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Things Your Hairdresser Doesn't Tell You But Would Like You To Know. You know that kind of thing that nobody talks about, but that everyone should know?

Things Your Hairdresser Doesn't Tell You But Would Like You To Know

Like any professional in any field, hairdressers know what is best for your hair. Believe it! However, we all know that when we put some idea into our head, and it involves a hair transformation, hardly anything will change our mind. Who has never wanted or has a friend who has wanted to go from dark brown to platinum blonde in a touch of magic? You cannot imagine how this may have driven the professional mad. 1. If you were ten minutes late to get to the salon and your hairdresser said it was okay, he was probably just being polite. 2. I bet you already saved that desire cut or that tone that was amazing in the hair of some famous woman. 3. Since most people don’t have a lot of free time on their agenda, they often schedule their lunchtime. 4.

Imagine how difficult it must be for a hairdresser to sit in the chair of another professional. 5. It is all a matter of study and practice. 6. 7. 8. 9. Is It Safe To Dye My Hair During Pregnancy? 14 Foods Rich In Vitamin C. Aloe Vera For Hair Loss. The Aloe vera has several medicinal functions.

Aloe Vera For Hair Loss

It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiviral. It is also moisturizing, immunostimulating, regenerating, and antioxidant. 5 Ways To Use Coconut Oil On Your Hair. Aloe Vera Recipes For Your Hair And Skin. For those who like to take care of themselves in a more natural way, I recently made an article about the benefits of Aloe Vera for your hair.

Aloe Vera Recipes For Your Hair And Skin

Today you will see practical recipes to take advantage of this absolutely sensational plant. If you have the opportunity, be sure to try it! Aloe Vera Recipes For Your Hair Recipe # 1. Hair care After 40 Years. See how to take care for your hair after 40 years of age.

Hair care After 40 Years

As we age, just like our skin, the hair also begins to appear more fragile and sensitized. In addition to external aggression, hormone levels and medications greatly influence the hair’s health over the years. That is why, from the age of 40, it is necessary to take some extra care so that the hair always remains beautiful and shiny. The good news is the time when beauty has age is gone. Increasingly, women preserve style icons and body care status even after completing 40, 50, or 60 years. If you are entering this chapter of life, prepare to notice changes in the body. Invest In Quality Combs And Brushes At about 40 years of age, hair begins to fall more and become thinner and more fragile.

Leave-In Hair Treatment: The Product That Moisturizes And Protects The Hair. Moisturizing Your Hair With Macadamia oil  The beauty industry knows how important it is for women the beautiful and well-treated hair.

Moisturizing Your Hair With Macadamia oil 

A proof of this is the wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, masks, creams, and other products that reach the shelves, promising wonders to your hair. After the Argan oil fever, the most recent novelty is the macadamia oil to discipline the strands of all types of hair, especially curly and those with frizz. Extracted from a tree of Australian origin, macadamia is a fruit that has a shape, similar to a walnut.

It has a high absorption and penetration content, which allows you to use on your hair and skin, providing more vitality. The oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that help to moisturize, protect the hair from chemicals and prevent premature aging of the hair and skin. The human body produces Palmitoleic acid. Benefits Of Macadamia Oil For Your Hair Who Can Use It? Discover The Benefits Of Turmeric For Your Hair. Not always looking into the mirror, we see exactly what we want to see.

Discover The Benefits Of Turmeric For Your Hair

We see our hair, and sometimes the view does not even come close to the image we have built up in our minds. Dandruff, hair loss, and oiliness lead to anxiety and the search for different methods to resolve these disorders. Some of the hair problems are related to improper care, but also to lifestyle and eating habits.

Hair also needs a full supply of food to make it look alive, soft, and volumized. Many times we look for natural formulas to treat these problems, and we do not even imagine that this condiment can also be the solution. The Shampoo Guide: The Best One For Your Hair Type. Hair Treatment with Moroccanoil. What Is Hair Porosity? How To Know If Your Hair Needs Hydration? Do you know you can identify when your hair needs hydration?

How To Know If Your Hair Needs Hydration?

