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Spanish Pages. Micro Blogging. Industries. Blogs, PR and Case Study. Four Advantages of Google’s Golang Programming Language. Go is an open-source programming language introduced and developed by Google in 2009 to build reliable, high-performance software.

Four Advantages of Google’s Golang Programming Language

Golang has many advantages, some of which include: Fast development lifecycle: Compiled languages are faster than interpreted languages, and Google developed Go with speed in mind. Go optimizes the code writing process because its compiler accelerates the development process, and it possesses superior error-checking capabilities.Garbage Collection: Golang provides a garbage collection feature, which means automatic memory management. When programmers don’t need to worry about memory management, they can focus on more important issues.Simple syntax: Compared to other programming languages, Go is easy to understand and simple to code. Chetu Simplifies User Experience & Optimizes Transportation Management System. Custom Student Management Software Solutions. Student Management Systems Development of student academic services platforms for enrollment processes, tuition and fee statements, transcripts, and schedules.

Custom Student Management Software Solutions

We design and develop custom databases for student management systems, plus data migration services. Student Onboarding Solutions We build platforms for guided onboarding with custom enrollment steps with video orientation, online slide presentations, digital handbooks, automated reply, welcome e-mails, content management and integrations to SIS modules. Admissions Portals We engineer secure user portals for application submission, tracking prospects from contact to enrollment, online forms for e-recommendations, inquiries, document uploads and customized automated admissions software. Student User Portals Development of self-service portals to access / update courses, grades, student bulletin boards for school wide and direct student messaging, personal information, transcripts, and more.

Student Information Systems (SIS) Development. Five Advantages of PHP Programming Technology. PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages used by programmers to develop web applications and websites.

Five Advantages of PHP Programming Technology

The PHP language has many advantages over other programming languages, including: Easy to Use: PHP is simple to learn, and you can easily interact PHP with HTML to create dynamic web pages. When it comes to working with databases, PHP is able to accomplish what other languages can using less lines of code.OOP Support: With the release of PHP 5.0, object-oriented programming is now supported. This makes PHP a more powerful and effective programming language, allowing for quicker development.Open Source: PHP is an open source programming language which means any PHP developer can access common PHP development tools and help to improve PHP libraries.Platform Independent: PHP codes can be easily run on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The Chetu Perspective │A Closer Look At Wearable Technology. Retail Written by Dave Wood Posted November 20, 2017 Dave Wood Wearable technology has become a must have for consumers, and innovative retailers are beginning to implement wearable technology to comply with a unified model of commerce.

The Chetu Perspective │A Closer Look At Wearable Technology

After all, being one step ahead of your competitor is a retail imperative. Chetu Weighs In On the Future of Wearable Technology. Learning Content Management System Development. Learning Content Management System (LCMS) We program customized LCMS platforms for creating and developing content supported by robust authoring tools, intuitive administrative interfaces, and connectivity between multiple channels / platforms.

Learning Content Management System Development

We develop custom content curation engines with seamless integrations to LCMS systems. LCMS Content Authoring Tools Programming and integration with 3rd party authoring tools including Captivate, Articulate, and Lectora for course, exam, and template creation, including storyline editing storyboarding, plus pre-loaded custom templates. We design custom branding functions, custom data entry fields, and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). LCMS Dynamic Delivery Interfaces. Learning Management System Development.

Four Things That Make .NET A Powerful Programming Tool. .NET is a programming framework developed by Microsoft that supports language interoperability, making it a popular development tool for programmers worldwide. .NET’s suite of programming tools facilitates the creation of desktop and mobile software as well as web applications.

Four Things That Make .NET A Powerful Programming Tool

Here are four characteristics that make .NET a powerful technology: OOP support: .NET is based on object-oriented programming (OOP), which means it benefits from encapsulation, data abstraction, and polymorphism. OOP architecture makes .NET a powerful and versatile building tool. Support for multiple languages: .NET supports interoperability, meaning programmers can code apps in multiple languages, and integrate software written in one language with services written in another. .NET supports languages like C#, VB.NET and JavaScript. HTML5 vs. Flash │E-Learning Authoring Tools.

