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The Romanian Photographer Who Documents Beauty Around The World Is Currently Killing It In India. Nick Knight - Home. Sally Mann: Fotografías imprescindibles. Considerada una de las fotógrafas actuales más reconocidas de los Estados Unidos, Sally Mann (Lexington, Virginia, 1951) no pasa desapercibida, ya que su propuesta artística honesta y en muchas ocasiones arriesgada hacen que la fotografía de Sally sea una verdadera joya.

Sally Mann: Fotografías imprescindibles

Principalmente conocida en el mundo de la fotografía por (Immediate Family) capturar los momentos de su vida con sus tres hijos durante los veranos de finales de los años ochenta y principios de los noventa cuando no tenían mas de 12 años. Sally Mann no oculta nada, los juegos, los enfados, las heridas, los sueños y también (aquí viene la polémica) los momentos más íntimos. Según Sally estas fotografías son “naturales a través de los ojos de una madre, que ha visto a sus hijos en todos sus estados” pero para muchos, y principalmente en el país de la libertad y las armas, esto no gustó a la clase conservadora de Estados Unidos. Enrique Metinides, fotografo de tragedias y muertos. El fotógrafo mexicano Enrique Metinides fotografía accicdentes y escenas de crimen en México DF.

Enrique Metinides, fotografo de tragedias y muertos

WLPPR. Compelling Portraits of People Who Abandoned Civilization for Life in the Wilderness. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, most people can only dream about escaping to the quiet isolation of the rural countryside.

Compelling Portraits of People Who Abandoned Civilization for Life in the Wilderness

French photographer Antoine Bruy, however, turned that dream into a reality when he hitchhiked across Europe from 2010 to 2013, wandering through remote mountain regions without any fixed destination or route in mind. Along the way, he met several individuals who had willingly abandoned life in the city and retreated deep into the wilderness, sacrificing modern comforts for greater autonomy and freedom. In his series Scrublands, Bruy documents the homes and faces of the people he encountered, by chance, who live far away from civilization. Staying with these individuals for days or even weeks at a time, the photographer helped them farm land and raise livestock while learning more about their self-sufficient lifestyles.


SCOT SOTHERN, EL FOTÓGRAFO DE LOS BAJOS FONDOS ANGELINOS. Me inspiran el arte, la literatura y la política.


Encuentro inspiración en las sombras oscuras de la noche donde la mala suerte, los desamparados y los drogadictos apenas sobreviven de una noche a otra. Esta joven de 17 años crea increíbles autorretratos que muestran como ella ve el mundo. Allie es una fotógrafa adolescente sensible y creativa que con tan solo 17 años, muestra un tipo de arte impresionante.

Esta joven de 17 años crea increíbles autorretratos que muestran como ella ve el mundo

Ella es una artista importante en la fabricación de sus imágenes, las cuales documentan su mundo con el talento de un profesional y la mirada crítica de un artista. Con experiencia en la danza, ella es muy consciente de las formas y las líneas del cuerpo y se nota en sus composiciones. En sus autorretratos se ve lo cómoda que está en frente de la cámara. Javier D´Arce · Fotografía & Cine.

Un hombre compra 10.000 negativos no revelados y descubre una de las fotógrafas más importantes del S. XX. Imagínense esto: tal vez el fotógrafo callejero más importante del siglo XX era una niñera que guardaba todo su trabajo para sí misma.

Un hombre compra 10.000 negativos no revelados y descubre una de las fotógrafas más importantes del S. XX

David Uzochukwu - Personal. Vividly Realistic Colorized Photographs of History. This American Photographer's Captivating Portraits Of Sadhus In Varanasi Will Truly Amaze You. This American Photographer’s Captivating Portraits Of Sadhus In Varanasi Will Truly Amaze You Relinquishing worldly possessions and pursuing a life of spirituality and meditation is a fascinating concept.

This American Photographer's Captivating Portraits Of Sadhus In Varanasi Will Truly Amaze You

We've all heard of sadhus, spiritual leaders and gurus leading lives wholly devoid of everything we today think are indispensable. New York based photographer Joey L. however was so taken by this idea that he travelled around the world to document the lives of monks and sadhus. Photoshop Wizard Turns His Wildest Dreams Into Crazy Photo Manipulations. Tons of photographers use Photoshop to insert new elements into their photographs, but not all of them can create the crazy and mind-bending images that Buenos Aires-based art director and digital artist Martin De Pasquale does.