Well, if you don’t, you will learn today! There are many uncertainties around the real needs of each hair. The vast majority, just because they don’t know what their hair needs, end up spending a lot on products that, at that moment, are not useful. The Proven Benefits Of The Turmeric. The turmeric is a plant from the same family as ginger.

The Proven Benefits Of The Turmeric

It is one of the main spices in the culinary tradition of India. It has been used for over 4000 years by several oriental medicines. Hydration For Wavy Hair. Hydration Recipes For Straight Hair. Hydration is an essential requirement to keep the hair healthy and beautiful.

Hydration Recipes For Straight Hair

Remember how important it is to choose a specific hydration mask for your hair type? If you want to check out the best hydration tips and recipes for straight hair, keep reading this post! The Best Hydration Hair Mask. As the name says, the hydration mask is a cream that you apply to your hair to nourish, repair and moisturize it.

The Best Hydration Hair Mask

Different mask can have different compositions, and usually, they have specific purposes. To achieve the expected result, it is not enough to just buy any product. Investing in a mask that offers what your hair needs can make all the difference. Brands like L’Oreal, Pantene, Kerastase, have great hair masks. Kerastase: Which Line To Choose? When we are going to invest in some expensive product, we must be sure that it works out with our hair type and that it gives us great results, does not it? One of the great successes of the Kérastase brand is to make life easier for women by organizing their product lines that follow a treatment methodology so that each person has a personalized capillary program suitable for their needs.

For this, several professional products were developed. Each one is focused on specific hair conditions. If you still do not know the Kerastase product lines or have any doubts about which Kerastase line to chose, check below which one is right for you: Aura Botanica. Hair Hydration With Chamomile. Hair Hydration With Castor Oil: 7 Homemade Recipes For Your Hair. What Is Capillary Schedule And Should I Do It? Have you heard of a capillary schedule? It is a hair treatment that consists of hydrating, nourishing, and rebuilding. If you have never heard of a hair schedule, it is because you have certainly not had to do any intensive hair repairs in the past few months. This treatment agenda is necessary for women who want to replenish the nutrients in the hair, recovering the hair health lost in chemical processes and daily life. The capillary schedule gives an incredible result and restores the strands because it consists of the three treatments that the hair needs most. 10 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Your Hair.

Children's Hair And How To Take Care Of It. Review: Lancome Grandiose Eyelash Mascara Review. Hair Treatment With Aloe Vera. How To Choose The Best Glue For False Eyelashes. Nutrients For Healthy Hair. Products To Mix In Your Conditioner For Healthy Hair. Sometimes we are so busy with things like studying, working, taking care of our children and keeping the house always clean and tidy, that we forget to give the necessary attention that our hair needs to be beautiful and healthy with the look of the way we like in front of the mirror, isn’t it?

It is also true that not everyone can follow proper hair treatment. That’s why some homemade techniques and recipes can help take care of their hair, even during the busy day. The Spring Is Here! How To Take Care Of Your Hair? What Is The Relationship Between Hair And Personality. 10 Natural Hair Loss Treatments. Women's Hairstyles Throughout History. 11 Natural Hair Products. Juice Recipes To Treat Hair Loss. Homemade Shampoo Recipes for Healthier Hair. Hair Tips For Valentine's Day. How To Stop The Frizzy Hair In The Winter? How To Prevent Hair Loss During The Winter. How to Avoid Dandruff During The Winter? Dandruff is not synonym of poor hygiene, no! Did you know that hormonal changes and stress are the main factors for this condition? The white peels make your hair look dirty. It is a relatively common problem that bothers a lot of people, especially during the winter. Anyone who has or lives with someone who has, knows what we are talking about.

It is that scaling on the scalp that causes itching, hair loss, and fills the black clothes with white “peels,” causing a lot of discomforts. During the cold days, we take hotter showers and increase the intake of fatty foods, causing our sebaceous glands to expand. Although it has no cure, dandruff (the popular name for Seborrheic dermatitis) can be controlled during the winter. Did you know that people can suffer from dandruff on their lashes? Dandruff is a manifestation of a skin condition known as Seborrheic dermatitis, which triggers inflammation, especially in the scalp. Use good anti-dandruff products. Shea Butter for Skin and Hair. 25 Questions And Answers About Hair Loss. How To Take Care Of Your Hair During The Winter? Secrets For Perfect Hair From All Around The World. Mistakes and Habits That May Be Causing Frizzy Hair.