E-Learning Written by Tarun Kumar Posted November 13, 2017 Tarun Kumar Historically most e-learning content has been developed using Adobe Flash.

HTML5 vs. Flash │E-Learning Authoring Tools

It's an established and widely used technology, but unfortunately, it's not compatible with many mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With mobile devices increasingly becoming necessary business device, Flash-based educational tools carry the risk of becoming obsolete. Fleet Management Software: Improving Efficiency and Cutting Variable Costs. Transportation Written by Paul Chimko Posted November 14, 2017 Paul Chimko Believe it or not there are fleet routing traditionalists out there that refuse to abandon their pen and paper method for software that fully automates the process.

Fleet Management Software: Improving Efficiency and Cutting Variable Costs

E-learning Gradebook & Assessment Software Development. Five Benefits of Web Conferencing Software. Web conferencing software plays a vital role in any business that requires consistent communication.

Five Benefits of Web Conferencing Software

E-Learning & Education Software Solutions. How to Select the Best eLearning Platform. E-Learning Written by Gaurav Sharma Posted October 7, 2013 by Carolina Schools and universities throughout the country recognize the value of incorporating an e-Learning platform into their arsenal of educational tools.

How to Select the Best eLearning Platform

Such tools help expand the reach of education beyond the doors of the school by granting students, teachers and parents easy access to classroom material. It is no surprise that schools would seek to bring technology into the classroom. The problem many educators face is choosing between the many available platforms to identify which is the best choice for their setting. Custom Software for Convenience and Grocery Store Inventory Management. Mortgage Servicing – Custom Mortgage Origination Software. Five Benefits of Online Event Registration Software. Event managers are becoming less and less reliant on physical tickets and in-person queues thanks to the introduction of event registration software. Merchant Cash Advance Software – Custom MCA Software. Mortgage workflow automation engines for automates business processes. Finance Written by Rajat Khattar Posted by Carolina Rajat Khattar A workflow is a series of steps that get work done in such a way that it automates business processes.

Workflow engines allow for the configuration of the necessary flows, business rules, forms and reporting dashboards. A key component in workflow technology, it makes use of a database server, managing and monitoring the condition of activities, such as processing and approval of loan application forms, and determining which new activity to change to according to defined processes.

The Future of Payments│Technology Trends Challenging Current POS Architecture. Loan Servicing Software – Custom Loan Origination Software. Utilizing Value-Based Reimbursement to Promote EHR Interoperability. Utilizing Value-Based Reimbursement to Promote EHR Interoperability By Craig Schmidt The US health care landscape is on the precipice of some major changes. Fueled by policies implemented by the federal government and supported by the health care community, the elemental way we pay for health care services is transitioning from the defunct fee-for-service model to a more contemporary standard, where monetary reimbursement is based on demonstrated value. Over the past two decades, the traditional Medicare payment policy has become an outmoded and archaic model, hindering the medical profession for years by limiting expenditures on physician services. The original algorithm was altered to offset budgetary anomalies, and inevitably became unsalvageable.

This culminated with the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate payment formula being repealed on April 14, 2015. Custom Ellie Mae Encompass Integration. Ellie Mae Integration Our certified developers perform integration within the Encompass Lending Platform™ to approved systems, enabling up-to-date automated communication and detailed productivity reporting that increases accountability, marketing performance, and compliance control. Custom Encompass® Services We integrate and install custom components for Ellie Mae Encompass to aid lenders with compliance and adherence to the latest federal mortgage rules, such as a debt-to-income calculator and loan quality evaluation. Our custom Encompass development services allow for complete platform customization. Encompass® Developer Connect Assistance.

Collection Software – Custom Accounts Receivable Software. Five Benefits of Event Management Software. Event management software plays a vital role in the event planning industry. Not only does it simplify workflows for event planners, it helps the events themselves run more smoothly. Field Service Software Solutions. Your Next E-Commerce Solution: Magento Vs. Shopify. Global Distribution System Integration and Mobile Apps. Buy Here Pay Here Software – Custom Auto Finance Software. Five Benefits of Meeting Management Software. To grow as an organization, business owners need to maintain strong relationships with clients and business partners alike. Obviously, meetings and business events are key factors when it comes to improving business relationships. To ensure successful meetings and events, SMBs, large corporations, and event organizers rely on meeting management software to reduce workloads and improve communication.

