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Heart Health With Yoga Mudra | My Yoga Planet. Apana Vayu Mudra. This powerful mudra is beneficial for the health of your heart. It helps in the reduction and prevention of heart attacks. It gives your heart the ability to rest so it doesn’t have to pump as hard, and helps to slow down your heart rate, leaving you to feel relaxed with a more calm mind. Benefits: Do this yoga mudra for all heart issues – it strengthens the heart muscles, removes the blockages and regulates the blood flow It acts as a first aid during a heart attack and minimizes the damage to the heart muscles during a cardiac attackWhen practiced regularly, it can help eradicate the problem of palpitationsIt stimulates blood circulation and regulates blood pressure.

Other Benefits of this Mudra for Overall Body Functions: How To Do: This mudra is nothing but gently touching the base of the thumb with the tip of the index finger and the tips of the middle finger and the ring finger touching the tip of the thumb. Like this: Like Loading... Related August 9, 2017.