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Chetu Inc.: Benefits of Clover POS integration for Restaurants. Clover is one of the robust and flexible POS used in bars and restaurants now days.

Chetu Inc.: Benefits of Clover POS integration for Restaurants

Clover integration is highly appreciated by world’s famous bar and restaurants chain. Here are some of the main benefits of using Clover POS integration. 1. Accept multiple Payment methods, Including EMV: Clover™ stations accept EMV, PIN debit, and credit cards, along with mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. 2. 3. 4. Chetu Inc. is world class software development solutions provider with more than 2000 programmer. Internet Data Exchange (IDX): How It Serves the Real Estate Business. Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is custom software that is integrated into real estate websites.

Internet Data Exchange (IDX): How It Serves the Real Estate Business

The main process of IDX is to retrieve the listing data from the MLS (Multi Listing Service) and display the information on the website. This makes IDX a standard in the real estate industry. The Major Benefits of IDX IDX implementation allows for the smooth operation of an agency’s database. Customized Clover POS Integration Services. Technologies Moving Oil and Gas Forward. Oil and Gas Written by Atit Shah Posted May 24, 2017 by Carolina Atit Shah In recent years, technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud have further developed and become more affordable for industries to integrate.

Technologies Moving Oil and Gas Forward

These exceptional tools offer large and small businesses new ways to meet their goals, despite the constraints of an ever-shrinking budget, by increasing the efficiency of their operations while spending less to upgrade their systems. The oil and gas industry is one example of an industry that suffers from large budget cuts and sees fewer able-bodied workers each year. Custom (Hl7) Interoperability Integration – Blog. 5 Effective Benefits of Real Estate Management Software. Now a days, real estate management software and applications are playing vital roles in managing the business processes.

5 Effective Benefits of Real Estate Management Software

The software allows you to multi-task efficiently. As a result, it improves the profit ratio of the real estate business. Magento Development Solution and Services by Chetu Inc. Streamlining Safety and Production with Oil & Gas Technology. Chetu Inc.: Xactware and Its Quality Assurance Solutions. Xactware's technology tools include software estimating programs for PCs and tablet PCs, as well as powerful online systems for replacement-cost calculations, estimate tracking, and data trending in real time.

Chetu Inc.: Xactware and Its Quality Assurance Solutions

Its quality assurance solutions help to automate many reinspection tasks, increase productivity, and maintain quality in claims handling. XactAnalysis and Xactimate are the solutions that support an integration that allows users to download reinspection assignments directly Xactimate automatically recalculate surface area and quantities of repair items to refine the final estimate total, after completion it generates the reports and send it to company headquarters via XactAnalysis. We don’t require entering data or recalculating estimate total by hand during reinspection.

What is Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and it’s Benefits? Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a real estate software which manages and stores all the information of the properties posted by the brokers or realtors.

What is Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and it’s Benefits?

This centuries-old software has various custom features and applications which directly or indirectly reduce the complexity of the business process. How It Works Access to the MLS database is only limited to realtors and brokers who pay for membership, which means that home sellers won’t be able to post to it directly. When an agent gets the necessary information from a seller (size of the house, number of bedrooms, photos, etc.) they post the listing on to the MLS. Once there, various agents can log in to get information they can pass on to their clients. Custom Digital Marketing Solutions for Car Dealerships. Hospitality Written by Ashish Kumar Posted May 17, 2017 by Carolina Ashish Kumar Overview For 15+ years the client has delivered cutting-edge, highly creative digital marketing solutions and easy-to-run advertising campaigns for their partners.

Custom Digital Marketing Solutions for Car Dealerships

The client is a highly recognized, privately held business that maintains a profit first philosophy when it comes to providing unparalleled results and a first class customer experience to customers throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Russia and Australia. The Problem. Custom Web and Mobile Application for Mortgage Field Services. Finance Written by Pravin Vazirani Posted May 19, 2017 by Carolina Pravin Vazirani Overview The client is a mortgage field services company with 30+ years of experience in the mortgage industry.

Custom Web and Mobile Application for Mortgage Field Services

Benefits of Custom Software in the Real Estate Business. Real estate is one of the fastest growing business industries.

Benefits of Custom Software in the Real Estate Business

Residential and commercial property construction, as well as other processes (rental and sale of properties), make this industry more complex. Real estate management software and applications are playing a vital role in reducing the complexity of these processes. Unity Programming Services. Chetu Inc.: How to Choose Best Photo Editing Software. Photography software OR photo editing software are used to edit, modify or improve digital images.

Chetu Inc.: How to Choose Best Photo Editing Software

It also helps in saving a lot of valuable time used in editing the images, because a lot of editing work can be simply accomplished with the help of few clicks of mouse. Here are some of the parameters on which we can evaluate any photo editing software 1.User Interface: Simple user interface with easy to understand feature helps a lot for the users using software for editing the images. 2. Chetu Inc.: How to Choose Best Photo Editing Software. Chetu Offers Custom Pruvan Application Implementation Services. We develop native, web, and hybrid mobile applications for engaging gaming solutions, enterprise & business workflow optimizations, useful & precise utilities, captivating educational platforms, plus lifestyle & entertainment access. iOS Our iOS app developers are experts in Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, iOS SDK, and other Apple technologies.

Develop your iOS app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and more. Android Our Android app developers are experts in Java, Eclipse IDE, and XML technologies. Windows Mobile Not only are we Microsoft Certified, but our mobile app developers also deliver Windows Mobile apps using XAML, C#, Visual Basic (VB), and C++ technologies. Benefits of Owning Facilities Management Software. For various SMBs, facilities management software can provide effective ways to streamline daily processes. Facility management software and applications allow scheduling and organization of multiple tasks for overall business growth.

Some of the benefits of facilities management software are: 1) Productivity Improvement: Tasks can be assigned to staff and monitored by operational managers, ensuring that processes are adhered to and a logical workflow is established. Workflows may also be automated to keep all assigned parties on schedules with reminders. 2) Safe and Secure: Data stored in facility management systems is provided extra protections and encryptions through the system design. Chetu Offers Custom Services and Solutions for Xactware Integrations. Technical Perspectives: Network Device Interface (NDI) Technical Perspectives Written by Sanjeev Kota Posted April 10, 2017 by Carolina Sanjeev Kota Recent technology trends indicate the broadcast media industry is in the process of transitioning from Serial Digital Interface (SDI) to enhanced NDI-enabled IP workflows in order to maximize the interoperability between production hardware and software.

Industry leaders are already working together to establish IP broadcast standards to achieve large-scale implementation. What is NDI. Custom Supply Chain Application – Blog. Supply Chain & Logistics Written by Atit Shah Posted May 4, 2017 by Carolina Atit Shah Overview. Music App Development – Custom Audio Software. 5 Points Which Help Your Food Business to Grow. As a restaurant owner the main focus is to grow your food business with more profit. In this competitive modern era the latest online business tactics are playing a vital role to grow any business. Following are a few points which will help your food business to grow effectively: Daily Deals: Provide discounts on particular days or for a few hours each day on a daily basis. This strategy will help you to engage your long-term and daily customers.Referral: Provide referral discounts to your old customers by encouraging them to invite new people and place orders for them. This will help you to connect with new customers through highly effective word-of-mouth marketing, as well as reward faithful customers.Promotional Code: Give promotional codes and coupons which customer can use to get discounts on orders.

Custom Bridge Lending Application: A Client Success Story.

An application that facilitate the bridge lending process and give more control to their users. To read complete success story, browse website now! – chetuinc

Chetu Inc.: Pros and Cons of DRM Software. How F&B Apps and Food Quality Software Help Businesses. Successful F&B businesses rely on various technologies to ensure the quality of their ingredients and food production processes. Digital Asset Management Software Development. Business Benefits of Food & Beverage Software. Chetu Inc.: Broadcast Live to Facebook from Your Desktop. 3 Key Points for Successful Event Execution. Arranging an event is one of the most popular ways to introduce people, formally and informally, for networking, business, and social meeting. 4 Cyber Security Vulnerabilities in Your Off-The-Shelf Cloud Software.

Technical Perspectives. Desktop Publishing Software development. Choosing the Right Programming Technology for Your Software. Improve Precision Agriculture Techniques with Big Data. Technical Perspectives Written by Tyler Boykin Posted March 31, 2017 by Carolina Tyler Boykin. Benefits of Health Club Management Software. Managing health clubs and monitoring members’ daily schedules, diet needs, and membership fees requires synchronized, streamlined workflows.

5 Reasons Why a Cloud-Based POS Is Better For Businesses. Technical Perspectives Written by Ashish Kumar Posted March 17, 2017 by Carolina. Chetu Inc.: HTML5 Transition – Benefits and Advantages. Benefits of Golf Course & Club Management Software. To Host or Self-Host: The Choice That Defines a Business's E-Commerce Success. Sports Training Software Development. Top 5 Mobile Application Technologies of 2016. POS Application and Accounting Software Development Solutions. Food Safety Compliance banner. Benefits of Using Dot Net Programming for Software Development. Food Safety & Compliance Software Development. Software Development Services: All You Need to Know. Chetu Inc.: Software Development Services: All You Need to Know. REST Vs SOAP: A Technical Analysis. Chetu Inc.: Benefits of Aviation Risk Management Software. Points to Consider Before Choosing Application Developers.