Photoshop Wizard Turns His Wildest Dreams Into Crazy Photo Manipulations

De Pasquale creates wild new impossible realities by combining multiple images or by creating new effects on Photoshop. Some of his images are simply silly, while others offer morbid commentary on the impermanence and weakness of his own body. His images may seem like magic, but he does indeed reveal his secrets – in his behind-the-scenes video, he shows us how he used Photoshop to create one of these images. More info: Behance | Pinterest | Facebook (h/t: illusion) 21 Powerful Photos Of People’s Eyes That Say More Than Words Ever Could. “The eyes are the windows of the soul” – this quote has been attributed to countless different historical figures.

21 Powerful Photos Of People’s Eyes That Say More Than Words Ever Could

In the first split-second that we observe someone, our gaze often snaps directly to their eyes – in an attempt to figure out who they are and what their intentions are. The eyes can often communicate truths about an individual and about their soul that cannot be fathomed by something as inadequate as human language. The guys at santabanta forum has started a search for various historical images where the eyes say it all.

Along with the stories of the people in these images these photos are truly raw and emotional, portraying people at their best and at their worst – joy, hatred, fear, and courage. Photographer Recreates Children’s Nightmares From The 60s In Dark And Twisted Images. Most of us have at least one unforgettable childhood dream or nightmare that branded itself permanently into our memories.

Photographer Recreates Children’s Nightmares From The 60s In Dark And Twisted Images

These powerful and imaginative childhood dreams were what interested American photographer Arthur Tress when, in the late 1960s and 70s, he created his psychoanalytic “Dream Collector” series of images, which captured children’s nightmares in terrifying detail. According to the artist’s statement, “Dreams or nightmares were collected by conversations with children in schools, streets, or neighbourhood playgrounds.

Fairytales Come To Life In Magical Photos by Russian Photographer Margarita Kareva. Margarita Kareva is a Russia-based photographer who specializes in fantasy art photography. Her photographs beautifully portray women that have been transformed into fairytale princesses and witches. She adds surreal elements to her shots that make the photographs really stand out, combining Photoshop manipulation with real props. In an interview with Rosphoto, she explained that she finds inspiration for all her photoshoots in fantasy books. Kareva’s work is constantly evolving and growing because she took up photography just three years ago.

Her portfolio is already full of vibrant, magical and creative images. 33 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment. We Bored Pandas are huge fans of perfectly timed photos that capture perfect (and usually funny or unexpected) moments that come and go with a blink of the eye. Mesmerizing Interiors Of Iran’s Mosques Captured In Rare Photographs By Mohammad Domiri. Mohammad Domiri, a talented architectural photographer from northern Iran, takes stunning photos of grandiose mosque architecture throughout the Middle East. Middle Eastern architecture is often recognized by its elegantly curved arches and spiraling columns, which feature heavily throughout Domiri’s photos. Many of the historic sites Domiri shoots are decorated with colorful stained-glass windows, geometric decorations and painstakingly detailed mosaics, so he shoots with special wide-angle lenses to make sure that he captures all of these details.

These Touching Photos Of A Baby Boy’s Adoption Show What Unconditional Love Looks Like. Family and wedding photographer Kate T. Parker was given a beautiful opportunity to turn her camera on her own extended family to document her sister’s adoption of a beautiful baby boy named Sam. The photo series, fittingly named “Blended,” is a perfect example of the unconditional love that a family has for its children, be they adopted or otherwise.

“We are so in love with this amazing little man who has brought such joy into our lives. There are so many wonderful and interesting things I am documenting, the power of love, the agonizing wait (and then elation) of adoption, the welcoming of another life into our clan, and what it means to be a biracial family,” explains Parker, who is based near Atlanta, Georgia. More info: | Facebook (h/t: mymodernmet, huffpost) Thailand’s White Temple Looks Like It Came Down From Heaven. Believe it or not, this is a real place – Wat Rong Khun, better known as the White Temple, is a Buddhist temple in Thailand that looks like it was placed on earth by a god. Though it may have involved divine inspiration, it was in fact designed by a man.

