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Berwick stitch. Old Sweater into Short Sleeve Dress (peasant style) During the summer, the sun was coming up around 5:30 am…….now it waits until 7 am or so.

Old Sweater into Short Sleeve Dress (peasant style)

And I used to have some great evening sunlight to work with until about 8-ish…… I have to hurry and use up the last drizzle of light before 6-ish. And that means, yep, seasons are changing, days are shortening, and the weather is cooling down. And our wardrobes are warming up. I was looking through my pile of sweaters the other day and realized an old sweater I had, was just too short on my long torso. So it was time to chop her up.

Braided chain stitch. Also known as: Hungarian braided chain stitch The braided chain stitch is worked almost the same way as the heavy chain stitch.

braided chain stitch

There is only a slight difference in the way the needle is taken under the existing loops, thus giving it a totally different and embossed look. Mekko. And now for the Junebug dress tutorial/sew along.


(without much fanfare apparently) You’ll need: 1-2 yards of fabric, depending on child’s size. I barely scraped by with one yard for my 2T size 6 buttons-for the pattern I provide no larger than 5/8″