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Common Nutrition Myths to Avoid

Different Types of Anxiety Disorders. Common forms of anxiety disorders Generalized anxiety disorder A person who has this type of anxiety disorder usually experience prolonged anxiety that is often without basis.

Different Types of Anxiety Disorders

More accurately, people with generalized anxiety disorders cannot articulate the reason behind their anxiety. This type of anxiety usually last for six months and often affect women. Due to the persistence of the anxiety, people affected with generalized anxiety disorder constantly fret and worry. Specific phobia. Effective Problem-Solving Leads To Solutions. Problems are a part of life.

Effective Problem-Solving Leads To Solutions

They have accompanied us since birth, and will continue to do so until the twilight of our lives. But this is no reason to get upset. In fact, the thought that problems happen to absolutely everyone should come as a welcome relief. Anxiety Attack Heart Problems. Anxiety attack heart problems are any problems related to the cardiovascular system of your body that are caused by anxiety or panic attacks.

Anxiety Attack Heart Problems

Due to the very nature of a panic attack, it is not surprising that anxiety attack heart problems are among the leading causes of heart attacks or other cardiovascular issues among North Americans today. This is not to say that an anxiety or panic attack does not have a heavy effect on other systems of the body as well, but it’s effect on the heart and blood flow is easily measured and quite noticeably dangerous. 8 Breast Feeding Benefits and The Long Term Effect. Breast Feeding Benefits 1 Breast feeding is the single most important thing you can do to protect your baby and help to promote good health.

8 Breast Feeding Benefits and The Long Term Effect

Best of all, breast feeding is free. Breast Feeding Benefits 2. How to Lose Abdominal Fat. How to lose abdominal fat?

How to Lose Abdominal Fat

There is a direct relationship between food and intra-abdominal fat, i.e. the fat that accumulates when our calorie consumption is higher than our total daily expenditure. Therefore, it is clear that to lose intra-abdominal fat, we must lose weight. The only healthy way to do this is through a combination of a balanced diet and physical exercise. A balanced diet contains carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The secret lies in ensuring a balanced combination of these components in the diet. Preferably we should eat wholemeal cereals, fruits and vegetables, with a portion of protein, which may be chicken, fish or meat without much fat. Chocolate-The Newest Health Food? There are now even more reasons for chocolate lovers to rejoice!

Chocolate-The Newest Health Food?

As more amazing research news comes in about chocolate, the substance is moving from a bad-for-you candy to an important health food. Avocado: Why This Superfood is One of the Best Healthy Fats. Avocados are fruits that grow on trees in warm climates.

Avocado: Why This Superfood is One of the Best Healthy Fats

The avocado tree was first discovered in Mexico. Contrary to most fruits, avocados are not sweet. The fruit has a soft creamy green flesh with 1 large seed in the middle. Natural remedies for dry skin. Work Your Body. Fitness for Women- Stay Fit and Healthy!

Work Your Body

Here are 10 tips for women to stay fit and healthy: Common Nutrition Myths to Avoid. Proper nutrition has been a hot topic in the media lately.

Common Nutrition Myths to Avoid

Whether it's people trying to lose weight or live longer, it has been discussed at length in everything from daytime television to countless articles. Unfortunately, with everyone and their mom talking about it, it has allowed rumors and myths to spread like wildfire in a global game of telephone. This article will help you debunk some of the more common ones. Potatoes Are Just Empty Calories This one has been floating around since the low-carb high-protein craze first began. Keto 7-day Sample Meal Plan. The following meal plan shows you an example of the types of foods, drinks, and snacks you can eat on atypical keto diet.

Keto 7-day Sample Meal Plan

This meal plan is meant to give you 20 net carbs or less per day. Your carb amountsmight be slightly higher or lower, depending on portion sizes, brands, and other factors. Health,Beauty,Wellness For A Better Life. Menstrual Disorders in Adolescent Girls. Adolescence is the time when there is sudden transformation in the body and many questions arises in the minds of the adolescents. Firstly they are not able to cope with the changes and secondly the changes bring along problems with them. The most challenging problems are related to menses, in girls. Menstrual conditions are many that may require physician’s attention or any other healthcare professional’s attention. Before the onset of the menses, females face many uncomfortable symptoms which last for a short period, stretching from few hours to few days.

Are Colon Cleansers Safe? There are many colon cleansers available today in order to make the whole procedure fast, painless and convenient at the same time. Some of the most popular colon cleansers are those that are based on natural ingredients such as Triphala, which uses fruits and herbs in its composition to act in a gentle yet thorough manner. Colon cleansers are safe both for your body and as a convenience; they will not cause embarrassing moments such as having to excuse yourself and dash to the bathroom from a meeting or meal because your colon cleanser it doing its job. High IQ: Change Your Eating Habits And Super Boost Your Intelligence Quotient. Do you feel heavy in your head when you walk around? Is your score in IQ tests too low? You may not feel as active or quick as early or you may be forgetting very commonly used words. This need not be the situation that cannot be dealt with. You can eat certain food items which will help boost your brainpower, clear up your brain and make you think at a quick pace.

Hence if you want to increase your intelligence level (and your IQ- your score in IQ tests) to the highest level read the information given below. Fish Oil. Pros and cons of the Atkins diet. The Atkins diet is one of the most popular low carbohydrate diets on the market today. Its popularity has sparked dozens of look-a-like diets who center on the same principles of high-protein, low-carbohydrate eating. There are a lot of fish in the sea when it comes to choosing a low-carbohydrate plan. Studies have shown that low-carbohydrate eating has many benefits.

There have been scientific results that low-carbohydrate diets like Atkins do create significant weight loss without having to restrict calories. Easy Tips for Reading Nutrition Labels. If you are like other consumers, you look at nutrition labels to understand the contents of the food you may have just bought. Top diets and remedies.