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Pieroblog. 10 lifesaving websites for ESL teachers. Lisa has asked me for some recommendations regarding useful sites for EFL teachers and I’m happy to make a little compilation of the places I visit most often to find ideas, inspirations, betimes lesson plans if I feel exceptionally lazy (The Liberation of the Garden Gnomes by Peter Vahle is just shiny!)

10 lifesaving websites for ESL teachers

And share them with you. So, here we go – my ten favourite websites: Hope you’ll like my choice and give these sites a go. I must admit, my life as a teacher is WAY easier thanks to those wonderful people contributing there, but I also appreciate their influence when I see my own teaching style spiced up with different inspirations and ideas – I feel motivated to change, experiment, develop, to make my classes as interesting as I can. Enjoy the recommendations I’ve shared and if you know some interesting sites, please, share them with me as well. Enjoy! A little Brit of us. ELF ITALY. Fior di zucche 2.0: SU DI ME. Flipped learning for ESL, computer science and business administration. 20 Phrasal Verbs with ‘BRING’ – Let’s Explore. As you know, the English Language is filled with phrasal verbs (verbs and prepositions).

20 Phrasal Verbs with ‘BRING’ – Let’s Explore.

They cause sleepless nights to most learners and find us teachers apologising time and again for what appears to be the language’s reluctance to use the proper verb. After all, why say: “I managed to persuade Tim of the advantages of the new working hours” when you can say: “I managed to bring Tim round to the advantages of the new working hours”.

I know, I know…the English Language is mind-boggling. However, this eccentricity is also what makes it so enriching to teach and dare I say it, to learn. BILINGUAL COMMUNICATIONS A Blog About Languages -     SPEAK languages  & TRAVEL the world. Katy Perry can help you Practise Linking Words. Learning a new language can be difficult .

Katy Perry can help you Practise Linking Words

We often wonder why it seems easier for some people , for some nationalities , to understand English better than for other speakers. The level of difficulty depends on various aspects but ,most definitely, one of them is whether your first language is syllable-timed (giving syllables equal prominence) or stress-timed ( temporal duration between two stressed syllables is the same ) .English , as well as Danish,Swedish or German, are stress-timed languages whereas Spanish,French or Cantonese Chinese are syllable-timed. ♥Content and Function Words .This is important because we, as Spaniards, try to give equal importance to each syllable but in English, only some words in a sentence are considered important and therefore pronounced with more emphasis (Content words) while others are quickly spoken (Function words) some would say ,swallowed.

Look at these two sentences. Peter said horrible things about your mother. Sai lavorare in gruppo? Si ritorna a scuola!

Sai lavorare in gruppo?

Per ricominciare a lavorare insieme, ho preparato questa infografica sul lavoro di gruppo. EMOTIONS I (intermediate) How many words do you know to express your feelings and moods?

EMOTIONS I (intermediate)

Check it here and learn some new ones. You'll find a reading text and a matching exercise. Answer key is included! Click here to download the worksheet: EngRish. Bloom's taxonomy and Web 2.0. 10 motivi per studiare DA SUBITO! (e non dopo...) Far capire l’importanza dello studio ad un alunno è sempre molto difficile.

10 motivi per studiare DA SUBITO! (e non dopo...)

Flipped classroom o classe rovesciata in action. Off to the beach this summer? Then you’ll need some beach vocabulary. The school holidays have started here in the UK and this weekend will see many families fly off to sunnier countries to catch some of those rays and to luxuriate in warm sea waters.

Off to the beach this summer? Then you’ll need some beach vocabulary

Having just returned from an idyllic two weeks in Barbados with its white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters, I can totally empathise with the excitement that will be felt across households as families pack their suitcases remembering to take with them their swimsuits – trunks for boys and men; bikinis, tankinis, one-piece swimsuits for girls and women; their beach towels; shorts;T-shirts; light summer dresses; sparkly sandals; flip flops; sunglasses (or shades) and many more items. Of course, we mustn’t forget to take our suntan or sunscreen lotions with us. Years ago, people used to go on a beach holiday and not bother with sun protection. So armed with sun protection, swimsuits, beach towels and all the right clothes for a beach holiday, what are you going to do? A beach library – my idea of heaven. » Scorci di libri e film che mi hanno arricchita La notte ti porta consiglio, magari domani stai meglio.. “Dimmi qualcosa di ancora più carino. - Mi piaci tanto. - Tanto quanto?

» Scorci di libri e film che mi hanno arricchita La notte ti porta consiglio, magari domani stai meglio..

- Tanto quanto un orso in primavera. - Un orso in primavera? – chiese lei sollevando di nuovo la testa. – Come sarebbe un orso in primavera? - Un orso in primavera… allora, tu stai passeggiando da sola per i campi quando a un tratto vedi arrivare nella tua direzione un orso adorabile dalla pelliccia vellutata e dagli occhi simpatici, che ti fa: “Senta, signorina, non le andrebbe di rotolarsi un po’ con me sull’erba?”. Tu e l’orsetto vi abbracciate e giocate a rotolare giù lungo il pendio tutto ricoperto di trifogli per ore e ore. PAIDEIA 2.0 - Officina per la Didattica INCLUSIVA. Segnaliamo dal sito della prof.ssa Ada Vantaggio questa risorsa GRADO DI SCUOLA: Scuola primaria ETA’ ALUNNI: 8/10 anni Gioca con la geografia cliccando sull’immagine Gioco didattico semplicissimo, tutto online e gratis, per bambini di scuola primaria.

PAIDEIA 2.0 - Officina per la Didattica INCLUSIVA

Il bambino deve trascinare gli elementi (mari, fiumi, laghi) presenti nella parte sinistra e inserirli nel posto giusto dell’Italia. Teaching With ChronoZoom - A Timeline of Almost Everything. A couple of years ago Microsoft launched an open source timeline tool called ChronoZoom.

Teaching With ChronoZoom - A Timeline of Almost Everything

At that time ChronoZoom was an impressive interactive timeline of the history of the world. But that's all it was. Recently, I learned that ChronoZoom now allows students and teachers to create their own timelines. Timelines created in ChronoZoom can include multiple layers so that you can see how events and eras overlap. Within each section of your a time multiple videos, images, and texts can be displayed. Alily's space.

By “Tratta bene la Terra! St Christophers Primary School Blog. At St-Christopher’s, we know how the Internet is as a tool for learning and also collaborating online. However, we also know that it is absolutely vital that we educate our children in both how to deal with any potential threats they face when working online but also to act safely and responsibly when collaborating online. At school, through our comprehensive E-Safety curriculum, we aim to give children the skills they need for later life. There are three key rules, that if children stick to, will allow them to use the Internet in a safe and responsible way: 1) ZIP IT-Don’t give any personal information out when using the Internet but also don’t say anything unkind.

To help you do this, many websites have security/privacy settings that allow you to only communicate with people you know!