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Chiropractor Calgary SW. Whiplash, also known as cervical strain, is a soft tissue injury of the neck.

Chiropractor Calgary SW

It occurs when the neck has been vigorously jammed, rotated, flexed, or extended. Pain can occur anywhere from the base of the skull to the shoulder area. In sports, whiplash can occur when an athlete falls on their neck or head. Shoulder Pain Treatment. Shoulder pain can be caused by a variety of issues.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder pain is often debilitating, interfering with work and activity. There are several treatment interventions, however, that can help with most shoulder issues. Rotator Cuff Impingement: With rotator cuff impingement, specific bones in the shoulder compress the rotator cuff tendons. The acromion usually helps protect the shoulder muscles, but when a patient has dynamic instability in their rotator cuff, overhead movements can cause compression or even tearing of the supraspinatus ligament.

Chiropractor Calgary SW. Mid-back pain is a common complaint among those who do any amount of sitting, computer work, or driving as part of their daily routine.

Chiropractor Calgary SW

Some of the more common causes of pain in the mid-back include facet joint irritation, costovertebral irritations, muscle spasm, and osteoarthritis. The appropriate diagnosis and treatment of mid-back pain significantly and efficiently improves outcomes. Facet Joint Irritation: Facet joint irritation can occur at any level of the spine, though it is often seen in cases of mid-back pain.

Chiropractor Calgary SW. Chiropractor Calgary SW. The Achilles’ tendon is a large tendon that connects the calf to the heel bone.

Chiropractor Calgary SW

Sudden or profound increases in volume, intensity, and duration of work activities or exercises that stress the posterior leg and calf muscles can cause tiny injuries and micro-tears to the Achilles’ tendon resulting in pain, swelling, and stiffness. Weakness of the Achilles’ tendon may also occur as a result of the micro-tears created by chronically tight and tense posterior leg muscles. Those with chronic, untreated Achilles tendonopathy may be more susceptible to Achilles’ tendon tearing or rupture. Treatment Options: IMS (needling) and Active Release Techniques can assist in repairing strained and inflamed tissue in the posterior leg. Taping can be used to relieve pain at the achilles tendon insertion.

Chiropractor Calgary SW. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) is more commonly known as “shin splints”; a common cause of shin pain especially among athletes.

Chiropractor Calgary SW

MTSS is a stress reaction of the bony and soft tissues of the lower leg that occurs with chronic or repetitive loading, abnormal strain, and bending of the tibia. These abnormal and repetitive loads produce a stress reaction due to the fact that they are applied more quickly or frequently than the tissues are able to tolerate. As a result, a spectrum of injuries including tendonopathy (degeneration and inflammation of the tendons) and periostitis (inflammation of the superficial aspect of the bone) occur and cause aching point tenderness, and sometimes swelling at the shin. MTSS, when chronic, can lead to tibial stress fracture. Treatment Options: Active Release Techniques can be beneficial in repairing adhesed tissues in the anterior leg.

Headaches and Treatments. Headaches are one of the most common reasons for healthcare visits in Calgary and are a major cause of discomfort, dysfunction, and disability.

Headaches and Treatments

There are many different causes and symptom patterns related to headaches, and patients must be thoroughly assessed to appropriately diagnosis and treat their pain. Depending on the type of headache, manual therapy can be extremely helpful in reducing the pain and dysfunction caused by headaches. Calgary Low Back Pain Treatment. Tennis Elbow Treatment Calary.

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is an overuse injury of the wrist extensors.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Calary

Pain is felt either at rest, while gripping, twisting, lifting, or when extending the wrist. It can be caused by racket sports, or strenuous everyday activities that involve twisting the forearm repetitively. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Knee pain is a common reason for patients to seek the help of manual therapists.

Chiropractor Calgary SW

It can be experiences as a result of activity, overuse, and general wear and tear, or as a result of inactivity and age. Some examples of conditions of the knee that are helped by manual therapies are: patellofemoral syndrome, illiotibial band syndrome, and osteoarthritis. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is the most common cause of knee pain in the outpatient setting. Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Calgary. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Neck pain can occur on its own or in combination with other pains of the head, shoulder, arm, or hand.

Chiropractor Calgary SW

Some of the more common causes of pain in the neck include facet joint irritation, discogenic pain, muscle spasm, and osteoarthritis. Calgary Plantar Fasciitis Treatment. Chiropractor Calgary: Consult an Expert Chiropractor In Calgary. Chiropractic care is a natural and drug-free pathway to wellness that encompasses your entire body.

