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Independent Safeguarding Authority. Hainault Forest Website. ASH including One leaf ash, Single leaved ash and Weeping ash ASPEN including White Poplar and Grey Poplar BIRD CHERRY including Wild Cherry BLACK POPLAR including Berlin Poplar and Balsam Poplar BLACKTHORN including Cherry plum COMMON ALDER including Grey Alder COMMON LIME including Small leaved lime CONIFERS including Black & Scots Pine, Deodar, Yew CRAB APPLE including wild Pear and Quince DOGWOOD and Guelder Rose FIELD MAPLE including Sycamore, Norway maple, Silver maple.

Hainault Forest Website

HAWTHORN including Midland hawthorn and Cockspur thorn ROWAN including Whitebeam, a Hybrid, Swedish whitebeam. SALLOWS Pussy willow or goat willow TURKEY OAK including Red oak and Holm oak WHITE WILLOW, CRACK WILLOW and other large willows More species will follow when their pages are completed. SURF JUX. Job Interview Tips. What’s Here If you’re searching for a teaching job in 2015, this page will help you prepare for interviews and put your best foot forward.

Job Interview Tips

The main purpose of this page, though, is to help you really evaluate whether a school will be a good fit so you can get the right teaching position for YOU. Who Am I To Give Advice? I’ve changed schools a lot and have been on 14 job interviews during my teaching career: I was offered every position on the spot except two. An uninformed person might conclude that I’ve just got it like that, but the truth is, I was fortunate to have sought positions during extreme teacher shortages. My advice on this page comes from that perspective, so I’m really not the best person to advise you on landing a position that hundreds of other teachers are vying for. What To Wear My personal opinion is that a prospective teacher should dress more formally for an interview than for the actual job itself. Tips for Landing a Job Interview. Creating Class E-Books. This post is inspired by a video presentation given by Ian Addison at last nights TeachMeet Bedford.

Creating Class E-Books

In the video he demonstrate an excellent e-book created by Colin Hill (@Colport) and his class. To create the e-book they used the website You can view their ebook here. Student work was scanned and uploaded to the website which then creates the on-screen version of the book. You can even embed audio. As Ian says in the video this means you can still produce great looking ebooks from what might initially be a non-ICT task – pupils could draw and handwrite stories which then form part of the book. Prehistoric puppets and models. Choose one of our hand puppets or models of dinosaurs and other extinct creatures to download, print and make.

Prehistoric puppets and models

All the puppets and models are available as a full-colour version or you can print them in black-and-white if you would like to colour and decorate them yourself. Full instructions are provided. Writing prompts: Archive. The Vampire Killer « mrstottstories. The Vampire Killer – a short story by Mr Stott It was an exceptionally cold October night, Alex was completing his homework.

The Vampire Killer « mrstottstories

The wind battered the window and the trees, almost bare with the onset of Autumn, shook violently from side to side. Alex stood to draw his bedroom curtains to try and block out the distractions of the autumn evening. As he did, he noticed a figure move across the empty driveway of next door. The house next door, if you could call it that, was not only quite a way from Alex’s house but was very run down. Nobody ever came to look at it, it was a horrible place. The figure seemed to walk smoothly, as if it were gliding, illuminated only by the old Victorian street lamp that was in the garden. Alex froze; part afraid, part curious. It was days later, fuelled by his visions nights before, that Alex saw his neighbours. Chinese Name and English Name. Learn your Chinese name.

Chinese Name and English Name

The names are in alphabetical order by gender. Click on the first letter of the English name to see the Chinese name. The Chinese names are translated based on the English pronunciation of the names. The Chinese names are written in simplified characters, which are used in Mainland China. Female Chinese Name: Male Chinese Name: Don't see your name here? To find your last name in Chinese, please see English Last Names in Chinese. Chilledteaching - Education Blog & Resource Site. A New Peace Symbol — Fighting Words. Here’s an image worth posting on Facebook, putting on a t-shirt, or sticking on a bumper.

A New Peace Symbol — Fighting Words

“Free as a Man,” created by Serbian artist Predrag Stakic, is the winner of an online competition conducted by the Human Rights Logo Initiative, which is on a mission to make the design an internationally recognized symbol for human rights. An initial call for entries went out in May and kicked-up 15,000 submissions from more than 190 countries. After a healthy period for public comment, a jury made up of 36 designers, human rights advocates, and concerned politicians from around the world chose 10 finalists. Because the aim of the initiative—which was supported by a host of supporters and partners, including Google, Typo London, and Cinema for Peace—was to create an image “by people for people,” the logo is an open source product, free for use without restrictions.