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Students Speak Up in Class, Silently, via Social Media. Stacy Brown Erin Olson, an English teacher in Sioux Rapids, Iowa, uses Twitter-like technology to enhance classroom discussion.

Students Speak Up in Class, Silently, via Social Media

Now, Erin Olson, an English teacher in Sioux Rapids, Iowa, is among a small but growing cadre of educators trying to exploit Twitter-like technology to enhance classroom discussion. Last Friday, as some of her 11th graders read aloud from a poem called “To the Lady,” which ponders why bystanders do not intervene to stop injustice, others kept up a running commentary on their laptops.

The poet “says that people cried out and tried but nothing was done,” one student typed, her words posted in cyberspace. “She is giving raw proof,” another student offered, “that we are slaves to our society.” Instead of being a distraction — an electronic version of note-passing — the chatter echoed and fed into the main discourse, said Mrs.

“When we have class discussions, I don’t really feel the need to speak up or anything,” said one of her students, Justin Lansink, 17.


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Applicable Grades: Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students will take turns acting as "math coaches" who will assist other students in solving word problems by identifying key words that usually indicate specific mathematical operations. Length of Lesson: One hour to one hour and a half Instructional Objectives: Students will: brainstorm key words that usually indicate specific mathematical operations create flash cards to review the relationships between key words and operations coach one another in collectively solving mathematical word problems synthesize their knowledge of word problems by writing some of their own Materials: student notebooks white board computers with Internet access index cards (four per student) "Solving Word Problems through Translation" sheets (one per small group) [click here to download] Warm-up: Solving an authentic word problem: