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Tera (F2P Model) Tera (F2P Model) Share Email Facebook Twitter Google+ Lockerz Grab Delicious Digg Google Bookmarks MySpace StumbleUpon Reddit By Lockerz TERA Will be Free-to-Play in EU and NA Jan 9, 2013
Phantasy Star Online 2
Project Theralon
Age of Wushu/Wulin
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Blade & Soul
Dragon Knights
City of Steam
Novus Aeterno Meet Rodrigo, our Creative Director and learn about his vision for Novus AEterno!! Today we would like to share the first part of our Race presentation. In this video Rodrigo, our creative director gives you a glimpse into his vision for the Novus AEterno universe. He delves a bit into his history as an artist and the creative process of … More… Have any questions about Novus AEterno? Novus Aeterno