Technology Overview: SAP Crystal Reports. Technical Perspectives Written by Prem Khatri Posted December 07, 2016 by Carolina. Crowdfunding Software Development- P2P Lending Software. Lending Software – Custom Lending Management Solutions. Five Benefits of Telecommunication Management Software. The telecommunication industry has recently seen vast improvements in the development of telecommunication management software. Objective C Poised for Swift Replacement as Apple’s Top Programming Language.

Payment Gateway Vs Payment Processor. Finance. Data Security Protocols for an Increasingly Mobile Healthcare System - Electronic Health Reporter. Guest post by Pawan Sharma, director of operations for healthcare at Chetu. Healthcare is quickly adapting to the digital environment by leveraging web-based technologies, electronic health records (EHR) and mobile devices to facilitate the movement of information. Chetu Inc.: Features of Good Association Management Software. Association Management Software is a platform used by professional associations to manage the activities required by their functions, including:

Association Management Solutions. Software Deployment Services. Tech Company achieves CRM Integration with NetSuite. 5 Benefits of Public Transportation Management Software. Public transportation is one the simplest and most affordable way to travel. IT Infrastructure Support Services. Take Control of Your Animation with Motion UI. Custom Salesforce Integrations for Better Customer Relationship Management. Dispatch Management Software Benefits. 5 Advantages of Fleet Management Software. Android App Development Services. 5 Benefits of Car Rental Software in the Transportation Industry. Salesforce Integration Services. HTML5 Vs Flash - A Technical Comparison. 4 Major Benefits of Food Service Management Software.

Custom Location-Based Services Software. 5 Things to Consider Before Developing a Mobile App. Enabling Web and Mobile App Connectivity with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Migration Services & Software Upgradation. Enabling Web & Mobile App Connectivity to Dynamics NAV. Enterprise and Cyber Security Software Solutions. The Magento Ecommerce Platform: How it Benefits the Retail Business. EMR Development: Simple UI for Complex Functionalities. Custom Web Portal for Supplier Compliance. Obvious Benefits of Using Aquaculture Management Software. 5 Benefits of Software in the Retail Business. Chetu Inc.: IT Outsourcing Percentage at Its Highest Level in Recent Years. Application Maintenance & Re-engineering Services. Travel Services Mobile Application Development with Custom Integrations. Custom HomeAway Software Solutions. Chetu Inc.: Benefits of Ingenico Mobile Solutions. Ingenico Terminal Development – Ingenico Mobile Solutions.

The Point-Of-Sale (POS) System: Streamlining Daily Transactions. Creating a Mobile Loyalty App. Enhance Your EHR Software with Patient-Generated Data from Wearable Devices. Chetu Inc.: Secret of MS Dynamics Integration. Custom Microsoft Dynamics Integration. 5 Industries Optimizing Profitability with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology. Vantiv Payment Processing – Custom Vantiv Payment Systems. Smart Home Automation in the Modern Home. The Chetu Perspective: Creating a Custom Campground Reservation App. Chetu Inc.: Benefits of Electric Software. Custom Software for Electricity Utilities.

4 Ways a Logi Analytics Platform can Boost Your Industry. Fraudulent cnp transactions. Home Automation and Security: The Integration with Handheld Devices. Custom Energy & Utilities Management Software. The “Internet of Things” (IOT) and How it Makes Life Better. Custom Android App for Sip Calls - No More Hotel Phones. Supply Chain Management & The Rise of 4PL. Chetu Inc.: Benefits of Energy and Utilities Management Software. Energy & Utilities Software – Custom Development. Save Time & Money with a Custom Logistics Mgmt. App. Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Virtual, and Mixed Reality Software Development Solutions. AR, VR, MR – Custom Software Solutions.

Keep Your Project on Track with Construction ERP Software.