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Give your child the special advantage of regular personalized practice and interactive video lessons, and get their grades up in class.

Systematic Learning Virtual Technology Website. Gradely is an online learning company for k-12 private schools.

Systematic Learning Virtual Technology Website

Remember, you can get a good amount of teaching online as you can see your time availability for the whole day and can manage when you see today’s video lessons. Though, on Gradely teachers also assign assignments and homework which are alerted to you. You should be careful about it and should complete it on time. Gradely empowers parents and schools to stay in connection with the child and help them out in understanding and sorting out their queries. Parents can guide the students in making their learning experience better. It is an online learning platform that can make your child’s skills better. Students and teachers can share user data on their learning and can have meaningful insights to learn with maximum opportunities.

A virtual learning platform that confines a school model. Service Of Online Learning. A Virtual Learning Platform for Students and Teachers. There are various online virtual learning platforms but the best is Gradely which offers the best education to children.

A Virtual Learning Platform for Students and Teachers

It has various features that are developed with the understanding that what an individual learner needs to learn and how they can reach success with the use of simple tools rather than only providing content for beginners or for any class students. The concept has changed in Nigeria, to learn traditionally in the last six months. Schools have changed the methodologies with the introduction of online learning and to make sure that teachers and students are safe during the corona pandemic but the learning and teaching do not stop as change is required for continuing with the development of the mind of children and providing them with the best facility.

Reaching Children with Best Educational Technology. For various subjects, there has to be someone that can focus on providing expertise for online education.

Reaching Children with Best Educational Technology

An educational technology company Gradely can make them work for you by arranging experts for you that can render different subject knowledge to your children. The developers of this platform are considering the best features that they can provide to give a satisfactory user experience. Gradely vs. Google Classroom. Visit the following link : Google classroom is another online classroom hub where teachers and learners connect at any time and from anywhere.

Gradely vs. Google Classroom

It is a learning management system that makes teaching paperless and very effective. Unlike other sites where students get corporate training, Google classroom is mainly for academics. With this platform, students and teachers can share documents, and assignments when necessary. There is also room for assessment and constructive feedback. Sharing One great benefit of Google classroom is Google docs. Inclusive Google Classroom is for students as well as teachers. Accessibility Google Classroom is easy to use and can be accessed via mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Engagement Technology is one of the best ways to get full engagement from students. Gradely Vs. Even though it seems that Gradely and Google classrooms are both online learning platfrom websites, they are different in a few ways. GRADELY SET TO LAUNCH NEW FEATURES FOR ONLINE SCHOOLING.

There has been enormous interest and investment in the potential of educational technology to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Nigeria, especially during the heated period of the global pandemic.


A lot of Nigerian schools have become more digital than they’ve ever been, and the Edtech market has seen a great surge in revenue over the past couple of months. The more the market grows, the more stiff competition becomes for some of these Elearning companies. This article highlights two very significant Elearning companies amongst others that have made favorable impressions on their users. Gradely is an online learning company with a learning solution that aims to make every student a successful learner.

Gradely eliminates the barrier that prevents schools from delivering quality education to students.Benefits Of This Platform Accessibility This is by far the greatest benefit that Gradely offers to students. Artificial intelligence. E-Learning Platform for Students. You need to have personalized learning for Africa so that your children can gain access to the most relevant information and can focus on excelling in their education.

E-Learning Platform for Students

What you need in education online? It is a computer, mobile or a connection to the internet. We at Gradely are currently piloting to various schools. The curriculums covered are WAEC/NECO and IGCSE. Your child can learn and excel in many subjects included in the SSCE. You can register for free and can take a diagnostic test of your child as a parent. After the results of the diagnostic tests, and educating expert or learning specialist will be assigned to your child.

Online Secondary School In Nigeria. Gradely is an online tutoring global leader providing personalized learning for Africa tutors all over the world.

Online Secondary School In Nigeria

We enable students across the World to learn, excel, and stay ahead of the knowledge and innovation curve. Gradely picks the Best-in-class Expert Tutors from each Topic who uses Visual Representation for Better comprehension of the Concepts. Hyper-personalized one-on-one Virtual Tutoring with customized course curriculum as per the student's requirement. Many parents opt for in-home tuition instead of sending their students to a coaching college or tutoring business because they may feel more comfortable having their children tutored in familiar surroundings. Our intuitive classroom provides you the perfect place to learn.