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Funny shit Part 2

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Grace - Watch animation - GoAnimate. Tricky Dick. Pandyland - Little Red. 30215.jpg (521×443) True-story-neil-patrick-harris.png (574×548) Australia. Australia is a wonderful, beautiful island continent home to a peaceful, happy, and loving people... that Mother Nature hates so much she can taste stabbing.


&&(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Trident') ! = Just The Facts Australia is the largest island nation in the world, straddling the border of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. It has a rich and exotic ecosystem supporting fantastic flora and fauna...all of which were unfortunately eaten by the monsters that live there. From the Abyss It Is Birthed Back in the 1770s the British Empire discovered Australia and, after finding it generally unfit for human habitation, proceeded to send all of their criminals and generally unwanted peasants there...because basic human empathy was not to be invented until the year 1821.

Things in Australia that Will Kill You Everything. Ah, but the tropical beaches, you say! Your best bet is just to stay in the city then, right? You just walked into Mother Nature's Thunderdome, friend. Hugh Jackman seems nice. Photo - Old School Survival Horror - National Console Game. Hot off the heels of yesterday's Donkey Kong comic, the Console Game Examiner is ready to show off a new original gaming webcomic today.

Photo - Old School Survival Horror - National Console Game

The new strip follow Pac-Man and discusses how the early arcade juggernaut just might be the original survival horror game. Check out the comic here. Modeled after a pizza pie with a single slice removed, Pac-Man could be considered gaming’s first Survival Horror star. Think about it, he spends most of his time fleeing from the undead while collecting items in a maze-like environment. Sure, every once in a while he found a power pellet that allowed him to kill a ghost but they never stayed dead. What Jesus Said About Gay People - Funny Gay Rights Sign. Ex.jpg (475×800)

The Best PlayStation 3 Ad We've Ever Seen Will Give You Chills. Okay, help me out.

The Best PlayStation 3 Ad We've Ever Seen Will Give You Chills

Let's see if we can ID everyone in the video. I have most of them, but get me the ones I missed. (I'm a little hazy on the people from shooters) Nathan Drake Lightning Old Snake Ezio Agent 47 Kratos and Athena Cole McGrath Paul Phoenix Chell Sackboy Helghast Chimera Sweet Tooth Little Sister Issac from Dead Space Some guy from Resistance? The woman next to that guy? The catcher? Funny-Skyrim-hunting-dragons.jpg (502×421) 95. Jeue4.png (465×348) All The Rage Faces! - Troll Face, Forever Alone, Y U No, and more! 23164-1327356994-190.jpg (950×768) Motivational Monday: Captain Kirk. It’s another Monday so we here at ObscureInternet will provide you with some more Motivation Posters to keeping you going through the week.

Motivational Monday: Captain Kirk

See all our Motivational Mondays here. Spread the Obscure! Men Can Fix Anything - Piano World Piano. That shopping cart bycicle is just epic.

Men Can Fix Anything - Piano World Piano

I mean that isn't even a shoddy idea, it's just brilliant. I would trade my bike for that one, any day. Shmitten Kitten: The Difference Between The Sexes. Anonymous said... Men are like THIS and women are like THAT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. The 8 Stages of Staying Up All Night. Oh dear….Someone just got busted picking up prostitutes on Google Street View. Guy’s Opinion. Anime Boston 2011 Comics. Anime conventions (and their ilk) are like some alternate realm where the normal rules of society no longer apply.

Anime Boston 2011 Comics

Up is down, black is white, and nerds are the cool kids on campus. Take a horse to an anime convention and it becomes a deadly predator. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. Horses as predators. Anime Boston this year was a pretty great time. One of the great things about nerd conventions is that they tend to be very inclusive; everyone’s on equal footing.

I think I even saw a few bros there! Nobody really seemed to mind. My experience there was pretty great, though I was shackled to a table almost the entire time. The best part of the whole thing was meeting people who already know the comic. There were a lot of others that stopped by but this space is only so large. Hanging out at the table was made much more bearable with the help of Lizgigg, William, Cellie, Diana, and Sara. How To Troll With Cat Facts. The Pop Culture Translator™ SMOKING POT THROUGH THE AGES by Matt Houghton - Artist: Hillary White. Funny GIF Dump: Week 1. Best Of The Scumbag Meme. Monday Memedump: Week 5 (20 Pics) The Best “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Lines. Look At This F*cking Jeopardy Contestant! 16 Funny Police Blotters.

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