Chalermchai Kositpipat, a Thai artist, designed the temple in 1997. It was almost destroyed by an earthquake in May of this year, but Kositpipat was inspired to rebuild the temple after an outpouring of international support urging him not to give up and let the temple crumble. Admission to many of the buildings has been forbidden until certain structural cracks are repaired, but visitors can still photograph the temples from the outside. More info: Historic Glass-Plate Photos From Romania Restored And Turned Into Colorful Art.

Thought-Provoking Photographs Of People Living Alone In The Wilderness. Despite the technological advances that we use every day to bring each other closer together, there are still some that choose to leave everything behind and live in total solitude. In his photo series ‘Escape,’ Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko traveled through Russia and Ukraine in search of hermits living in self-imposed exile, far away from any city or village. Tkachenko’s work raises questions about what identity truly means when we are forced to live how society tells us to: “School, work, family – once in this cycle, you are a prisoner of your own position. You should be pragmatic and strong, or become an outcast or a lunatic. How to remain yourself in the midst of this?” More info: | (h/t: mymodernmet)

Stunning Macros Reveal Stories of Tiny Snails › Inspiration Now. Community Trending Inspiration Now — Collecting Ideas since 2013. Inspiration Now is a daily-updated gallery collecting the most creative projects every day. Get your daily dose of design, art, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, installations and more.

Created and curated by Mathias Nösel. Aliza Razell y sus fotografías mezcladas con acuarelas. Powerful Portraits of Brave People Revealing Their Insecurities. The What I Be Project by photographer Steve Rosenfield is an intriguing study into the human condition. The participants in Steve’s projects bare their souls writing their biggest insecurities on their bodies with markers and then letting Steve photograph them. Their messages tell of fears, self-doubts, and labels for society that stop most of us from living happier lives, but it also shows us the amazing bravery of the participants to share their innermost fears with the world.

How many of us have the bravery to admit we were molested, feel ugly, think we are too thin or too fat, and to do it in such a daring public way? Surreal Landscapes by Jim Kazanjian. Hong Kong's human battery hens: Claustrophobic images show how slum families squeeze their lives into the tiniest apartments. Bird's-eye images released by social group documenting plight of poorest in one of world's richest citiesGroup's director: 'Lurking beneath this prosperity is great inequality and a forgotten group of poor people' With a land mass of 1,104sq km and a population of 7 million, it is also one of the most densely populated By Simon Tomlinson Published: 11:21 GMT, 22 February 2013 | Updated: 13:39 GMT, 22 February 2013 They are barely bigger than a toilet cubicle. Yet these depressingly cramped spaces serve as a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, pantry and everything in between for their cooped-up inhabitants. Those unfortunate enough to live in these urban slums range from the elderly and unemployed to low-income families and singletons.

Any Animal That Touches This Lethal Lake Turns to Stone. Photoshop? NO. These Are Real Animals. Katerina Plotnikova did something extremely amazing! She used no photoshop! Thomas Barbèy’s astounding surrealism. Today, everyone’s a photographer, grabbing their iPhones for a quick snap. Pictures are posted at a moment’s notice on Facebook and Instagram, so there’s never a void of visuals. Perhaps this image saturation is why surreal photo manipulation is particularly intriguing; smartphone cameras and social networking can’t hold a candle to an artist’s vivid imagination. One such visionary is veteran photographer Thomas Barbèy. Photographer's Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World. My Modern Metropolis. A Chronicle of French Hipsters. Fredrik Ödman Photography - Home. Kenneth Parker Photography.

Your beautiful eyes on Photography Served. Abandoned Places: 10 Creepy, Beautiful Modern Ruins. Abandoned Places: 10 Creepy, Beautiful Modern Ruins Abandoned Places | We humans are explorers by nature. The quest for discovery, both old and new, is part of what separates us from rest of the animal kingdom. Since the world we live in has been largely mapped and plotted, we urban adventurers turn our sights toward the relics of old and the ruins of the recent past. Novartis "Reflections" Campaign on Photography Served. Dave Hill Photography. Early 1900s in Colour - All around the world. All around the world - Franny Wentzel - Thursday, May 6th, 2010 : goo. Scott Stulberg Photography.

America in Color from 1939-1943. Creative photos by Chema Madoz. Global Food Disparity: A Photo Diary. Thomas Kellner - Photography in Art: Monuments.