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Using PayPal For Event Registration Forms - Organized Themes. Sometimes churches and organizations need to use a sign up form for an upcoming event, but aren’t exactly sure how to integrate PayPal with their favorite WordPress form plugin so they can take payments along with registrations. I’m a huge fan of Gravity Forms, but there is no built in support for PayPal as of yet, so here’s how I use it along with PayPal for event registrations. If you have another favorite form plugin, please feel free use it instead. First we need to set up our button with PayPal. You can do this by going to your PayPal account and selecting merchant services as in the picture above or you can use the code below as a template for your button.

Here’s a quick run down of what to change in the code. Once you have your button created, then you will need to insert it into the page or post where you want people to start the registration process. Now that your payment link is set, you need to create the page or post where the registration form will go. Integrate PayPal Button with Contact Form in Wordpress | Run a Startup. [UPDATE: 10/26/2013 Addition of the 'on_set_ok' action handler for the "Additional Settings" section.] This is a tutorial I wrote to demonstrate how you can add a PayPal button to a WordPress site by integrating it with a contact form. It works by allowing the visitor submit a form and having the Paypal button appear automatically. I’ve seen too many websites that offer a service with no request from the user and only a payment. We know you want to get paid for your service, but most likely you need some input from a client.

This is how to improve your payment process. (Video tutorial also available) The requirements are: WordPress, Contact 7 form plug-in, and PayPal. Loading ... Here are the steps: Install and activate the necessary plug-ins. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. After a user submits the order form, the PayPal button shall APPEAR! UPDATE:Alternatively you can add an automatic page re-direct to the Paypal payment page using the action handler ‘on_set_ok’. Preview: Adding Paypal To Contact Form 7 Plugin. This is how to add paypal to the end of your contact form 7: Paypal Section 1.

Go to pay pal and go to merchant services. 2. Select Website Payments Standard – Follow all the instructions to create the button. 3. After you create the button you will be given the code for the website. Contact Form 7 Section 4. On_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘ 7. You can change the send button to the image of the paypal button if you want it to look like the actual paypal payment system from the outset.

Adding a paypal payment to a form can be a fiddly task.