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How Vegetarians Get Protein. Note: due to an abundance of comments, I have edited this entry to contain additional, more specific information.

How Vegetarians Get Protein

I appreciate your input. If you’re as fortunate as I am, you’ve had baffled meat eaters repeatedly asking this question. Why this seems to be the number one concern they have for us veg’s is beyond me. And why our society is under the impression that only animal products have protein probably has something to do with the popularity of those meat-based Atkins-type diets. But don’t you worry- plant proteins contain the same 23 amino acids as animal proteins. Here’s a list of vegan foods that contain protein (in grams): (note: these are generalizations- protein may vary for certain foods like whole wheat bread depending on type and brand) tempeh (1 cup, 40g)soybeans (1 cup cooked, 29g)tofu (4 oz, 9g)tofu, firm (4 oz, 11g)soy nut butter (2 tbsp, 7g)soymilk (1 cup, 7g) oatmeal (1 cup, 6g)bulgur (1 cup, 6g)seitan (3 oz, 31g)whole wheat bread (2 slices, 5g)

Arguing with Meat Eaters. AR Philosophy > Debating AR How to Win an Argument With a Meat Eater The Hunger Argument The Environmental Argument The Cancer Argument The Cholesterol Argument The Natural Resources Argument.

Arguing with Meat Eaters

Arguing with Meat Eaters. The Best Low Fat Vegan Chef Recipes of 2012 — Low Fat Vegan Chef Recipes. A little bit of a prelude: 2012 was an incredibly crazy year for me.

The Best Low Fat Vegan Chef Recipes of 2012 — Low Fat Vegan Chef Recipes

Here’s the short versionof it: My website really started growing back in January 2012. I went to Dr. John McDougall’s 3 Day Advanced Study Weekend in February and started promoting my site to the McDougalls and others I met there. The Hedge Wife: Magical Herbalism Part 1. Witchcraft and herbalism go hand in hand and have done so for centuries.

The Hedge Wife: Magical Herbalism Part 1

In the past, witches were called wise women or wise men and were often the only people their neighbors could go to for healing. Doctors were sparse and so expensive only gentry could afford them or...there were none to be found in general. So the wise men and women who watched the stars, gave thanks to the divine and harvested and respected the herbs of the field were the healers of mankind until their persecution led them to go underground and hide their craft and wisdom. Earth Witchery. Magickal Herbalism. Magickal Athenaeum - WikiPagan. The Magical Athenaeum is the largest collection of magickal PDF books on the internet, with several hundred files.

Magickal Athenaeum - WikiPagan

The resource is maintained by Asiya's Shadows. Books are in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and may be viewed and printed using Adobe Reader. Magical Athenaeum. Top ten ancient Irish charms and spells. Celebrate all things mysterious and magical on "Occult Day" with these ancient Irish rituals.

Top ten ancient Irish charms and spells

Photo by: Getty Images/iStockphoto There are many practicing witches and druids in Ireland today who believe in ancient traditions and folk magic. We’ve put together a list of ancient charms and spells based on this Irish magic. Witch Spell Chart. Casting a Circle. The Magical Herbalist’s Mini Guide to Popular Herbs, Plants, Fruits, Flowers & Their Magical Properties…

The herbs listed below that are marked with a * next to it, should never be consumed without the correct & legal amount made & distributed by that of a qualified herbalist.

The Magical Herbalist’s Mini Guide to Popular Herbs, Plants, Fruits, Flowers & Their Magical Properties…

They are extremely dangerous herbs, especially when used incorrectly… What is a Kitchen Witch? Kitchen witchery is getting back to the roots of the Craft.

What is a Kitchen Witch?

Kitchen Witchery - What is a Kitchen Witch? What is Kitchen Witchery?

Kitchen Witchery - What is a Kitchen Witch?

: A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook epub free download. A.Kitchen.Witch.s.Cookbook.pdf ISBN: 9781567187076 | 384 pages | 20 MbDownload A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook Patricia Telesco, Trish TelescoPublisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.

A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook epub free download

This cauldron of culinary magic forever banishes the ordinary in eating. A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook by Patricia Telesco combines over 300 carefully selected recipes with bewitching information that will change your approach to cooking, whether you are the chef for yourself, your family, or a roomful of friends. Witchcraft: A beginners Guide part 1.mp4. American Council of Witches - the Council of American Witches - The 13 Principles of Wiccan Belief.

One issue that is often a bone of contention in the Pagan community is that we don’t have a universal set of guidelines – some of us may not even identify as Pagans, but as witches or something else. There have been repeated attempts to unify the various branches of the Pagan community, but in general, these are unsuccessful because we’re so diverse and varied in our beliefs and practices. Back in 1973, a group of witches decided to give this a shot. Seventy or so individuals from a variety of magical backgrounds and traditions got together and formed a group called the American Council of Witches, although depending on who you ask, they are sometimes called the Council of American Witches. At any rate, this group decided to try to assemble a list of common principles and guidelines that the entire magical community could follow. The principles are, according to the American Council of Witches, as follows:

Tools of the Craft. When people first discover Paganism or Wicca, they often rush to go buy every single magical tool they can find. After all, the books tell us to buy this, that, and the kitchen sink, so you better hustle on over to Ye Local Wytchy Shoppe and get stuff! But once you get it, what do you DO with it? It is important to understand that magical tools have an actual purpose, before you go out and grab one.

Basic Altar Setup - Setting Up Your Magical Altar. Alchemy Works Oils, Incense, Herbs and Seeds for Magic.