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Hacking RFID, rompiendo la seguridad de Mifare (II) Antenna Patterns and Polarizations. Antenna Patterns and Polarizations A simple dipole antenna produces a signal polarized in the same plane as the antenna.

Antenna Patterns and Polarizations

A vertically mounted dipole (or array of collinear dipoles) produces a vertically polarized signal. Likewise, more complicated antennas, such as YAGIs, with all elements in the same plane produce a signal polarized in the plane of the elements. For example, a YAGI antenna can be used to produce a vertically or horizontally polarized signal depending on the mounting orientation of the antenna. Antennas that produce a simple horizontally or vertically polarized signal can be represented by two antenna patterns: the pattern in the same plane as the elements, which is the pattern of the signal in the plane of polarization, and the pattern in the plane orthogonal to, or 90 degrees from, the plane of the elements (the "cross-polarized" signal). The discussion so far has only involved the azimuth patterns for the antenna. Search SoftWright Website. Radio Basics for RFID: Modulation and Multiplexing. Support Documentation: Locate and download manuals for Intermec products.

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Support Documentation: Locate and download manuals for Intermec products

</h4> Soporte Manuales Getting Started User's Guides and Manuals Programming/Software Manuals Accessory Manuals and Instructions Regulatory Information Spare Parts Catalogs PD41 and PD42 Spare Parts Catalog (19 Feb 2010) Soluciones Para Más Información Noticias y Alertas Compre Ahora Soporte Acerca de Intermec Recursos © 2014 Honeywell International Inc. RFID sniffer. OpenPICC RFID Emulator and Sniffer Project - OpenPCD. From OpenPCD OpenPICC 1 board Breaking into a Mifare Classic protected key vault that uses only anti collision as a security feature - no cryptography is used by that vault.

OpenPICC RFID Emulator and Sniffer Project - OpenPCD

Introduction This device is obsolete - please use OpenPICC SnifferOnly 13.56MHz instead for sniffing The OpenPICC project for Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards (PICC) is the counterpart to OpenPCD. KENTKART. KENTKART's are proximity type chipcards used in public transportion of Izmir , Adana, Denizli, Manisa, Kocaeli, Çanakkale, Bandirma and Sivas Metropolitan Cities in Turkey.


They are produced by Motorola, chip and antenna embedded in the card, normally not visible. They operate when held vicinity of the cardreader at the puclic transportation vehicles. They can be charged with credit as Turkish Lira as wished and the credit decreases in each usage depends on the distance travelled. They are same thickness and size with the standard chip phonecards, made by ABS material, have very attractive pictures related with particular city.

At the first Izmir issue, chip of the card was visible, but created some problems and then they converted to hidden chip cards. An interesting electronic card used in Istanbul is PASS-A-PORT issued by DENTUR AVRASYA, similar contactless chip card used in private boats running between European and Asian side of Bosphorus. Kent Kart Web Sitesi: Asis Web Sitesi : Smart Card Readers for Logical Access Control - HID Global - OMNIKEY Readers. New!

Smart Card Readers for Logical Access Control - HID Global - OMNIKEY Readers

-Contactless (RFID 125 kHz) smart card reader, CCID driver for PC, Thin- and Zero Client New!