Everything You Need To Know About Keratin In The Hair. Ampoules Densifique Kerastase - Know Your Hair Power. Care Guide For All Hair Types. Every woman’s dream is to have hair with shine, health, and soft touch. However, for each type of hair, there is a different way to achieve this result. While dry hair responds well to finishers, oily strands often don’t go well with the leave-in. A person with blonde hair will have a specific care routine, while those with dyed hair will need to follow different habits. Restore Split Ends Without Cutting Your Hair.

Do you want to have long, beautiful hair? If you haven’t taken good care of your hair for a while, your hair will become weak, brittle with split ends. In this post, we will give some tips to restore your hair beauty and health. If your hair is long enough and makes you feel confident and beautiful, start taking care of it to avoid this problem. Don’t worry. You won’t have to visit a beauty salon. What Split Ends Are And Why Do They Appear? The split ends are the fragmentation of the hair strands. They are the main reason why your hairdresser tells you that he will only cut 2 inches of hair and end up cutting 10. Among the reasons behind the split ends we find dryness, lack of hydration, sudden changes in temperature, chemicals, seawater and chlorine. Keratin: 10 Things You Need To Know. Keratin is a substance often present in hair care products, but few people know that it is also a product of animal origin. Discover 10 things you need to know about Keratin. False Eyelashes: How to choose the best one?

Treat The Frizzy Hair In The Summer. Hair Care After A Day At The Beach. Review: CC Cream Kerastase Soleil. Tips For Your Blonde Hair In The Summer. 5 Essential Summer Care Tips For Dyed Hair. The Best Sunscreens For Your Hair. It’s true that many women love sunny and fresh days, especially in the summer, right? After all, it’s the time of the year when we put on our colorful swimsuits and go to the beach or to the pool. It is also on the beautiful summer days that we care about our bodies and especially the skin.

The Argan Oil And Its Benefits. Review: Revlon Uniq One Coconut. Enjoy The Summer With Your Eyelash Extensions. Review: Uniq One Hair Treatment By Revlon. 8 Essential Hair Tips During The Summer. Summer is my favorite season. Sun, heat, sea, pool, and vacation! There is nothing better than enjoying this period with family, friends and, of course, myself. I like to use cheerful clothes, bet on a beautiful makeup and, of course, a well-groomed hair can be a great way to start off the happiest season of the year. Foods Rich In Keratin For Healthy Hair. Types Of Keratin For Your Hair. Healthy Hair After Pregnancy. Review: Vitamino Color 10 in 1 Perfecting Multipurpose Spray. 12 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Our Health.

Review: Miss Dior Hair Mist. Hair Tips For Busy Moms. Review: Hair Hydration With Inner Restore Intensif. Hair Perfume Guide And The Best Hair Mists To Buy. Review: Kerastase Chronologiste Fragrant Oil. 10 Secrets For Your Hair To Grow Fast. Review: Résistence Thérapiste, Kérastase. Myths And Truths About Hair Loss. Review: Frizz Dismiss Redken leave-in FPF 40. The Most Asked Questions About Eyelash Extensions. Foods That Make Your Hair Grow Faster. 8 Foods For Healthy And Shiny Hair. 11 Foods That Prevent Hair Loss. Tips And Treatments to Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss. The Main Causes Of Hair Loss. What Does Your Hair Reveal About Your Health. The Structure Of The Hair. Hair Growth Cycle. Latisse For Your Eyelashes? Why Chocolate Can Be Good For Your Health? Top Reasons Why You Should Start Using Eyelash Growth Serum. How Does Eyelash Serum Work? Nuts For Better Health. The Best False Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape.

Food for lashes. Tips for longer lashes. False Eyelashes - 9 Common Mistake You Should Avoid. False Eyelashes - Everything You Need To Know. The One to One Eyelash Extension - Experts Clarify 8 Myths and Truths. Eyelash Extensions - The Basic Guide. How To Dye Your Eyelashes? Magnetic Eyelashes. Is Waterproof Mascara Bad For Your Eyelashes?