Chiropractor Calgary: Consult an Expert Chiropractor In Calgary

You don’t have to suffer from backaches or plaguing headaches any longer, a chiropractic adjustment is perfect for anyone, on a very regular basis. At Coach Hill Chiropractic we offer some of the best Chiropractor in Calgary. Our team commits to providing a world class standard of treatment that works not only to remove symptoms and reduce pain but also strives to optimize biomechanics and function.

Sciatica Treatment in Calgary. If you are suffering from Sciatica in Calgary, and looking for sciatica treatment, we can help! Our Calgary chiropractors and physiotherapist are trained in several techniques that help with sciatica treatment. Active Release, Graston, IMS, adjusting, and rehabilitation are all important, depending on the cause of your sciatica. Sciatic pain occurs when something compresses the sciatic nerve, which sends pain down one or both legs.

There are three different “types” of sciatica that require slightly different sciatica treatments. Sacroiliac Joint Sprain: Chiropractor Calgary SW. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Class 4 Deep Tissue Laser. Coach Hill Chiropractic & Sports Therapy is excited to announce the addition of a deep tissue Class 4 laser to our practice. Some of the benefits associated with the innovative and effective technology of a deep tissue Class 4 laser include instant pain relief, decreased swelling, and enhanced healing times. The K-laser has the strongest infrared laser wattage on the market at 20 Watts; making it 40 times stronger than most other therapeutic Class 3b lasers in the city. A typical Class 3b Laser would take hours to deliver the same therapeutic dose of energy that can be provided by a deep tissue Class 4 laser within minutes. Active Release Techniques. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Jasmine graduated from Mount Royal University as a registered massage therapist with 2200 hours of training.

She has been working as a massage therapist since the beginning of 2012, but continues to take courses that build on her knowledge to ensure that her clients receive the most effective treatment possible. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Ocean graduated with honours from the 2200 hour program at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy. She has also completed a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, and was a member of the U of C varsity wrestling team for four years. Her background in athletics and dealing with injuries has given her great insight into how important it is to support and care for your body to better enjoy your every day life and activities. Ocean is passionate about learning more ways to treat the human body. To that end, she has enrolled in an Osteopathic Manual Therapy program in order to broaden her knowledge and scope of practice, and to provide the best possible care for her clients.

The approach that Ocean takes during her treatments tends to be deep, but she enjoys customizing her treatments to what her client needs with the use of myofascial techniques, active stretching, and home care recommendations. Stephanie Zacharuk Physiotherapist, BKin. Dr. Kate Hawkins Chiropractor, BScKin , ART. Dr. Kate Hawkins received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree with Clinical Honors from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Distinction) from the University of Alberta. Kate’s education further includes a diploma in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University as well as full body certification in Active Release Techniques® and Graston® Technique. For a description of these techniques, please visit our Services section. Let your agility intact with physiotherapy: chirocalgarys. We all are filled with the desire to enjoy the life at fullest and with full agility and motion.

Dr. Mike Belding Chiropractor, BSc, ART. Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, Dr. Mike Belding moved to Calgary in 2010. He graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in 2010 as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. In addition to his chiropractic degree, he also completed a Clinical Acupuncture program, which allows him to provide acupuncture treatment in addition to his chiropractic services. Physiotherapist Calgary. Chiropractor Calgary: Physiotherapy-A way to alleviate the back pain forever. There is a time for every suffering, and there comes a time when suffering comes to an end. Today maybe it's not the right time, but eventually, it ends up when the correct time comes.

And the same applies to the back pain, people think they have to live up with it, but it's not that it will come to an end all you need to do is to know about back pain, its symptoms and role of physiotherapy in treating the back pain. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Shockwave therapy is an effective, non-invasive treatment for those suffering from many chronic tendon and joint disorders. Our Calgary chiropractors and physiotherapist are fully trained in the use of Shockwave therapy. The machine works by sending acoustic energy waves into the soft tissues or bones, which causes a controlled micro-trauma in the affected tissue. This micro-trauma essentially re-injures tissue on a cellular level, and results in the break down of scar tissue that has built up in the area. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Massage Therapy Calgary SW. Chiropractor Calgary SW.

The Cube 4 k-Laser: Calgary’s Strongest Treatment Laser Coach Hill Chiropractic & Sports Therapy is pleased to announce the addition of a Class 4 Laser to our clinic. Our new Cube 4 K-Laser is the strongest laser currently on the market. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Our Calgary chiropractors are fully certified in Kinesio Taping. Chiropractor Calgary SW. SW Calgary Chiropractor. Active Release Technique Calgary SW. Chiropractor Calgary SW. Physiotherapist Calgary.