redesigned shape of a Toblerone bar. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel as if I have been deprived of thinkpieces on the lines of “Not the Union Jack Waving type but the Queen is Actually Rather Marvellous”, over the past couple of years. Well, guess what? “Duty” sounds like a word from another era, but the royal soap opera still speaks to modern audiences because the tension between our public and private selves is a pressure that has not gone anywhere. David Bowie exhibition breaks V&A record. A retrospective exhibition of the life and work of David Bowie has become the most visited show in the V&A's history.

David Bowie exhibition breaks V&A record

More than 1.5 million people have visited David Bowie Is across eight venues around the world so far, the museum said. About 312,000 of those visitors were to the exhibition's debut in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2013. The show will complete its international 10-stop tour next year. It is currently in its final weeks at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologne and will open in Tokyo in January before completing its tour in Barcelona in May. Until now, the V&A's most successful touring shows included Art Deco, (which received 1.17 million visitors) Vivienne Westwood (844,000) and Surreal Things: Surrealism & Design (881,000).

Image copyright V&A Geoff Marsh, co-curator of David Bowie Is, said: "We are absolutely delighted that the exhibition has been seen by so many people worldwide. Is fashion a true art form? Yes: Zandra Rhodes I think fashion is an art form - you might call it decorative or applied art as opposed to fine art, but what's the distinction?

Is fashion a true art form?

Because the same amount of artistic expression goes into clothes, a piece of pottery or a painting. I've founded a museum on the basis that I think it's an artistic form that should be remembered. I think fashion galleries - such as the one at the V&A and the one at the Metropolitan in New York - are very relevant. Fashion can tell you what people wore at a certain period just as pottery can tell you what their tea parties were like. Fine art at the moment is no longer particularly concerned with beauty, so you could say that fashion - which is always about a concept of beauty, whether or not everyone agrees on the concept - is more relevant, more artistic, than the garbage they put out as conceptual. No: Alice Rawsthorn Suddenly Weiss heard Donna screaming with glee in another gallery. Rising Fashion Star Virgil Alboh on His Inspirations: Youth Culture, Andy Warhol & Jeff Koons. “To the modern generation, music and fashion are not seen as separate works of art,” says Virgil Abloh, 35, and he should know: as the founder of buzzy Milan-based luxury/streetwear brand Off-White, a sought-after DJ, and Kanye West’s creative director, his entire life revolves around the nexus of the two.

Rising Fashion Star Virgil Alboh on His Inspirations: Youth Culture, Andy Warhol & Jeff Koons

His lines for men and women, both of which made Paris runway debuts this year, mix high fashion tailoring and draping with an edgy street ethos. The Chicago-raised Abloh takes inspiration from graffiti art (“my first and only art class in my high school years”), skateboarding, concert tees and the music of his ’90s youth -- “everything from N.W.A to Nirvana.” His signature stripes and effortlessly cool blend of high and low have endeared him to musicians from Beyoncé to Bieber, and has earned him critical acclaim as the line’s progressed since its late-2013 inception.

Which up and coming musicians are catching your eye in terms of style? You have so many creative endeavors. Refinery29's Takes Fashion Week With 29Rooms. Designer JW Anderson to bring together art and fashion in new exhibition. Image copyright Getty Images Designer JW Anderson will hope to bridge the worlds of art and fashion when he takes over the Hepworth Wakefield gallery for an exhibition.

Designer JW Anderson to bring together art and fashion in new exhibition

At the 2015 British Fashion Awards, Jonathan Anderson became the first person to be named both the menswear and womenswear designer of the year. The exhibition will feature his designs as well as those by the likes of Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier. They will be alongside work by artists like Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. The 31-year-old designer has confessed to being "obsessed" with 20th Century British art and cited the likes of Moore, Hepworth and Graham Sutherland as inspirations. Image copyright Jamie Hawkesworth Image copyright Jonty Wilde He promises "provocative" combinations as work by artists Louise Bourgeois, Sarah Lucas and Dorothea Tanning is "brought into direct dialogue" with garments by Rei Kawakubo, Helmut Lang and Issey Miyake.