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The Getty. Collection search. Registration numbers The most common type of Museum number begins with the year of acquisition.

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The database standardises these numbers in the form, for example: 1887,0708.2427 (year: comma: block of four numbers - usually representing a month and day: full-stop and final number). The final number can be of any length and may be followed by another full-stop and a sub-number. Collections. Skip navigation Home » Collections » Smithsonian Collections Online Collections & Datasets Selected highlights from the many research resources online at the Smithsonian.


Art & Design History & Culture. Ministère de la culture - Direction générale des patrimoines - Service des musées de France - Joconde, portail des collections des musées de France. Les collections en ligne des musées de la Ville de Paris. Collection. Site officiel du musée du Louvre.