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Diseño Industrial (industrial design)

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Los 30 diseños más creativos de camisetas. La camiseta se ha convertido en la prenda de vestir más extendida de este siglo, pero aún así hay millones de formas creativas para jugar con el diseño de esta sencilla prenda.

Los 30 diseños más creativos de camisetas

Este artículo esta dedicado a esos diseños simples pero geniales que usan las camisetas como lienzos de forma creativa e ingeniosa. Después del lanzamiento de numerosos sitios web que se dedican a plasmar arte en las camisetas, el numero de estas ha despegado. Si has visto alguna que te haya encantado, no dudes en mostrarnosla. Y por supuesto, ¡vota por tu favorita! 1. Fuente: 2. Fuente: 3. Fuente: desconocida 4. 5. Fuente: gladditudesbumptees. Glass Rivers And Lakes Flow Across Beautiful Tables By Furniture Maker Greg Klassen.

Talented Washington-based artist and furniture-maker Greg Klassen’s beautiful river- and lake-like desks and tables straddle the line between furniture and art.

Glass Rivers And Lakes Flow Across Beautiful Tables By Furniture Maker Greg Klassen

Due to his relationship with a local sawmill, Klassen has access to pieces of raw wood, which means that he can make use of its natural forms and beautiful imperfections for his creative furniture. These organic forms lend natural power to the “rivers” and “lakes” on his tables, which are completed with custom-cut panes of glass and look much like features on a topographical map. Klassen, who has a degree in theology, writes, “I try to marry the natural beauty of the wood with the skilled craftsmanship of the maker. When the two come together, a piece can really sing!” More info: Website | Facebook | Shop (h/t: colossal) These 28 Chairs Prove That Furniture Can Be Art. These 28 creative chairs and armchairs will prove that even something as mundane as a chair can be turned into a work of art in the hands of a skilled designer or artist.

These 28 Chairs Prove That Furniture Can Be Art

25 Of The Most Creative Lamp And Chandelier Designs. Light is a practical concern in most homes, but it’s also so much more than that.

25 Of The Most Creative Lamp And Chandelier Designs

The right lamp or lampshade can cast the entire room in a different light or serve as a work of art on its own. Each of the creative lamps on this list we collected is exactly that – a light source that doubles as a work of art. Although we posted a list of DIY lamp designs a while back, not all of us have the artist’s eye, talent or know-how required to create awesome lamps or chandeliers like these. And there are a million different things that artists like these can do with light. They can color it, block it, brighten it or even bend it! We know that there are tons more cool lamp designs out there, so if you know one that we need to see, submit it at the bottom of this list! 1. Designed by Richard Clarkson 2. 24 Octopus-Inspired Design Ideas. The octopus, with its eight writhing tentacles and otherworldly appearance, has fascinated and inspired mankind since we first explored the oceans.

While we may no longer write myths and legends about tentacled sea beasts, these modern octopus-inspired household designs are enough to inspire a dread of the deep. Some of us might not feel comfortable facing a slimy octopus, but the artists and designers behind these octopus products consider them be great sources of inspiration for their artworks. That sleek black leather octopus chair could be Poseidon’s throne, while those octopus chandeliers might make you feel like you’re 20,000 leagues under the sea. 15 Most Awesome Lamps And Chandeliers Designs. A Must See! Light is very important for every home, but it’s also so much more then that.

15 Most Awesome Lamps And Chandeliers Designs. A Must See!

The unique design of awesome lamps and Chandelier can change the look of the entire room. In this post we have collected some very creative awesome lamps from different sources which show the talented artwork of artists as well. All are DIY Lamps design created by talent people and creative artists and we are happy and thankful to them for creating such an awesome lamps or chandeliers like these.

Please check and I am sure you will be highly amazed with the talent. Even try making these if you can. 1. Designed By Richard Clarkson 2. Fascinating Lamps by Calabarte. Calabarte is the pseudonym of a Polish artist named Przemek Krawczynski, whose art takes on a peculiar but incredibly beautiful form: cool lamps.

Fascinating Lamps by Calabarte

The name itself is a portmanteau of two words – art (obviously), and calabash, the fruit that carries his imagination. The calabash is a bottle gourd originating in India, although Calabarte gets his supply from Senegal. Due to ancient domestication and usage, the bottle gourd has an incredibly tough outer shell. In the past, the gourd’s usage was defined mostly as a water container, due to having a tough, smooth shell with an ergonomic shape for handling, and natural buoyancy on water.

Nevertheless, it’s edible both raw and cooked, and used in various cuisines. Due to the combination of dark, thick material with a light source within, the primary art of his work, however, shines in the dark. When he’s not making cool lamps, Calabarte partakes in a number of physical activities, enjoying life through sports, travelling, and making music. QuaDror / Home.

Seoul Colors - Korean design, culture and technology. Pop-Up Corner Lamps Illuminate those Hard-to-Light Places. Standing lamps in corners often feel a bit like round pegs in square holes, not quite fitting the space in a way that would feel intentional.

Pop-Up Corner Lamps Illuminate those Hard-to-Light Places

This flat-pack, fold-out solution from Well Well Designers is a low-cost and elegantly-designed approach that is minimalist in terms of both materials and appearance. The product packaging and typography are all comprehensively considered in form and function – this is not a typical in-the-box retail object, but a simple black (or blue or red) on white approach. “The Pop-up corner light is delivered in an envelope.