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WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements

WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements

The periodic table is a table of the chemical elements in which the elements are arranged by order of atomic number in such a way that the periodic properties (chemical periodicity) of the elements are made clear. The standard form of the table includes periods (usually horizontal in the periodic table) and groups (usually vertical). Elements in groups have some similar properties to each other.
Bond Lengths and Energies CAcT HomePage Skills to develop Define bondlength and bond energy and note relationship between the two Define bond order explain its relationship to bondlength or bond energy Evaluate enthalpies of reactions using bond energies Recognize covalent substances and characterize ionic character as difference in electonegativity Describe trends in bondlengths of a series of related compounds Distances between centers of bonded atoms are called bondlengths, or bond distances. Bondlengths vary depending on many factors, but in general, they are very consistent. Of course the bond orders affect bondlength, but bondlengths of the same order for the same pair of atoms in various molecules are very consistent. Bond Lengths and Energies
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