Why Developers Prefer Node.JS & React.JS for App Dev. Custom Aquaculture Software Development Services. Points to Consider for Quality Software Testing. Big Data Solutions Improves Productivity & Customer Satisfaction. REST vs. SOAP: Creating a Connected Digital World. Chetu Inc.: How IoT and Predictive Analytics Transforming the Agriculture Industry. 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Software Development Services. Increase Your Online Casino's Profitability. Benefits of Using Java Technology for Software Development. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to Up Transit Safety. The Hybrid Cloud: A Smooth Transition to Cloud Adoption. Print and Publishing Software Development Solutions. Benefits of IBM Cognos for Businesses of All Sizes. Chetu Inc.: Online Vs.Land-Based Casinos. Advantages of ColdFusion Technology. Delphi: An Evolving Programming Language. Social Media Integrations to Boost Engagement at Events.

How to Choose the Best Python Software Development Services. 4 Benefits of Choosing Dot NET (.NET) Programming Services. An Evolving Programming Language – Delphi. 5 Points to Consider Before Choosing Your SQL Application Development Company. Having a Quality Web Portal can Keep Travel Agencies Alive. Advantages of Xamarin Technology. Why Mobile is the Holy Grail for Indie Gaming Startups. Benefits of PHP Programming Language. Advantages of Xamarin.

Read Full Blog to Know the Advantages of Xamarin. Visit now! – chetuinc

Foreseen growth in java development for custom mobile and web apps. 5 Benefits of Automated Payroll Software. Chetu Inc.: Benefits of WordPress Websites. Benefits of Data Management Software. Top 4 Reasons to Customize Your CMS. EMV Development and Integration Services.

EMV software is extremely helpful in reduce the various fraudulent activities happening with the various payment cards we are using in daily routines. EMV chips are equipped with integrated circuit card application which offers a secure and reliable POS terminal for any industry. Chetu delivers end-to-end EMV software development & integration services for the liability shift compliance of POS terminals, ATMs, gas pumps & other payment platforms. – chetuinc

WordPress Content Management Solutions by Expert Developers. ColdFusion Integration and Migration Services from Chetu. ACH & Check 21 Software Development. ATM Software Design and Development Solutions.

Self-service kiosk is one of the most quick and convenient way for the users to complete any function. Due to which every industry weather it is retail, gaming, travel hospitality is using self-service and kiosk software to make the application more user friendly. We at Chetu integrate ATM plus kiosk software with hardware devices including driver license reader, biometric scanners, credit / debit card reader. – chetuinc

Enterprise and Cyber Security Software Solutions.

Chetu Inc. offers reliable security infrastructure to protect your business. We deploy state-of-the art tools and offer the complete range of value added services in security systems. – chetuinc

Social Gaming Development. Fantasy Gaming Sports Software and Applications Solutions.

Fantasy sports are proving to be the most popular games throughout the world, because users can select the statistics of real sports professionals to play against other user in the same fantasy sports league. There are lots of interesting functionalities which can be added in the fantasy sports games to make it more popular in the list of online games. Chetu has the solutions you need to take your fantasy sports application to the next level. We offer the complete range of value added services in fantasy gaming development and customization. – chetuinc

System & Software Integration Solutions and Services. Online Casino Game Development Services by Experts.

Consult Chetu’s experts for custom online casino game development with Bitcoin integration. We develop best user experience for popular casino games including poker, bingo, blackjack, slots and sweepstakes using advanced technologies like .NET, JQuery, MVC, HTML5,Maya and flash. – chetuinc

Custom Race Betting Software Development Services and Solutions. Social Gaming Development Services and Solutions by Experts.

Contact Chetu’s developers for world class social gaming development solutions. We develop 2D, 3D, Facebook and cyber cafe games as per the customer requirement using advanced technologies like flash, unity and Maya. – chetuinc

Allscripts Integration Services. Hire BizTalk Experts to Enhance Business Performance.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners Chetu Inc.’s BizTalk server experts will help you to boost up your business performance. For more detailed information, call on +1 9543425676 or visit now! – chetuinc

Golang Software Development Services and Solutions. How to Overcome Challenges in EHR Implementation.

As EHR adoption rate increases, there are certain challenges arises which are faced by healthcare providers the time of EHR implementation. Usability is the second major challenge in EHR development. The primary reason for both the challenges is software engineered and implemented by developers with a limited knowledge of its intended use. For better explanation please visit Chetu blog. – chetuinc

SharePoint Integration and Development by Expert Developers. UniBasic Programming Services and Solutions by Chetu Inc.

Custom application and software development using UniBasic technology is offered by Chetu Inc. For more detailed information, visit website now! – chetuinc


Chetu Makes Inc's Honor Roll, Appearing on the Prestigious List for the 5th Time in a Row – chetuinc