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Fun sites. Home-made Sun Jar. Step A: Rip open the innards of the solar garden light.

Home-made Sun Jar

I know that may sound ambiguous but you'd be able to use a utility knife and surgically dissect the relevent components out (see image). Solar garden lights are easily available at your local major hardware store. If you're in Australia, try Dick Smith Powerhouse. Step B: Flip open the ikea jar and place the "solar garden light innards" as shown in the picture. Use blu-tack to keep it all together. Technology & Futurism. Archived Articles: Technology Everyone loves gadgets and all good geeks appreciate the intersection of geeky art and design, from memes turned into living works to technology scrap turned into new design objects.

Technology & Futurism

From innovative light art to unique drawing techniques, here are our favorite works of art that will inspire the geek in anyone - as well as our top gadgets for everyone who wants to have their very own piece of future tech. Origami Microscope: Fifty-Cent Design is Crazy Durable Not only is this a microscope made of paper, costing a total of fifty cents to produce, it can stand up to being thrown, stomped on and dunked in water.